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A New Virus for a New Hajj Season

A New Virus for a New Hajj Season

By Hwaa Irfan

Before the month of Hajj September 2012, the coronavirus, commonly associated with colds, SARS broke out in Saudi Arabia, though at the time, it was not known whether it was SARS.  WHO raised an alert, and the pandemic mounted to two deaths. Six million hajjis were allowed to complete with their pilgrimage.

This time, another new coronavirus and more fatal Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS-CoV, or MERS formerly known as novel coronavirus) has entered Saudi Arabia well in advance of the Hajj season (Umrah will peak during the blessed month of Ramadhan between July 9 and August 7 2013, while Hajj  will take place from October 13 -18 insha’Allah). This new coronavirus claimed its first victim in March 2013 in Jordan, is what is commonly reported, but WHO states as a precaution:

“Recent travellers returning from the Middle East who develop SARI should be tested for MERS-CoV as advised in the current surveillance recommendations.”

So a possible link between SARS and MERS-CoV/MERS is up for consideration.

According to WHO:

“Globally, from September 2012 to date, WHO has been informed of a total of 77 laboratory-confirmed cases of infection with MERS-CoV, including 40 deaths,” – June 26, 2013.

To date, of the 77 laboratory-confirmed infections, 62 have been in Saudi Arabia, and 34 of those died, i.e. a 55% mortality rate, so it is not as deadly as portrayed by the media. Cases have been reported in Europe: France, Germany, the UK, and Italy. All the European cases have been linked to the Middle East. The Director General of WHO, Dr Chan sounded quite alarmed, but recent history errs on the side of precaution when it comes to WH alerts which sometimes wavers in favor of the pharmaceutical industries like the H1N1 virus before they cultured it into the flu vaccines:

“We understand too little about this virus when viewed against the magnitude of its potential threat. We do not know where the virus hides in nature. We do not know how people are getting infected. Until we answer these question, we are empty-handed when it comes to prevention. These are alarm bells. And we must respond… The novel coronavirus is not a problem that any single affected country can keep to itself or manage all by itself. It is a threat to the entire world.”

The virus was isolated in mid-2012 by a scientist in Saudi Arabia and initially carried the name human coronavirus EMC. On May 15, more than eight months after the virus was isolated, the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses announced the name Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, states Slate.

MERS-CoV spreads through close contact, as ideal virus for 6 million people in close contact, but SARS-CoV is more human-transmissible than MERS-CoV.  The risk of human transmission increases under hospitalization. The incubation period so far has been 9 – 12 days. It is asymptomatic, so there are no warning signs that can raise concern. The infection can be acute to chronic, and affect a 5-year old as easily as a 50 year old.

Of the four cases reported in the U.K, there were two fatalities with no further outbreak has been reported since February 2013 at a time when the UK was experiencing a prolonged and extremely cold winter and an upshot and a flu epidemic! states:

“Although some person-to-person transmission has been reported, there remains no evidence of sustained person-to-person transmission”.

In France, the doctors do not know how the 65 year old man contracted the virus.

Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki, who analyzed the first sample of mucus taken from the first victim of the new SARS virus and his discovery of the genetic code of the virus has revealed that this genetically engineered virus may have its origins in laboratories working with manipulating a version of a bat flu, which is dismissed by WHO. MERS-CoV is similar to the SARS virus that first emerged in Asia in 2003, and is also similar to the coronavirus found in bats. Bats carry many coronaviruses.

The World Health Organisation has urged countries with possible cases of novel coronavirus to share information. The move comes after Saudi Arabia said the development of diagnostic tests had been delayed by patent rights on the NCoV virus by commercial laboratories – already pharmaceutical companies are moving in to make a quick profit on what would be untested vaccines as in the H1N1 scenario.

An investigation conducted by Edward Hammond, consultant researcher of Third World Network, has revealed that The Erasmus Medical Centre, a leading medical centre in The Netherlands is claiming proprietary rights via a material transfer agreement (MTA) over the MERS virus. This would block ongoing research placing our health again in the hands of Big Pharma. Naturally, this has led to criticism from Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Health.

So do we have a pandemic on our hands, that is yet to be seen for many pilgrims life goes on, and the prospect of Jennah/paradise is much more inviting than life on earth given the seemingly endless multiple global crises’ taking place now. But for the control freaks/global governors, Hajj could be the ideal solution to spreading a global pandemic that could reduce the global population or collect more DNA, or to invent a new disabling vaccine for a target consumer out of their reach, or facilitate another rung towards a globalized policed state, and if all else fails increase the falling profits of the trade wings of the global economic elite, while most hajjis will know that life is more than that!

4th October 2013

Six new cases have arisen as Hajj 2013 sets in. The reaction may be a bit alarmist, as fears and wishful thinking grows, Saudi Arabia accounts for the majority of cases and deaths.

Glenn Thomas, spokesman for the UN health agency, said it had been informed by Saudi authorities that the virus had been detected in three men and three women in Riyadh, according to AFP.

But Saudi authorities have said they are optimistic that Hajj will pass off without outbreaks, given that faithful Muslims undertake lower-level pilgrimages at other times and there has been no mass spread of MERS. Saudi Arabia has, however, urged the elderly and chronically ill to avoid the event.

Experts are still struggling to understand MERS, for which there is still no vaccine.

It is considered a deadlier but less-transmissible cousin of the SARS virus that erupted in Asia in 2003 and infected 8,273 people, nine percent of whom died, and sowed economic chaos.


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Your Personal Euro Account Could Be Next!

moneyblackholeYour Personal Euro Account Could Be Next!


When the personal accounts of Cypriots were emptied to save the banks, the genera response was immediate shock, then return to business as usual. As sovereign(less) Canada began to implement legislation to the same effect, everyone everywhere else thought that they would not be affected.

Michael Snyder informs us that Thursday June 27 2013, a European Union finance ministers approved a plan to force bondholders and shareholders to take the hit for bank rescues ahead of taxpayers because what people with commonsense already know, if you are bankrupt, you are bankrupt, but put in their language, bank bailouts with taxpayers money causes too many problems!

The order of the day according to CNN will be:

First, bondholders, and shareholders

Second, large depositors with 100,000+ euros

Third, Taxpayer funds would be used only as a last resort.

This plan will now be submitted to the European Parliament for final approval.

Why now, read The Emperor has No Clothes! 2013 is the time limit that the cabals experiment could not get past in their Montauk experiments, and is as the year that the shit hits the fan as indicated by the global economic response to the Snowden leaks at a time when Mercury gone retrograde will impact on a transactions, and communications as Pluto discloses our miscreations, and as we transit from one Age to the another!

And he shows us His signs!

We cannot buy time when something is fundamentally wrong. The EU spent a third f its economic output using taxpayers money on ban bailouts from the inception of the crisis in 2008 – 2011. It bankrupted Ireland, Greece, Spain and Cyprus.  The backdrop is that the EU’s economic output is dwindling.

-Car sales in Europe have hit a 20 year low.

-Unemployment is at 12.2 percent.

-An average of 134 retail outlets are shutting down in Italy every single day, with  224,000 retail establishments closed down since 2008.

-Consumer confidence in France has dropped to an all-time low,  unemployment rate at 10.4 percent, and the government is now responsible for 57% of all economic output in France.

– Disposable income in the UK has fallen at the fastest rate in 25 years.

-The national debt in Spain has grown by 19.1% 2012-13.

The Ultimatum of May is to learn to live within ones means socio-economically, spiritually, and psychologically, which offers us an opportunity to redeem, take control of and be more responsible for our own lives with skis that we have forgotten!

The worst of it is if we react to the challenge negatively as on the streets of certain countries currently. The best of it is how we choose to respond which is not apparent, but alive and kicking in some homes and neighbourhoods; and in some countries like Iceland, and Bolivia.

When we learn to respect each other, and value each other, including our natural resources, healthy honest trading is more begin.

There of course is another side, the one that speaks of this all being planned so countries will be oblidged to relinquish sovereignty in favor of a One Government world – but that is a very difficult heist to pull of when the human conscious, and the human spirit is awakened, hence mind control technologies, and debt slavery!


Obama’s Reputation Goes Viral!*

Obama’s Reputation Goes Viral!*


What the cabal’s corporate media doesn’t  portray about President Obama’s South African trip!

Anti-U.S. protesters have burned posters of U.S. President Barack Obama in the South African city of Johannesburg ahead of his visit to the city on Saturday.

Protesters also burned miniature U.S. flags outside the University of Johannesburg Soweto campus, expressing their anger at the U.S. government’s foreign policy.

Demonstrators expressed their opposition to Washington’s support for the Israeli regime, the killing of innocent civilians in U.S. drone strikes, and the continuing operation of the U.S.-run Guantanamo Bay prison.

Some protesters compared the Obama administration’s support for the Israeli regime to the apartheid in South Africa.

Moreover, activists from the Free Palestine Organization of South Africa waved Palestinian flags and carried signs that urged Obama to “Stop Funding Israeli Apartheid.”

Obama and his family arrived in South Africa on Friday for the second leg of their tour of three African countries which has been estimated to cost American taxpayers up to $100 million.

On Friday, hundreds of protesters also marched to the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria carrying signs that read “NO, You Can’t Obama”, a reference to Obama’s “Yes We Can” campaign slogan during his first run for election.

Obama, the first African-American president of the U.S., had planned to visit anti-apartheid legend Nelson Mandela, whom he has called his “personal hero,” however, South African protesters warned that Obama should not try to link himself to Mandela

Prior to Obama’s visit to South Africa, the Muslim Lawyers Association in Johannesburg said Obama should be arrested upon arriving in the country and be tried for war crimes.

The Nobama Coalition of 25 organizations gathers outside University of Capetown

In front of the University of Johannesburg, where the U.S. president is slated to receive an honorary degree today, were greeted with rubber bullets 29/30 June 2013


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The Emperor has No Clothes!

The Emperor has No Clothes!*

From Alexandra

Easy  Money


International confidence in the US economy has begun to crumble after the Snowden leaks‏.


Along with the exposure of widespread international surveillance, Edward Snowden has revealed how exactly the US is financing its military ambitions.

It’s game over!”

Below is a transcript of Max Keiser being interviewed by RT.

RT: Surely not even you can make any kind of link between the Snowden saga and the US economy?

Max Keiser: The American economy runs on the confidence, confidence that the world accepts the US dollar as world reserve currency, confidence that the US bond market will remain the standard. And what we are seeing is a sell-off in a bond market and a sell-off in the stock market, because confidence in the US and its ability to maintain a global empire through interest rates and the Central Bank policy is crumbling before the world’s very eyes.

What’s interesting is that Edward Snowden worked for Booz Allen. Booz Allen allegedly along with a few other companies are the masterminds behind LIBOR market rigging, energy market rigging, FOREX market rigging. And this is really the fuel that keeps the American military empire going, because the American economy itself cannot support its military ambitions so they’ve resorted to market manipulation and the kind of intelligence that Edward Snowden is able to aggregate is key to manipulating markets in ways that make Booz Allen, allegedly, the channel for billions and billions of dollars into America’s military campaigns.

And this is really about money, markets and manipulations. It’s not about security. It’s not to do with anything that the White House says. Remember, the White House is a puppet of Wall Street, Booz Allen, the hedge funds and the financial interests of the corrupt bankers.

RT: Can you also give us an idea of how some of those big companies like Google, or Facebook could actually benefit from this surveillance program PRISM? Is there financial a financial gain from them?

MK: Absolutely, because all of the manipulation involves rigging the indexes. And the indexes are all data-sensitive. So, if you can manipulate the data, you can manipulate the indexes and you manipulate the markets. And if you have advanced knowledge of that inside information you can make billions of dollars of front-running, high-frequency trading, algorithmic trading. And, of course, all the banks on the Wall Street are in on this and all the banks in the UK.

It’s very telling that the foreign minister of Ecuador said that, look “you are talking about us extraditing Edward Snowden, what about bringing back those bankers we asked you to bring back to Ecuador who we caught rigging and terrorizing our market?”

What about the Icelandic bankers that have been asked by the government of Iceland to be extradited back to Iceland that are being held in the UK?

What about these other instances where banking terrorists are being sheltered in the US and the UK?

They’re not responding to extradition agreements. So this is all about financial legerdemain, unfortunately, Americans don’t have enough money to fight their wars anymore so they have to resort to snooping, data-gathering, and market manipulation.

RT: What about the diplomatic fallout? We’ve seen tensions between China and Washington but that of course leads to economic tension. Could that impact trade between the two?

MK: I hope Russia, China, and Ecuador stand up to the financial terrorists in America and Britain. Stay the course. Don’t give in and don’t appease the financial terrorists on Wall Street.

RT: But how could a small country like Ecuador stand up to a giant like America, where there is indeed trade between the two?

MK: What Edward Snowden has proved is that if you live a principled life and stay true to your convictions then you can change the world.

RT: Are we going to see financial fallout between China and the US?

MK: Well China has got a fantastic card to play, one trillion US dollars that they can dump on the market anytime and jack interest rates up five or six points, which would throw the real estate market back into collapse. China is pulling the strings here and China has all the cards to play. America is the biggest debtor nation in the world. Look at the bond market today, it’s selling off spectacularly all over the world because confidence in the American hologram of finance is collapsing. They flipped the switch. They see that the emperor has no clothes. They see that there’s no underlying economic activity to support the military and financial occupations emanating from the US. It’s game over!

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The Emperor’s New Clothes

Resolution to Prohibit War against Syria Without Congressional Authorization*

Resolution to Prohibit War against Syria Without Congressional Authorization*

StormJune 27, 2013, Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) introduced a resolution to prohibit the use of war power against Syria without congressional authorization.  H. Con. Res 40 emphasizes that declaring and appropriating funds for war is a power of the legislative – not executive – branch.  Should the president choose to implement military force against Syria without congressional approval, that decision would constitute an impeachable offense under Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution.

“We cannot continue to spend American money and risk American lives overseas without a vote of approval from Congress,” said Jones.  “For too long, the legislature’s responsibility to authorize military force has been overlooked.  It is time that we uphold the Constitution, which makes it clear in Article 1, Section 8 that Congress alone holds the power to declare war.  A breach of that principle by the president would unquestionably be considered an impeachable offense.”

Resolution: H. CON. RES. 40 presented to the House of Representatives on June 20, 2013 states:

Expressing the sense of Congress that the President is prohibited under the Constitution from initiating war against Syria without express congressional authorization and the appropriation of funds for the express purpose of waging such a war.

Whereas the Constitution’s makers entrusted decisions to initiate offensive warfare not in self-defense exclusively to Congress in article I, section 8, clause 11;

Whereas the Constitution’s makers knew that the Executive Branch would be prone to manufacture danger and to deceive Congress and the United States people to justify

Whereas chronic wars are irreconcilable with liberty, a separation of powers, and the rule of law;

Whereas the entry of the United States Armed Forces into the ongoing war in Syria to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad would make the United States less safe by awakening new enemies;

Whereas the fate of Syria is irrelevant to the security and welfare of the United States and its citizens and is not worth risking the life of a single member of the United States Armed Forces;

Whereas humanitarian wars are a contradiction in terms and characteristically lead to semi-anarchy and chaos, as in Somalia and Libya;

Whereas if victorious, the hydra-headed Syrian insurgency would suppress the Christian population or other minorities as has been similarly witnessed in Iraq with its Shiite-dominated government; and

Whereas United States military aid to the Syrian insurgents risks blowback indistinguishable from the military assistance provided to the splintered Afghan mujahideen in Afghanistan to oppose the Soviet Union and culminated in the 9/11 abominations:

Click to access H.%20Con.%20Res.%2040.pdf

This is Who We Are Helping In Syria?!


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Regular Fasting Increases a Longer Healthier Life*

IftarRegular Fasting Increases a Longer Healthier Life*


By Jo Willey

Research shows dramatically cutting the amount of calories you eat for two days can keep obesity, heart disease and diabetes at bay.

The revolutionary weight-loss plan restricts calorie intake for 48 hours.

Researchers support intermittent fasting and say it is as effective as weight loss surgery, without the cost or risk.

The scientific review suggests fasting diets may help those with diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A review published in the British Journal of Diabetes and Vascular Disease by a team led by James Brown from Aston University in the West Midlands highlights evidence from clinical trials which shows fasting can limit inflammation, improve levels of sugars and fats in your circulation and cut blood pressure. By fasting, the body is more efficient in selecting which fuel to burn, improving metabolism.

The plan is to restrict calories on alternative days or on two specific days each week which are classed as “fasting days”. On these, women usually aim to consume less than 500 calories and men less than 600. This type of intermittent fasting has been shown in trials to be at least as effective as counting calories every day to lose weight.

Prphet Muhammed (SAW) recommended fasting Mondays and Thursdays.

Scientists have known since the 1940s that intermittent fasting can cut the incidence of diabetes after trials on animals.

But recent studies have also confirmed that cutting calorie intake could reverse Type 2 diabetes in some people. It could also help fight conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers measured improved pancreatic function and found fewer fatty deposits associated with insulin resistance present in those fasting.

Scientists say it has some cardiovascular benefits that appear similar to exercising, such as improving blood pressure and heart rate and lowering cholesterol.

Mr Brown said: “Whether intermittent fasting can be used as a tool to prevent diabetes in those individuals at high risk or to prevent progression in those recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes remains a tantalising notion and we are currently in preparation for clinical trials to assess the effectiveness of this form of lifestyle intervention in various patient groups.”

Victoria Taylor, senior dietitian at the British Heart Foundation, said: “If you’re considering fasting to control your weight, think carefully about how it might affect your normal activities and lifestyle and, especially if you’re taking prescribed medications, discuss plans with your doctor.”


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Sweet Poison

War on Faith and Family Continues

The door to a spiritual journey is always open...War on Faith and Family Continues

By Hwaa Irfan

For those who violently defend their religion against another religion, they are not remiss of the spirit of their faith; they are active pawns in the game of global governance to cancel each other out until our higher selves are reduced to lower selves, and thus enslaved to all that is material in this fear-based world. Many spiritual activists have already fallen prey to the concept that God is a creation with the infiltration of the New Ageists/Light Workers, with such notions as “I AM” anchoring and separating the self away from the Greater Unity – pitting self against self, and self against others.

This deliberate attempt has been systemic applied through the UN-US-Europe global education agenda Common Core Standards, which is also designed to ‘dismantle’ family ties, the conduit of values.  Both the erosion of family and faith is the reason behind societies becoming dysfunctional – lost without  rudder, along with the increase in barbaric acts that go unjudged by justice.  The West have played this card since WWI, but they are not alone in this. So to hear of a Shia, being dragged around the streets of Giza, Egypt for 4 hours for being Shia is understandable as the logical expression of the barbaric acts against the people by the counter-revolutionaries – a class war which has brought the ugly nature of its shadow society to the surface.

When the people were inspired by the youth of the first 3 months of the January 25 Revolution, they were the hands, eyes, ears, and spiritual essence of the country. The country without a leader could protect itself; but the class-based counter-revolution has consistently sought to over-turn anything that questioned its prior existence under Hosni Mubarak. The result is a society riddled with fear and behaviours that make many feel ashamed, and have engendered a growing number into mental illness, shocked at what the society they love has become. Blaming all on one man without taking responsibility serves everyone, but not the country, and rather than heal society has left Egypt, deaf, dumb and blind to anything but the Washington Consensus with some office workers looking forward to creating violence on June 30. A few around the world look to Brazilians to take up the change that Egypt has failed in with its massive protests.

This attack on faith and family is widespread, and no less than in the US, where every attempt is being made to faith and family, with the recent reinstatement  of a professor who made students on a piece of paper with the name “Jesus” written on it.

The professor, Deandre Poole was reinstated at Florida Atlantic University.  Poole’s dangerous lesson was about symbols, and how much we invest in things rather than faith, but that lesson teaches the opposite, and that was coming from a man f faith, a Christian. Despite death threats, and hate mail, which in turn demonstrates the mal-interpretation of the Christian faith, Poole has will resume his position online in September.

Life’s/God’s lessons are here to test us, even in the midst of attack. In the midst of shadow society coming to the surface in Egypt with the symbol of Muslim Brotherhood used to dismantle Islam, as a non-centralized religion, more have turned to it in the midst of a maddening crowd as daily discourse between Christians and Muslims increase – not the desired effect of the counter-revolutionary protest to take place on June 30, 2023 in the name of the revolution, which many now balk at.

Although 9/11, 7/7 etc were attacks on all that is Islam, in essence it was an attack  on all that cannot be controlled including family and faith, just as now the cabal’s attack is on all faiths and all families!

Many of us don’t believe that people can be so contrived, so evil, but history is burdened with many examples up unto the present day. Cancer thrives, because we have turned our bodies into unnatural acidic conditions for it to thrive, and like cancer, many of our socio-economic conditions, our sanity, and humanity lies within our own hands not the hands of those who do not see us as human beings!


“Professor Who Forced Students To Stomp On Jesus Re-Hired By Florida College”

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