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What You Don’t Want to Know about iPads

What You Don’t Want to Know about iPads

Doctors groups around the world have spoken up to call for Precaution against wireless radiation and for reduction of exposure, especially on children, youth, pregnant women and babies…

Doctors groups around the world have spoken up to call for Precaution against wireless radiation and for reduction of exposure, especially on Children, Youth, Pregnant Women and Babies.

Medical Advisory: Statements from 14 Agencies on Wi-Fi Radiation and Children’s Health…

Harvard Neurologist Warns: WiFi Radiation can Damage Children’s Brain Function

This Video: Measuring the pulsed microwave radiation from an iPad with an Acoustimeter. The rapid and continuous pulsing is the beacon signals emitted by the router (similar to celltower beacon signals). The irregular spikes are emitted by the iPad.

Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest IT services provider, recognized the genotoxic effects of WiFi routers. In 2003 they attempted to reduce this danger through an automatically-deactivated router design. Unfortunately, North American manufacturers have not adopted this patent, but continue to produce WiFi
routers which bombard humans and all living beings with microwave beacon signals, 24/7. The Swisscom document with the explanation on the genotoxicity can be found here:…

The maximum measuring threshold of the Acoustimeter is 6.0 V/m and the radiation from the iPad exceeded this level often while actively on WiFi. We measured a WiFi-iPad and found that its signals peak every few seconds at levels that are several times HIGHER than an iPhone on talking transmission. See:…

Here are some exposure limits in other countries which correspond to the levels indicated on the Acoustimter.

Russia, China, Italy, Paris,Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria: 6 V/m
Switzerland (Children and patiends): 4 V/m
Belgium, Ukraine,Luxembourg: 3 V/m
Vienna: 1.9 V/m
Italy base station, Lichtenstien: 0.6V/m

USA and Canada have a microwave exposure limit of 60 V/m! Criticized by many independent (non-industry-affiliated scientists) as OUTDATED and OBSOLETE.


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Egypt’s Troubled Waters in the Midst of Calm

Troubled Waters in the Midst of Calm

If those who’s bid for power could be won with the support of the people, there would be less exploitation, manipulation, and in general less bullying no matter how subtle or barbaric ,but dirty politics knows only one way of doing things when the people seek the truth.

One can generally go about one’s life amidst the pocket of ugly tactics to destabilize the country. There is still joy and laughter, along with the outbursts of anger that has become a part of daily life since the youth’s January 25th Revolution in 2011. The shadow self has raised its ugly self has promised by the Pluto in Capricorn Grand Levelling , for all must come to the light of day in order to be purged, but it is a shadow that many Egyptians have never seen before in their midst.  The wonderful father who once always had a smile for everyone, since the counter-revolutionary uprising that lays claims on behalf of the people on the anniversary of the January 25th Revolution2013. How can such a wonderful persona change to despair as he sees their syphilitic actions scar the country he loves?  In control of the media, and most of the country’s institutions, in full knowledge that they do not have the support of the people, the elite have bought the attention of the people, along with the shadow element, and those who will do anything for a price.

Through slander, and entrapment tears and fears that have taken position amongst a society that is struggling to be true to its self.  Daily confrontations between those partisans of the old regime who believe they should maintain their upper hand takes place from those who believe that the honest members of the lower classes should remember their place in society like the Untouchables of the Indian caste system, to the those driving replaceable expensive cars that set out to cause accidents on the roads with the vehicles of the lower classes, i.e. the microbuses and tuc-tuc’s. Even some of the thefts taking place are by people driving expensive cars jumping out to spread fear and the genera concept of insecurity in Cairo at east. Much f this des not happen elsewhere in the country except in places that have been targeted, i.e. Port Said.

But what does one do as a Muslim who is not a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, when one’s Christian neighbours  no longer communicate out of fear for their own security not knowing who or what to believe? What does one do when one lives in an area where members of the Muslim Brotherhood run to your home for refuge – you give them refuge to find murderers banging down your door thirsting for blood – dead bodies in the streets, and seemingly no hint of the light of day on the Moqattam Hills above Cairo!

This is the current canvas of Egypt, still full of love and compassion, mixed with the tears and fears – warped with people who believe they can do anything they want to get what they want – a return of the status quo under the ousted former president exploiting those with misguided ideas of freedom with an elected president who is struggling not to be pulled into useless arguments in the midst of corruption.

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