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Are You in Control of Your Mind?

Are You in Control of Your Mind?

By Hwaa Irfan

Many of us believe we are in full control of all the various aspects of our selves, and hence our own thoughts. A teacher will profess sincerity with her students, and encourage them down a certain line of thought, and then a colleague enters the room, and laughs quietly at the students with her colleagues when there has been no prior ‘research’ relationship with the students. Yet a person who is in full possession of themselves has no need to ‘pretend’. This is how much we can overestimate the belief that we are in full possession of ourselves!

The teacher disassociated from one reality so that she could associate with another thus fragmenting her reality into realities.

Throughout of the course of a day, we might find ourselves disassociating from one reality into another, whether it be to escape a situation we do not wish to be in but we have not made the commitment to our true self to end what we find to be not nourishing or to make it nourishing. Daydreaming is also a form of dissociation. We disassociate when we experience pain or trauma because it is a natural self protection mechanism, but it is also a mechanism that is manipulated and exploited in mind control techniques that split the personality and has been known in occult circles for eons. In fact, the disorder split/personality arse out of the CIA MK-Ultra Monarch experiments to enter the APA’s DSM-IV-TR Manual, the mental health bible that sets the US standards that have now turned all human emotions into a mental disorder, the source of which are the Nazi scientists mind control experiments in WWII concentration camps who worked in Rochester, NY, Montauk Point, NY, and Brookhaven Labs, U.S.

The programming that takes place in a state of dissociation remains there and can be accessed when one returns to that state. A sad everyday example of this is child sexual abuse, especially if violent. As the child grows they have learn to disassociate from the experience locking away a part of themselves until years later, a trigger releases that memory. A useful piece of knowledge in the hands of the diabolic CIA MK-Ultra Monarch programme. The trigger can be whatever a Monarch programmer chooses to be. U.S. military was conducting extensive tests of subjects under hypnosis during W.W. II., so it is a tool finely developed from the fear and blood of many victims. The result are willing slaves ready to do anything they are told.

Many cruel methods have been furnished, including the one imposed on a population of modern life. Many reports and medical advice about Sleep Deprivation has been conveyed to the public, but none of it tells us that REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the period of light sleep towards the morning helps to harmonize our inner and outer worlds. The less sleep we have, the less REM, the effect of which is a mind that is controllable!

Mind Control targets the physical expression of our world – the body by targeting our desires, and our greed. The symbolic expression of that are our stomachs.

Who controls the food supply controls the people

“Who controls the energy can control whole continents

“Who controls the money can control the whole world  ~ Henry Kissinger, NWO 1973

So no wonder the agro-pharmaceutical companies are at ease with putting anything in our foods, and medicines, and keeping increasing the prices after years of ‘conditioning’ this form of mind control has worked, despite the Awakened ones who keep describing to us how much our food is toxic to our physiological systems.

Visualization is a primary tool in mind control through which a suggestive state is engendered to make the ‘audience’ willing slaves. This is the aim of corporate media, the mainstream music industry and film industry and bringing it right into our front rooms, the T.V! Visualization makes a perfect tool because it is the first gate of the natural learning process of the brain. The will and the faith of the audience/consumer must be broken so that those who make their wealth from us can reign supreme.

With generations ‘conditioned’ by media to be body perfect, a Eurocentric modus operandus we find willing uptake of a questionable form of yoga ‘Hot Yoga’ or Bikram Yoga. Many have spoken of the ‘magical transformation’ of their bodies, which represents only the physical part of man. The experiences of David Icke found ‘Hot Yoga’ theraputic for the physical body, but he had to stop when he realized the effect. It slows down:

“…a person’s brainwaves into an alpha state, effectively making them more suggestable!”

“I believe putting one-self in this state of mind unless very disciplined will effectively turn them into a zombie like slave if they don’t moderate usage.”

 “…Someone who knows how the human- mind works can exploit persons/ peoples to their maximuim potential.”

The photo above is not the modest image of yoga one is accustomed to, and may explain the countless accusations of rape against the ‘founder’ Bikram Choudhury.

Two women filed separate lawsuits earlier ast week claiming they were raped by Bikram Choudhury and that Bikram’s inside circle actively recruits women for him.

One woman has sued Choudhury and Bikram Yoga College of India on 6th May 2013 for sexual battery, false imprisonment, discrimination, harassment and seven other counts.

This follows a March 2013 claim from former student and Bikram Yoga teacher Sarah Baughn for sexual harassment and sex-based discrimination.

There are accusations of brainwashing, and abuse of power reports SOTT.

Addicted to controlling others, there are far too many willing victims with healthier lifestyles providing plenty pickings.

As of February 2013 Christian parents had reason to sue two Californian schools for their yoga classes. They mistakenly believe that the classes promote Eastern religions, because they do not realize that yoga is being used as a tool to establish the One World, government  agenda which seeks to replace God with them in order to ensure complete obedience.

The yogic form Ashtanga yoga taught by the Encinitas Unified School District has been eased in while the teaching of religion is being phased out of public education. Those students who opt out are being teased and bullied.

The program is funded by a US$533,000 grant from the Jois Foundation. The Jois Foundation was founded by the grandson of Pattahbi Jois, the creator of Ashtanga.

September 2008, the beginning of the speedup towards the establishment of the NWO, and was dedicated as the first ever national “Yoga month” A 10-city ‘yoga-festival’ was organized to promote yoga in the US and Canada. The movements of hatha yoga are a form meditation rooted in the Hindu belief system.’ It is not just exercise, scientific or not.

From the Common Core Standard of education to the food we put on the table, are you sure you are in control of your mind?

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