War on Faith and Family Continues

The door to a spiritual journey is always open...War on Faith and Family Continues

By Hwaa Irfan

For those who violently defend their religion against another religion, they are not remiss of the spirit of their faith; they are active pawns in the game of global governance to cancel each other out until our higher selves are reduced to lower selves, and thus enslaved to all that is material in this fear-based world. Many spiritual activists have already fallen prey to the concept that God is a creation with the infiltration of the New Ageists/Light Workers, with such notions as “I AM” anchoring and separating the self away from the Greater Unity – pitting self against self, and self against others.

This deliberate attempt has been systemic applied through the UN-US-Europe global education agenda Common Core Standards, which is also designed to ‘dismantle’ family ties, the conduit of values.  Both the erosion of family and faith is the reason behind societies becoming dysfunctional – lost without  rudder, along with the increase in barbaric acts that go unjudged by justice.  The West have played this card since WWI, but they are not alone in this. So to hear of a Shia, being dragged around the streets of Giza, Egypt for 4 hours for being Shia is understandable as the logical expression of the barbaric acts against the people by the counter-revolutionaries – a class war which has brought the ugly nature of its shadow society to the surface.

When the people were inspired by the youth of the first 3 months of the January 25 Revolution, they were the hands, eyes, ears, and spiritual essence of the country. The country without a leader could protect itself; but the class-based counter-revolution has consistently sought to over-turn anything that questioned its prior existence under Hosni Mubarak. The result is a society riddled with fear and behaviours that make many feel ashamed, and have engendered a growing number into mental illness, shocked at what the society they love has become. Blaming all on one man without taking responsibility serves everyone, but not the country, and rather than heal society has left Egypt, deaf, dumb and blind to anything but the Washington Consensus with some office workers looking forward to creating violence on June 30. A few around the world look to Brazilians to take up the change that Egypt has failed in with its massive protests.

This attack on faith and family is widespread, and no less than in the US, where every attempt is being made to faith and family, with the recent reinstatement  of a professor who made students on a piece of paper with the name “Jesus” written on it.

The professor, Deandre Poole was reinstated at Florida Atlantic University.  Poole’s dangerous lesson was about symbols, and how much we invest in things rather than faith, but that lesson teaches the opposite, and that was coming from a man f faith, a Christian. Despite death threats, and hate mail, which in turn demonstrates the mal-interpretation of the Christian faith, Poole has will resume his position online in September.

Life’s/God’s lessons are here to test us, even in the midst of attack. In the midst of shadow society coming to the surface in Egypt with the symbol of Muslim Brotherhood used to dismantle Islam, as a non-centralized religion, more have turned to it in the midst of a maddening crowd as daily discourse between Christians and Muslims increase – not the desired effect of the counter-revolutionary protest to take place on June 30, 2023 in the name of the revolution, which many now balk at.

Although 9/11, 7/7 etc were attacks on all that is Islam, in essence it was an attack  on all that cannot be controlled including family and faith, just as now the cabal’s attack is on all faiths and all families!

Many of us don’t believe that people can be so contrived, so evil, but history is burdened with many examples up unto the present day. Cancer thrives, because we have turned our bodies into unnatural acidic conditions for it to thrive, and like cancer, many of our socio-economic conditions, our sanity, and humanity lies within our own hands not the hands of those who do not see us as human beings!


“Professor Who Forced Students To Stomp On Jesus Re-Hired By Florida College”  http://govtslaves.info/professor-who-forced-students-to-stomp-on-jesus-re-hired-by-florida-college/

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