The Cabal, Barbarism and Israel

The Cabal, Barbarism and Israel

By Hwaa Irfan

If the current stream of barbaric acts against Palestinians comes across as being acceptable, amongst many reasons like the cabals control of the media, is the fact that the many people around the world are earning at firsthand about being citizens of their world. With dwindling rights across all sectors of life including the right to healthy food, water, education etc, and the right to question, as countries like the US and the UK, boot those they have dispossessed out of the cities, Israel’s erroneous claim to independence was marked on April 16th as Independence Day on a territory they invaded and occupied over 60 years ago with the backing of the cabal’s Rothschilds the owners of the City of London, which does not fall under British sovereign rule.

April 16th  witnessed the largest gathering of Palestinians, 7,000 that marched to the destroyed Arab village of Khubeiza, an annual march, the Right to Return on the anniversary of the destruction of Arab villages during the Nakba, when 750,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed prior to the formation of the state of Israel.

Recent weeks have witnessed the demolition of stores that belonged to orphans from Wadi al-Niam, and the continued arrest of Palestinian children. To date (since 1967), 750,000 Palestinians have been arrested i.e. 40% of the male population, 10,000 females, and 9, 000 children.

In addition over 130,000 Palestinian couples have been prevented from marrying and/or Israeli citizenship, a misnomer in itself, Israeli settlers continue to break into Palestinian homes and evict the residents, and destroy Palestinian farms. Israeli settlers occupied a Christian monastery in a Palestinian village, near the central West Bank city of Ramallah raising an Israeli flag over it – they continue to desecrate both Islamic and Christian holy sites.

The cabal (global governance) sets the example, and Israel makes the most of it getting a little bit arrogant in recent weeks with its declared find of energy, gas! As the cabal continues its global eugenics –mind control agenda, Israel has many agendas of its own including the injecting of released Palestinian prisoners with deadly viruses according to Pravda.  As revealed by those released from Rania Saqa jail, these injected viruses lead to bladder cancer and liver disorders or death. The International Solidarity for Human Rights Institute warned that the Israel uses Palestinian prisoners to test their new drugs; many of those prisoners have not been tried or formally charged.

We can blame the Israelis for such an evil state of affairs, but Israel exists not just because of the US, but mainly because of those unelected ‘inhumans’ who run our lives. The terrible thing is that if we accept what they have been doing to our lives now, worse will come not only to the Palestinians, but right in front of our own eyes!  To accept living a life less than it should be lived, means that we are ready to accept less for everyone i.e. without dignity!


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