Forcing Nature to Co-exist with Pharmaceuticals

Forcing Nature to Co-exist with Pharmaceuticals


By Hwaa Irfan

The irony of such a notion is that we as humans are an intrinsic part of nature, but that is an irrelevant consideration when it comes to the power and wealth of Big Pharma as evidenced by the proliferation of disease, disabilities, and a lowered immune system in general.

The fact that Big Pharma is doing this in front of our very eyes, as means they believe they can get away with it, and how much that has become acceptable.

Now, the honest grapefruit is being abused in the process of exploitation of which are the end results, because it contains furanocoumarins.

A newly genetically modified grapefruit has been introduced to our palate by courtesy of the University of Florida. Removed from its finer attributes we have a grapefruit without the compounds that negatively affect Big Pharma medications.  By crossing a grapefruit with a pomelo via a debittering process, and the result is a grapefruit low in furanocoumarins that lead to our bodies absorbing more than the intended medication.

Furanocoumarins are high in citrus fruits, but is present in many other foods including medicinal plants such as:

  • Bergapten in Bergamot
  • Archangelican in Angelica
  • Cimifugin in Black Cohosh

When squeezed to make fruit juice, furanocoumarins becomes concentrated in the juice, which says more about how fruits are supposed to be eaten. However, Big Pharma propaganda passes off furanocoumarins as dangerous, which it is, but to their drug reaction on our bodies.

Used in the treatment of skin conditions, furanocoumarins are photo-sensitive and play a protect plants against attack by insects. As a sub-group of coumarins, they have been used in the treatment of leukaemia.

The Grapefruit, native to the Caribbean, acts to reduce atherosclerotic plaque formation, prevent proliferation of grapefruit cells, the treatment of  anorexia cancers: breast, colon, prostate, lung, skin and throat, candida, (a fungal infection), diabetes, dysuria, high cholesterol, infection, insomnia, mycobacterium, mycosis, nervousness, pseudomonas, rheumatism, staphylococcus and yeast.

They are members of the phenylpropanoid family, which is an antioxidant group, i.e. prevents cell deterioration, as in the case of cancers, and helps counter environmental stresses in pants, thus humans, through infections, wounding, UV irradiation, pollutants, and other hostile environmental conditions.

The photo-toxicity is well known, when applied directly on the skin, but what does one get by removing the part of the sum total is the means by which Big Pharma profits, and the price paid by our health!


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