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Mother’s Love brings Life back to her Son Two-Hours after Pronounced Dead!*

Mother’s Love brings Life back to her Son Two-Hours after Pronounced Dead!*


After a three-hour labour in a Sydney hospital, a lifeless Jamie, the twin of Emily came to this world 27 weeks old weighing only 2lb. The doctors gave up after trying for 20 minutes to resuscitate him. Jamie was given to his parents Kate and David to say goodbye.

Kate unwrapped Jamie from his blanket and held him against her skin.

Two hours of hugging, touching and speaking to Jamie turned the situation around as Jamie took a gasp of air. Dismissed by the doctors as a reflex action, Kate instinctively gave Jamie a little breast milk from her finger after which Jamie started to breathe normally.

Not long after Jamie opened his eyes, and then held out his hand and grabbed mum’s finger.

In disbelief a doctor looked on.

On Australian TV show Today Tonight, father David commented:

‘Luckily I’ve got a very strong, very smart wife.

‘She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here.’

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Egyptian Military Coup Post Morsi

Egyptian Military Coup in 48 Hours If No Solution in Found

2 millions on streets for anti-Mursi protests; 4 dead in Upper Egypt is the coverage, but it is blank statement considering a population of 80+ million for a man who has never been allowed to do his job or given the support to since he took office. Regardless, 16 protestors are dead including an American student, Andrew Pochter killed by a protestor, and 781 injured in clashes across Egypt since Sunday, all because the people who were the eyes, ears, and hands of Egypt in the first few months of the January 25 Revolution, 2011, went blind with suspicion fuelled by the ongoing counter-revolutionary actions of the country’s elite, Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafis .

Forty-six sexual assaults are reported by Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment (OpAntiSH) during the huge protests covered by international media in Tahrir Square.

The Egyptian Military paid by the U.S. just made a public statement on Egyptian TV and it appears the country is close to another military coup:

*Egyptian Military Says Won’t Be Part of Politics

*Egypt Military Says National Security Subjected To Grave Danger – this is true

*Egyptian Military Says Protests ‘Unprecedented’

*Egyptian Military Says Homeland Facing Dire Situation – this is true

*Egypt’s Military Says Will Not Be Party To Politics Or Power

*Egypt Military Says Calls For Meeting The Demands Of The People, the problem has been which people the influential few, or the silent majority?

*Egypt Military May Have To Offer Roadmap After 48 Hours

This is the result of constant problem digging and not enough solution finding on the part of the financial elite in a country rich with creativity, imagination, and answers in a global environment that is cornering Egypt into a new world order when itself is on the verge of collapse as Egyptian TV awaits with glee the thought of returning to a system that  exists in name!

A sad day for it was never about the president who should never have taken the awesome job in the first place, but about what the people can build their nation!

RT reports:

An Egyptian military source told Reuters that as many as 14 million people in the nation of 84 million took part in Sunday’s protests across the country. Despite no independent way to verify this estimate, some international media outlets have said that this could have been the largest demonstration seen in the history of the world.

Four Egyptian ministers quit Morsi’s cabinet, according to a government official. The four are Tourism Minister Hisham Zaazou, Communication and Information Technology Minister Atef Helmi, Minister of State for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Hatem Bagato and Minister of State for Environmental Affairs Khaled Abdel-Aal. According to the earlier report by the state news agency the ministers were considering resigning in sympathy with the protesters.

Six ministers who are not members of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood submitted their resignations on Monday, according to the official MENA news agency.

July 30

The Egyptian state TV building is being guarded by armored army vehicles. Security sources report that staff not working on live television programs have already left the building.

Egyptian Presidential spokesman said in a statement it would be better for Morsi to die in defense of democracy than be blamed by history.

According to some opposition sources, Egyptian reform leader and Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei is holding a meeting with Military Chief and Defense Minister Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi, Reuters reports.

In a lengthy address to the nation, president Morsi has made no indication that his government intends to comply with the army’s 48-hour ultimatum. The speech was punctuated by Morsi’s claim to legitimacy and the president often insinuated that the current public unrest was controlled by remnants of the Mubarak regime.

“Egypt has its own free will, it will move forward, achieve economic productivity – and this is not an easy task, it requires a great deal of effort, solidarity and cooperation. However, as you are aware, and the whole world is aware, that the challenges of the past remain in our way,” the Egyptian President said, again referring to the “former regime,” as well as to “insistent” corruption.

“Do not allow the revolution to be hijacked under any pretext,” Morsi urged listeners before going into vague warnings against “malicious perpetrators.”

“If the price for safeguarding legitimacy is my blood, then I am prepared to sacrifice my blood for the sake of stability and security of this homeland,” added Morsi.

16:13 GMT: Several hundred soldiers and armored vehicles are reportedly on the main road near the Presidential Palace.

Military vehicles heading in direction of pro Morsi rally

— Kareem Fahim (@kfahim) July 3, 2013

16:30 GMT: Morsi was transferred to a center belonging to the Egyptian defense ministry in order to protect his life, according to local broadcaster MTV.

16:47 GMT: Gunshots are heard near the Rabaa El-Adaweya Mosque in Cairo where Islamists are holding their sit-in, reports the Daily News Egypt.

Tons of shots just fired in air by soldiers where pro-Morsi gathered. People running #Cairo #Egypt

— Abas Aslani (@abasinfo) July 3, 2013

Egyptian Military Releases New Protest Video

16:56 GMT: Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad el-Haddad says all his social media accounts have been hacked.

All my accounts on the internet (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail) r being hacked at the same time !!

— Gehad El-Haddad (@gelhaddad) July 3, 2013

In a televised address to the nation after a meeting with a group of civilian political and religious leaders, the head of the powerful armed forces, Gen. Abdel Fatah al-Sissi, said the chief of Egypt’s constitutional court “will assume the presidency” on an interim basis until a new presidential election is held. Sissi said the interim president will have the right to declare laws during the transitional period.

July 04

President Mohamed Morsi was removed from office and detained by the Egyptian military, who announced the constitution is suspended and new presidential elections will be held.

15:29 GMT: Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki rejects military intervention in Egypt, and calls for Morsi’s safety to be guaranteed, Reuters reports.

14:19 GMT: Tunisia’s ruling Ennahda party condemns “the military coup against the democratic process.”

We view what the leadership of the army has done as a setback on the path of the Egyptian revolution and an attempt to reinstall the old regime,” the party’s statement reads, quotes Ahram daily.

A military coup sends a dangerous message to the Arab peoples, it hampers the democratic transition and sows despair among the peoples of the region,” President Moncef Marzouki’s party said.

13:29 GMT: The Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme leader Mohammed Badie has been arrested, reports AP citing Egyptian officials.

12:56 GMT: An Egyptian judge says the former President Morsi and 15 others are being investigated over accusations of “insulting the judiciary,” and are subject to a travel ban, Reuters reports.

11:55 GMT: The head of Egypt’s National Council for Human Rights, Hossam al-Gheriany, has resigned from his post, reports the Egypt Independent daily. Gheriany – who took part in developing the now suspended constitution for the country – said “talking about human rights in Egypt is now in vain.” He is also a former president of the highest civil court in Egypt, the Cassation Court, and has advocated for years the separation of powers between the executive and judiciary.

11:20 GMT: The African Union is likely to suspend Egypt from all its activities after Morsi’s overthrow and the suspension of the Egyptian constitution, a senior source in the group told Reuters. The AU’s Peace and Security Council is planning to hold a meeting on Friday to discuss the situation.

The belief is that the doctrine will be applied, which is suspension for any country where an unconstitutional change has taken place,” the source said.

11:15 GMT: Qatar says it supports the will of the Egyptian people and considers the country a leader in the Arab and Islamic world, reported al Jazeera, citing a foreign ministry source.

Qatar’s new emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani congratulated interim Egyptian leader Adli Mansour on taking office, Reuters reports, citing official media in the Gulf state.

11:05 GMT: Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu called the army’s ousting of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi “unacceptable” and labeled it a “military coup”.

09:40 GMT: Morsi and other top Muslim Brotherhood leaders have been placed in the same Cairo prison as Mubarak, according to local media reports.

09:30 GMT: Pro-Morsi rallies have been held in Turkey. Supporters of the overthrown Egyptian President gathered outside the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara and also in front of the Egyptian Consulate General in İstanbul to protest the military coup.

09:18 GMT: Head of Egypt’s Constitutional Court Adli Mansour has been sworn in as the interim head of state under an army transition plan, Reuters reports.

July 05th

22:19 GMT: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood’s deputy leader Khairat el-Shater has been arrested by military authorities, state news agency Mena reports.

21:30 GMT: Army officials have confiscated cameras from a CNN news crew in Cairo, although one CCN journalist on site confirmed via Twitter that they are safe and “sipping tea” while awaiting the return of their footage and equipment.

21:21 GMT: The top human rights official at the United Nations, Navi Pillay, has expressed concern over the reported detention of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and called on Egypt’s military authorities to make clear the basis on which they are being held or release them.

“There should be no more violence, no arbitrary detention, no illegal acts of retribution,” Pillay said in a statement released at the commission’s headquarters in Geneva. “We don’t really know the details and what the basis of these detentions is,” Pillay’s spokesman Rupert Colville also said in a reference to the fate of the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood leaders. “If you detain or arrest someone there needs to be, according to the law, a very good reason to do so. There needs to be due process.”

12:50 GMT:

Warning shots fired in the air by Egyptian army as pro-Morsi crowd gathers in front of Republican Guard HQ on Salah Salem. — Ed Giles

Morsi supporters at Cairo rally furious Islamist TV stations cut: “This is the freedom Al-Sisi and Elbaradei gave us”  Sarah Lynch

11:45 GMT:

Egypt has been suspended from the African Union (AU) following the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi, according to a senior official.

Suspension is considered the standard response to any interruption of constitutional rule by one of the AU’s member states.

12:30 GMT:

Egypt’s newly reinstated prosecutor general has resigned. Abdel-Maguid Mahmoud, who was reinstated after Morsi’s overthrow released a statement saying his actions were necessary to “avoid the embarrassment of making judicial decisions against those who removed me from office.”

July 06th

Islamist supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi clashed with Egyptian security forces and fought brutal street battles with Morsi opponents deep into early hours of Saturday morning, as violence surged following Wednesday’s military coup.

The violence left at least 30 people dead, and more than 1,000 injured across the country, according to Egypt’s health ministry.

The president’s ouster “divided this country in two,” said Ali Mohamed Serag, a bureaucrat at Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity. He said he did not belong to the Brotherhood but was distraught by the military’s action: “If people are mad at Obama, they don’t kick him out in a coup.”  – Washington Post

08:45 GMT:

Thirty people were killed and 1,138 were injured in overnight clashes across Egypt, state TV quoted health officials as saying. Most of the deaths were recorded in Alexandria (14), Cairo (9) and North Sinai (4).

07:45 GMT:

The Egyptian military has blocked roads leading to the Defense Ministry, Al Arabiya reports.

July 07th

20:31 GMT:

Egyptian presidential spokesman sees political support for Bahaa el-Din as interim Prime Minister and El-Baradei as deputy president, Reuters reports.

“The main goal is to achieve a national consensus from all parties, and I think that it was achieved,” said the spokesman.

Earlier when contacted by Ahram, El-Din told the agency that “a decision was neither final nor official”

The new potential PM is a lawyer studied at Oxford University. He was the head of Egypt’s investment authority under Hosni Mubarak’s rule but resigned from the post

The Nour Party, the country’s second biggest Islamic bloc after Muslim Brotherhood said they would accept the new nomination, after previously rejecting ElBaradei’s candidacy.

“He is one of the liberal figures that we greatly respect,” Nour deputy head Bassam El-Zarka was quoted as saying in an interview with Egyptian channel Al-Hayat.

17:45 GMT:

The court in Cairo has acquitted eleven leading Egyptian activists on trial for inciting violence during the protests against the ousted President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, the state agency MENA reported. The arrest of the activists had been regarded as ‘an attempt by the Brotherhood to silence its critics’, the lawyer of one of the activists told MENA. Since Morsi’s ouster, the Egyptian authorities have arrested prominent Brotherhood members and shut down several pro-Brotherhood television stations.

16:05 GMT:

Thousands of supporters of the toppled President Morsi have gathered outside his place of detention in Cairo, as the military-driven plan to end the crisis in the country has yet to return calm to the streets. The pro-Morsi demonstrators promise not to leave until the deposed president returns.

 Opposition politician Mohamed El Baradei has not been appointed as Egypt’s interim Prime Minister.

Muslim Brotherhood can take part in new elections Egypt’s presidency spokesperson said. The spokesman says that several options remain for the role of the interim Prime Minister as the presidency must take into account all opinions, state TV is reporting.

“We extend our hand to everyone, everyone is a part of this nation,” the spokesman told reporters. “The Muslim Brotherhood has plenty of opportunities to run for all elections including the coming presidential elections or the ones to follow,” Reuters cites the spokesman as saying.

Bloody Monday – July 08th

Pro-Morsi supporter injured

14:06 GMT:

The death toll related to violence at the Cairo headquarters of the Republican Guard on Monday rose to 51 people, with 435 more wounded, Reuters cited the head of Egypt’s emergency services, Mohamed Sultan, as saying.

14:20 GMT:

Egypt’s top Muslim cleric, Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb, announced that he’s going into seclusion until the violence ends, as a show of protest to both sides involved in the Cairo clashes, AP reports.

The head of Al-Azhar Mosque said he had “no choice” but to seclude himself at home “until everyone shoulders his responsibility to stop the bloodshed instead of dragging the country into civil war.”

11:03 GMT:

Egypt’s Health Ministry confirmed that women and children were among the 42 killed overnight in Cairo.

11:02 GMT:

Most of the injured received shots to their faces or backs, doctor from Rabba Field Hospital said.

11:00 GMT:

 Rabba Field Hospital received 400 casualties in the first three hours conference, doctor confirmed at Muslim Brotherhood’s press conference: 150 shooting injuries, 200 other types of injuries involving rubber bullets, and about 100 tear gas injuries. The hospital did not have enough medical supplies to help all the injured.

09:45 GMT:

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has condemned violence in Cairo, adding that the incident was a “massacre”.

07:28 GMT:

As protests continue, army has reportedly been shooting into the air, as crowds of demonstrators tried to make it to the sit-in protests by Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Nasr City

07:00 GMT:

Former Egyptian presidential candidate Aboul Fottoh calls on interim president Adly Mansour to resign.

05:59 GMT:

Reportedly ambulances blocked from entering Nasr City square.

05:50 GMT:

The dead and injured are being transferred to a makeshift hospital in Nasr city, RT’s Paula Slier reported.

05:25 GMT:

Al-Nour Party announced it will withdraw from political process and halt dealings with Egypt’s interim president.

04:53 GMT:

34 Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters killed after police dispersed pro-Morsi protests in Cairo – organization’s spokesperson confirmed.

04:40 GMT:

At the same time other unconfirmed reports say that up to 35 people dead and 140 injured, citing Rabba Field Hospital.

04:13 GMT:

Freedom and Justice Party has confirmed 16 people have been killed and 400 injured.

04:02 GMT:

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad says hundreds of critically wounded are being taken to hospitals

Personal Note: Shots were fired at the Republican Guards to which their response ended in many deaths!

02:44 GMT:

Locals on the ground say no warning shots fired before the security forces attacked. Ambulances are at the scene.

02:43 GMT:

Police have reportedly used tear gas and fired shots on civilian protesters outside the Cairo Republican Guard compound where the deposed president is being held.

July 09th

18:17 GMT:

The US called Egypt’s plan to hold government elections in six months “a positive sign.” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that the White House is “cautiously encouraged” and urges all parties to be included in the electoral process.

16:12 GMT:

Interim president Adly Mansour has issued a constitutional declaration which will be effective until the end of the transitional period and will meet the will of the people, Egyptian armed forces said in a statement,Ahram online reports.

The declaration states that the transitional period is due to last for at least six months, ending with the presidential elections due next year. Parliamentary elections are to take place before the presidential elections. The declaration is to be annulled after an amended version of the suspended constitution is passed.

The declaration consists of 33 articles which state that the interim President holds legislative authorities. He also has the power to approve state policy and budget, and to declare a state of emergency after the approval of the Cabinet. According to the charter, the Cabinet – which has yet to be formed – has a mandatory consultative role during the transitional period.

16:00 GMT:

Saudi Arabia approved a $5 billion aid package to Egypt which includes a $2 billion central bank deposit, $2 billion in energy products, and $1 billion in cash, Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim Alassaf said, as quoted by Reuters.

14:10 GMT:

Four Turkish journalists were detained by Egyptian soldiers in Cairo while reporting on unrest in the country. The detained include the reporter Murat Uslu and cameraman Zafer Karakas, both of whom work for the privately owned Turkish channel Star TV. Fatih Er and Tufan Guzelgun, two journalists for A Haber, were also detained, Hurriyet reports.

“The Turkish Embassy in Cairo has contacted Egypt’s Foreign Ministry and military authorities. We want them to be freed immediately,” Nazlı Öztarhan, news coordinator for Star TV, wrote via Twitter.

The Turkish Press Council has appealed to the Foreign Ministry for the release of two journalists.

Can Ertuna, a reporter for NTV news channel who is currently in Cairo, said Uslu and Karakas’s passports were confiscated, and their Egyptian hosts were released after briefly being detained. It was further reported that Er and Guzelgun were detained because they did not have accreditation from the press center or press cards.

12:42 GMT:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has agreed to give Egypt $1 billion and lend it another $2 billion, an Egyptian source close to the talks told Reuters. The money was expected to be part of a larger financial package from the UAE. The interest rate and the maturity of the loan – that would be in the form of a deposit in Egypt’s Central Bank – had yet to be finalized, the source added. Additionally, Saudi Arabia was expected to lend $2 billion to Egypt, which the source expected to be confirmed within two days.

9:07 GMT:

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has rejected a timetable for elections proposed by interim leader Adly Mansour. The plan calls for a parliamentary vote in six months after amendments to the constitution are approved in a referendum.

July 10th – 1st Ramadhan

17:03 GMT:

Despite the military-backed overthrow of Morsi, the US still plans to deliver four more F-16 fighter jets to Egypt in the coming weeks, American defense officials told Reuters.

There is no current change in the plan to deliver F-16s to the Egyptian military,” an unnamed official said.

15:48 GMT:

Kuwait will provide $4 billion in aid to Egypt, according to the country’s KUNA state news agency. The package is said to be comprised of a $2 billion central bank deposit, a $1 billion grant and $1 billion in oil products.


11:12 GMT:

Egyptian public prosecutor has ordered the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie and other top leaders of the movement for inciting violent clashes outside the Republican Guard headquarters which left at least 51 dead and hundreds injured, reports MENA agency.

A spokesman for the Islamic movement said that none of the leaders have so far been arrested. In his view, the charges against them are an attempt to break up an ongoing vigil calling for the reinstatement of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

10:23 GMT:

Amnesty International says it has evidence that the Egyptian security forces used “excessive force” against Morsi supporters during clashes on Monday where at least 51 protesters were killed. Many of those killed and injured had been shot in the head and upper body with shotgun pellets and live ammunition, the rights group said in a statement.

Even if some protesters used violence, the response was disproportionate and led to the loss of life and injury among peaceful protesters,” said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, the rights group’s deputy regional head.

July 11th

Pro-Morsi supporters – Cairo July 11, 2013/ 02nd Ramadhan

19:55 GMT:

In its most critical official evaluation of the Egyptian military’s actions during the takeover to date, the US State Department said that politically motivated arrests in Egypt make it difficult to see how the country will be able to move beyond its current political crisis.

“The arrests we have seen over the past several days targeting specific groups are not in line with the national reconciliation that the interim government and the military say they are pursuing,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a daily briefing.

00:25 GMT:

US aid to Egypt is to be reviewed following an order from President Obama, according to a statement released by the Pentagon on Wednesday.

July 12th

23:04 GMT: 

The US State Department has announced it concurs with the German Foreign Ministry’s call for Egypt’s interim government to release deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who has been forcefully held at an undisclosed location since his removal.

13:15 GMT:

Crowds are reportedly already gathering in Nasr City, a Cairo suburb, as supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi plan demonstrations in Egypt on Friday. Egyptians have prayed that there will be no repeat of the violence last week that has killed more than 90 people.

Pro and anti Morsi activists have called for rival rallies on the first Friday of Ramadan. The Muslim Brotherhood, the influential Islamist group from which Morsi emerged, has vowed to keep protesting until he is reinstated, but their ability to successfully mobilize and organize remains in doubt as most of the Brotherhood’s leadership has been detained by the army.

10:15 GMT:

The German Foreign Ministry has called on Egypt to protect against violence aimed at the Muslim Brotherhood and remove the restrictions on former President Mohamed Morsi.

10:01 GMT:

The National Salvation Front (NSF), has urged Egyptian young people to rally in front of the presidential palace in Cairo on Friday to “protect the achievements of 30 June.”

July 13th

16:45 GMT:

Hany Kadri who oversaw talks with the International Monetary Fund regarding a halted rescue package last year will be asked to act as Egypt’s finance minister, according to two government sources who spoke to Reuters on Saturday.

The post of foreign minister in the temporary cabinet will be former ambassador to the United States Nabil Fahmy, while the country’s former interior minister, Ahmed Gamal el-Din will be offered the post of deputy prime minister responsible for security. Former planning minister Ashraf al-Araby will be offered his previous post.

None have accepted their positions yet, and the decisions have not been finalized.

16:10 GMT:

It has been announced that Egypt’s new interim cabinet will consist of 30 ministers and is to be sworn in this coming Wednesday.

13:20 GMT:

Egyptian prosecutors have begun investigating ousted President Morsi, saying they have received complaints of over spying, inciting killings of protesters and damaging the economy. The prosecutor’s office said in a statement that it was investigating in order to prepare a file for questioning.

08:00 GMT:

Thousands of supporters of Egypt’s deposed President Mohammed Morsi, who has been in detention after being removed from office by the military more than a week ago, marched through Cairo, demanding his reinstatement. The protests continued into the early hours of Saturday with no reports of violence.
Hundreds of demonstrators were standing behind barbed wire near the Ministry of Defence, shouting at soldiers standing a few dozen meters away, Reuters reported.

“I am here to say ‘no’ to the military coup and ‘yes’ to Morsi, who I see as my legitimate president, although I am not in the Brotherhood and nor did I vote for him,” 22-year-old student Ahmed Adel  said.

July 14th/05th Ramadhan

17:00 GMT:

RT’s Bel Trew in Cairo anticipates further Muslim Brotherhood protests in Cairo tomorrow, saying that people fear another surge in violence.

“The Muslim Brotherhood… will not move from their sit in at a mosque in central Cairo and the University of Cairo until [Morsi] is reinstated. They’ve actually called for escalation tomorrow against the military-

15:37 GMT:

US marines at NATO bases in Spain and Italy have been placed on high alert, in case they have to be rapidly transferred to Egypt, Russia’s ITAR-TASS news agency reports, citing diplomatic sources. Among possible missions is the extraction of US citizens from the country.

15:35 GMT:

Kuwait has sent two tankers carrying more than $200 million worth of oil and diesel to Egypt, Kuwaiti media report. The fuel is part of a $12 billion emergency aid package agreed by Gulf states last week.

15:05 GMT:

Egypt’s chief prosecutor has frozen the assets of 14 leading Islamist leaders – including Muslim Brotherhood members – pending an investigation.

11:50 GMT:

Egyptian liberal leader Mohamed El-Baradei has been sworn in as Egypt’s interim vice president for foreign relations, according to a presidential statement.

09:00 GMT:

Leftist politician Godah Abdel Khalek said on Sunday he turned down an offer to return to the post of minister of supply in Egypt’s interim government.

Khalek had held the post before for a few months in 2011.

July 15th/06th Ramadhan

16:09 GMT:

The Egyptian army warned protesters on Monday that it would react with the “utmost severity and firmness and force” if they try to approach or break into military bases. Thousands of Morsi’s Islamist supporters took part in demonstrations on Monday, demanding his return to office

15:41 GMT:

The public prosecutor of Egypt has ordered to arrest seven senior Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist figures on Monday over the violence which emerged between the supporters and opponents of the toppled President Mohamed Morsi. The list includes leading Brotherhood figures Essam El-Erian and Mohamed El-Beltagi, who are charged with “inciting violence, funding violent acts and thuggery”.

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