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Making the Most of What You’ve Got!

Making the Most of What You’ve Got!

Here is one man who can teach us a thing or two about making the most of what we have. The only obstacle though is recognizing that one has something; along with the imagination if that hasn’t been put to sleep by addiction to what we thought we had/lost/electronic games and media.

Less deluded by the material world Tom Davies, a native New Zealander living in Fiji put together 600 littered plastic bottles to make a boat. It measures 4.5 metres long and 1.4 metres wide. All the 600ml bottles used are glued together to a layer of foam underneath. This boat can hold up to three big Fijian men.

The plastic bottles were litter along the seashores and roadsides. So Tom saved the environment and the bamboo trees, the traditional source for building bilibili (rafts) .

However, nature is a bit more inspiring than a concrete jungle!


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A Man of Courage

American Attorney for Julian Assange, Michael Ratner, reports he was in the courtroom and witnessed Manning speak with confidence and intelligence as he detailed the outrages that drove him to upload the documents to Wikileaks.

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