Libya: From Bullets, Bombs and Torture to Death from Alcohol

Libya: From Bullets, Bombs and Torture to Death from Alcohol


By Hwaa Irfan

The mixed notion of freedom amongst Arab and North African youth comes with decades of brainwashing via Western media and social development programs designed to ‘liberate’ the mind, in order to ‘liberate’ the natural and strategic resources for the elite global governors whist embedding into their psyche instant gratification. These youth do not hear the voices of the more mature youth, those that sparked the so-called Arab Spring – the youth with principles who think of their people as a whole and the and on which they live. They only think of their personal freedom without realizing the act of self enslavement they are pursuing, taking their country with them.

One such youth is making that shift from personal to something more, and the death of his friends may have something to do with that.

It is not easy to listen to a young student far away from his beloved country speak of the death of friends, in the pursuit of their personal freedom. It was from this young man that one learns of the current scourge that is blighting the country.

Problems such as alcohol poisoning is nothing new to western countries where alcohol consumption has become normalized, despite some police officers (U.S.) being fired for consumption and/or selling meths. But in an 80% Muslim country that has experienced shock-after-shock like the drastic increase of drugs being imported into the country and the social dysfunctions that arise from it, is not equipped materially or socially to deal with such a problem.

It is with dismay that the young Libyan referred to above speaks of a friend suffering with alcohol poisoning dies 3 hours after reaching Algeria, where there are medical facilities. Not exactly poor as portrayed by the media on the crisis, all hospitals have been put on high alert!

What happened to all of al-Qathafi’s wealth we may never know, but the Health Ministry is definitely not getting any benefit from it being forced to ‘buy’ dialysis machines on deferred payment because the ministry did not have the funds to pay for them. Ambulance staff has been on overtime since Thursday (8th March 2013) in the capita Tripoli.

To date, 709 cases have been reported with 79 deaths, and the survivors have been put on dialysis machines, and respirators, if they have not lost their sight are undergone complete kidney failure.

Methanol poisoning is indicated, which is a fuel used to strengthen the alcohol content. The symptoms include respiratory problems, blindness, comas, seizures and death. Media reports puts it a down to homemade alcohol, boukha, which is made from fruits like figs, and dates, but the source is not totally local.

Since the ousting of al-Qathafi, Libyan customs have been kept busy at its weak borders with the frequent seizure of large quantities of alcohol being smuggled into the country. In December 2012, 7,000 bottles of alcohol were found in a container in Tripoli port, surrounded by cartons of juice. This runs parallel to drugs trafficking with the Libya’s naval forces capturing drugs from a vessel flying an Italian flag, but had come from the Netherlands. In another seizure, 30,000 kilograms of drugs was found off the coast of Tripoli flying a Libyan flag. Those arrested on board were two Moroccans, a Libyan, an Egyptian and a Tunisian.

The one community that knows how drugs were pumped into their social network by the FBI in order to pacify the ‘natives’ is the African-American community after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. This was how the first modern civil rights movement was killed!


“Large cache of drugs seized by Libyan Navy”

“Alcohol poison death toll now at 79”

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