Al-Azhar Institute Refutes Call for Jihad in Syria*

Al-Azhar Institute Refutes Call for Jihad in Syria*

As the Syrian government regains control over a country that has been wracked by foreign players in its internal affairs that has led to the death of thousands, the wisdom of common sense prevails over Egypt’s post- January 25th Al-Azhar Institute.

Al-Azhar Institute denied the statement issued by a number of clerics who met in Cairo on Thursday 13 June 2013 calling for so-called ‘Jihad in Syria’.

Sheikh Ali Shames, along with a number of al-Azhar clerics, reiterated in a statement that al-Azhar did not participate or sign on the statement that called to so-called ‘jihad’ in Syria.

Moreover, clerics like Mohammad al-Arifi and Youssef al-Qaradawi called on for jihad in Syria, with sectarian and provocative tones that called for killing Muslims.

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