The Treasure at the Heart of Iraq

The Treasure at the Heart of Iraq

By Hwaa Irfan

Here we are on the brink of change, struggling to hang onto a system that derives its shell of existence from the essence of a great past, a past that baffles our global governors, as they seek any means to uncover what they can for their own perpetuance. What does it matter that they spent a minimum of  US$6trn taxpayers money, while millions starve in the US?

What does it matter that they raped their way into the lives of Iraqi women, dishonouring 1 in 3.

What does it matter that they blasted their way into the lives of Iraqis, with Tactical High Energy Lasers that charred adult lives down to size of a newborn baby?

What does it matter that they turned much of Iraq into toxic waste with banned depleted uranium leaving horrifying deformities in Fallujah and Basra for generations to come?

Or that they destroyed the economy, its institutions, poisoned its rivers, stole its artefacts, and in typical fashion, turned people of different sects against each other, when prior they lived peacefully together?

Their honouring of a great nation that invented the first:

Wheel – writing – toys – calendar – battery (monoatomic gold – superconductors at room temperature that have anti-gravity properties) – the first star chart –

Their honouring of a great nation that founded the first:

The first code of law – the first bill of human rights – marriage as a scared institution – organized agriculture (irrigation systems), religion, city-state  – schools – the zodiac – literature –  social welfare – trade

The banking cabal’s honouring of a great nation was part of the opening of the London Olympics 2012, in the form of a ziggurat, a Mesopotamian place of worship

and as the symbol of Mesopotamia, the Tree of Knowledge:

The same ongoing social unrest they perpetuate in Nigeria, Afghanistan, is the same as applied in Iraq It keeps the ‘natives’ distracted while they carry out their own agendas. To the dismay of Iraqi’s in an out the Diaspora, what was once referred to as the Fertile Crescent, occasionally is now referred to as the Golden Crescent because its wealth in the eyes of the global cabal remains untapped fully to their benefit. Their archaeological and geological digs keep revealing more after they face their own banckruptcy.

At the heart of the ancient Mesopotamia, is Iraq, and at the heart of Iraq is Rumaila between rivers Tigris and Euphrates, where an Islamic prophecy foretells:

Abu Huraira reported that the Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said, ”The Hour shall not occur until the Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold over which people will fight . Ninety-nine out of one hundred shall be killed and each one of them will say ‘Perhaps, I shall be the one to succeed’.” (Sahih Muslim). Another narration says that whoever is present at the time when the Euphrates uncovers a mountain of gold should not take the gold.

حدثنا عبد الله بن مروان عن أرطاة عن تبيع عن كعب قال

تكون ناحية الفرات في ناحية الشام أو بعدها بقليل مجتمع عظيم فيقتتلون على الأموال فيقتل من كل تسعة سبعة وذاك بعد الهدة والواهية في شهر رمضان وبعد افتراق ثلاث رايات يطلب كل واحد منهم الملك لنفسه فيهم رجل اسمه عبد الله

Note the knowledge of an ‘army sergeant!

The Money

This we all know about. $10 billion worth of crude oil was stolen by Kuwait from Rumaila after the Gulf War. Rumaila has been made off limits, but for many less apparent reasons.

After the bankrupt U.S. corporations e.g. ExxonMobil went into Iraq and regained power, wealth and viability, top of the British banking cabal, BP has been calling the shots. This led to the discovery of many new oilfields, most of which fall within ancient Mesopotamia [Zubair, Rumaila, Nahr Umar, Ratawi, Suba, luhais, Majnun, Nasyriah, Noor, Amara, Abu-Gharab and others], which as happens to be the most densely populated part of Iraq, hence the millions of deaths at the hands of the global banking cabal.

Then there are the findings that question the history we have been told, but reflected in myth

Iraq has 12,000 ancient sites; the basis for the understanding of an ancient history that pre-dates the Great Flood, one which the global banking cabal is very much interested in now.

Excavation continued throughout the war between Iraq and Iran (1979-1988). Despite the countries 1969 Antiquities Law, that a findings were to remain in Iraq, we find the Hammurabi Code, the first code of law in the Louvre in Paris, and the first Bill of Human Rights, in the British Museum.

Not everything can be ‘lifted’ like the 5,000 years old ancient city of Ur in southern Iraq, home of Prophet Ibrahim/Abraham. Instead one finds bomb craters and machine gun fire at the side of the Ziggurat at Ur (Tell Maqayyar); or damage to the top of a tower at the Abu Hanifa Shrine by a U.S. rocket on April 11, 2003, and the US military bases built in the ancient city of Ur, where they installed fuel tanks and concrete walls, dug a dozen deep trenches, used heavy earth-moving equipment to build a helicopter landing pad, and dropped tons of gravel next to a Greek theatre built for Alexander the Great to create parking lots for military vehicles.

Then there is the memorable break in of the National Library in Baghdad and museums that showed planning, and organized intent on what to steal/destroy.

  • 14-15,000 objects of every kind, (sculpture, ceramics, pottery shards, jewelry, metalwork, architectural fragments, cuneiform tablets and a large percentage of the Museum’s collection of valuable Sumerian cylindrical seals
  • The Museum lost most of its card catalogue and computer files, including many unique records of archaeological digs dating back several decades.
  • 1/4 of the total book (including rare books) collection was looted/burned
  • 60% of the Ottoman and royal Hashemite documents were destroyed
  • All government archives were destroyed
  • All maps and photographic collections were destroyed
  • The manuscript collections of Beit al-Hikma – the House of Science were destroyed
  • 1,000 manuscripts from the Library of Religious Endowments were stolen and more than 500 burned
  • The Iraqi Academy of Sciences library, the al-Mustansiriya University Library; the Baghdad Medical College Library. The University of Baghdad ‘s College of Arts Library were burnt down.
  • Hundreds of objects from Mosul Museum, including sixteen bronze Assyrian door panels from the city gates of Balawat (9th century BC), as well as reliefs and clay cuneiform tablets from Nineveh and Nimrud

This took place in three waves between April 10 and 12, totally unhindered.

Recently, we learn of the 35,000 pieces missing from the National Museum of Iraq. Ihsan Fath, Iraqi archaeologist and architect informed Russia Today.

“huge amounts of documents representing historical importance that cannot be assigned a monetary value were taken by the US.”

“Large amounts of currency have been also misappropriated…. Everything that was stored in the Central and other banks was sent to the US without any documentation and now is kept in archives,” the Iraqi archaeologist stated.

Also, in a March 2013 statement issued by Mounir Bouchenaki, Assistant Director General for Culture at the United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, over 1,500 modern paintings and sculptures from Baghdad’s Museum of Fine Arts were stolen.

More could be said, but none of it good, and that encapsulates the barbaric act of violence on a people physically, humanely, culturally psycho-socially, and environmentally. That typifies our global governors, and the game they have always played; and as we know now, not just with foreigners, on other people’s shores, but with anything that challenges their perception that they as royals have a divine right to rule, exploit us for everything we’ve got, and hell if we don’t. That can continue only with our consent, by perceiving ourselves as we have done for so long, through their lens, that we are less than we are, thus view anything else with fear, suspicion, and hence with contempt. Now we know what happens elsewhere can happen to us, and therefore self interest can no longer take us where we misguidedly wish to go for we are all pieces of the same puzzle!


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