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When the Cabal Bats Out!

When the Cabal Bats Out!

Any doubt about the British media should be silently laid to rest in the action and counteraction that has been swinging back and forth since the death of former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher – the action being on the part of the celebrations and the protesters, and the counteraction the press. With each passing moment, the media from the daily rag to the more reputable i.e. true journalism speak with one voice, castigating any sentiment that throws a question mark on the memory of Baroness Thatcher, or more pointedly a representative of state policy. All ‘challengers are slapped with the label ‘left’ with the occasional  adjective ‘sickly’, as troublemakers which may be the case, especially if they have been ‘sent’ to do just that, and numbers are tagged at anything from 100 -300, not the thousands that have slipped out elsewhere.

The now to be state funeral to be held at the cabal’s St. Paul’s Cathedral have sent out invitations to 200 states, territories and international organizations, as well as members from the entertainment industry along with 700 armed forces personnel for reinforcements. While government ministers trying to feel good about themselves suggest government erecting a statue of Lady Thatcher in Trafalgar Square. In case it seems to have surpassed them, that the sentiment is not shared, the cabal’s BBC is having a difficult time with the theme song for the celebration ‘Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead’ from the cabal’s top mind control film ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The problem is it has sold 20,000 copies, taking it to #4 in the Official music charts. The BBC seem only able to peg it #10 – not bad for three days, but the trouble is whether to broadcast it or not!

Everyone is a little on edge, fearful at the thought of being arrested just for talking about (or simply ‘knocked-off), which is just the way the cabal likes it!

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