A Carnival Against Capitalism as G8 Tries to Bring Global Food Supply to Heel!

A Carnival Against Capitalism as G8 Tries to Bring Global Food Supply to Heel!

In the week leading up to  a Group of Eight summit in Northern Ireland, the Carnival Against Capitalism planned for June 11, 2013 kicked off with 100 police officers and reinforcements raiding a Soho building occupied by Stop G8 reports Lee Ann McAdoo.

Stop G8 state:

“Traditionally, carnival is the time where the people take over the streets, the bosses run and hide, and the world gets turned upside down. It is a time to celebrate our resistance and our dreams, to bring music and colour to the streets, and also to show our strength and our anger.”

While many have reported Monsanto’s pull back on lobbying the EU to advance GM crops and foods some of have remained unconvinced. Following the global protest in May, 2013, Britain co-hosted the ‘Nutrition for Growth: Beating Hunger through Business and Science’ on 8 June, using the same old pattern of business leaders, scientists, governments and ‘civil society’  and blanking out the farmers, to

“… make the political and financial commitments needed to prevent undernutrition, enabling people and nations to prosper”. – http://www.gov.uk

With the aim to “expand the reach of the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition,” it is a is a private sector investment initiative, meaning business as usual. The goal is to milk  open up African agriculture to multinational agribusiness companies without the needs or wishes of African farmers. If one is still inclined to place faith in the wrong direction, GM multi-nationals,  Monsanto, Syngenta, Cargill, Diageo, Unilever, Yara and DuPont are involved. The reason why farmers have been left out in the cold is because:

a)      They have years of experience as to how the and really works,

b)      They have years experience of the environmental damage, loss of food production, and how any trade agreement underpays them

c)       Natural, healthy seeds are phased out, and replaced by GM seeds which contaminate healthy crops.

d)      Because private investors will do and have done, take control of agricultural land.

The UK’s involvement is to the tune of £395 million via the International Development (DFID)

Smallholder farmers, pastoralists, hunter/gatherers, indigenous peoples and environmentalists across Africa have under the umbrella Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa. In a joint statement with the African Centre for Biosafety G8 is accused of launching a “new wave of colonialism.” They are not alone, for agriculturalists and activists around the world also reject the G8 proposal as just another form of and grab.

We members of UK civil society call on David Cameron and other G8 leaders to heed the warning from African civil society and to abandon the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in light of the dangers it poses to smallholder farmers and efforts to combat hunger in Africa. We support the CFS as the foremost platform on food security and nutrition, and we reject all attempts to undermine it – including the G8’s proposed land transparency initiative. The G8 has no legitimacy to intervene in matters of food, hunger and land tenure in Africa or any other part of the world. We therefore call on DFID to withhold the £395 million in UK taxpayers’ money that it has announced will be handed over to the New Alliance as part of the UK government’s support for the expansion of multinational agribusiness companies into the agricultural markets of Africa.

Signed by

War on Want

World Development Movement

The Gaia Foundation

Friends of the Earth England and Wales


Jubilee Debt Campaign

The Landworkers Alliance-La Via Campesina

Health Poverty Action


Find Your Feet

Grow Heathrow


FIAN group UK

SPEAK Network

Permaculture Association

Development Alternatives

Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens

CSA UK Network

The Kindling Trust

Pig Business

Scottish Crofters Federation-La Via Campesina

Earth Open Source

World Family

Transition Heathrow

Farms Not Factories

Agricultural Christian Fellowship

Biofuelwatch UK


Campaign for Real Farming

GM Freeze

The Green Belt Movement International – Europe




Nourish Scotland

Food & Water Europe

The Society Against Poverty and Hunger

+2,502 individuals

All of this prior to the June G8 meet-up on June 8!

UK campaigners have demand that Cameron withhold the £395m in aid, an insult to the growing number of Britains who cannot afford a meal.


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