Indoctrination in Common Core Texts

Indoctrination in Common Core Texts


5/26/13: The outpouring of love and support is overwhelming. I originally intended for this video to be watched by my administrators and my community; I had no idea it would reach so many. The thousands of stories already shared with me from around the globe that mirror my own are both critical and heartbreaking. I cannot change the system from within, so I leave to allow myself to continue teaching in my way, on my terms. I never planned on giving up, and I never will. If you are interested in learning more about me and my future educational endeavors, feel free to visit I have the deepest respect and gratitude for those whose voices join with mine, and for those who are still fighting to find their own.

Melissa Melton

Recently my child experienced firsthand the kind of victim disarmament indoctrination America’s public school system is teaching our children.

In 2005, a federal court upheld that our nation’s public schools trump parent rights:

Parents and politicians alike were shocked when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled on Nov. 2 that parents’ fundamental right to control the upbringing of their children “does not extend beyond the threshold of the school door,” and that a public school has the right to provide its students with “whatever information it wishes to provide, sexual or otherwise.

The court went on to clarify:

Parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed.

What this decision essentially says is that, as a parent, your rights to control what your children are being taught end at the school door.

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