Mossad Chief’s Daughter Refuses to Enlist in the Israeli Military

Mossad Chief’s Daughter Refuses to Enlist in the Israeli Military



Former U.S. President Bill Clinton, war criminal, and member of Committee 300, will receive a half million dollars as “honorary” from the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in order to join their festive evening to mark the 90 birthday of President Shimon Persky, known as Shimon Peres, which will be held on June 17 at Peres Academic Center for “peace” at Rehevot in the central district of israel, about 20 km south of Tel Aviv, and to give 45 minute lecture during festive evening.

According to the hebrew edition of (Haaretz) published today June 2 2013, former U.S. President Bill Clinton will receive half a million dollars to give a 45 minutes lecture at the Peres academy for “peace” in Israel, what has caused much embarrassment to both the president and the JNF, which contributed the half million dollars to fund a lecture by former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The newspaper pointed out that the amount was collected by the World Jewish National Fund from more than 40 countries to finance this festive occasion. The newspaper added that the amount had been agreed in advance with former president Clinton to secure his presence at the festive occasion to take place on June 17, 2013. Read on >>>

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