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Heavenly Signs: The Swan and the Eagle !?

Heavenly Signs: The Swan and the Eagle !?

Shifting from a heavy feeling felt in week leading up to the pro vs. Anti-Mursi protests of June 28 th – 30th when life burst into a mode of urgency from the preceding calm, a walk out onto the balcony was blessed by one feature of the cloudy night sky that became visible after what seemed like a star moved with the speed of a vehicle fading to red and then nothing as it moved from my right to my left.

The following night was not so cloudy, and the feature was the asterism: Vega, Deneb, and Altair with Altair pointing towards my right.

Known as the Summer Triangle, apparently it is predominant in the mid-northern latitudes, but here it has been in the South. The cloudy haze was party the Milky Way. Apparently this asterism is a sign of the transition of seasons from Spring to Summer. Well politically the Spring wasn’t much, and it definitely is going to be a long hot Summer!

With an eclipse across my heart all I can do is inhale its presence. That’s what happens when one gets attached.

There are those who say, that this asterism is heaven sent as a gateway of transformation towards Tawhid, or God’s Unity – I only pray so.

Vega is in the constellation Lyra, the Lyre or Harp, sometimes depicted as an eagle/vulture – one of Egypt’s symbols –el Nisr.

They say good things comes in threes, we if I haven’t missed anything, this makes a good second to the offering that did an 180˚turn at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, England. Vega is Arabic for “swooping eagle.” It signifies flight from heaven to Earth, and Lyra/the harp (as seen in pharaonic paintings) is a symbolic link between Heaven and Earth.

With Vega as the eye/beak/neck of the eagle/vulture , Deneb as the tail of the Swan (constellation Cygnus, the Northern Cross), and Altair the head of the eagle (constellation constellation Aquila)we have representatives of the creatures of flight, birds, which brings to mind the birds that have been phenomenally singing at night.

By August we are pivotal between Vega and Sirius, our spiritual Sun and conjunct our physical Sun on July 07th  –  a Chinese tradition. Vega was the Pole Star in 9500 BC, and Deneb occupied the position of Pole Star in c. 15,000 BC. Cygnus was the celestial bird revered on the Euphrates as early as c. 2000 BC, as well as the mythical eagle of pre-Islamic of Arabic tradition.

Liken to the alignment of our material – immaterial , our soul – ego, and our conscious –subconscious.

Maybe there’s hope yet!

But then there is the foreboding of the The Song of Cosmology Or the Voice of God in the Science of Nature 1880 by J. M. Woodman of which one can only quote:

When Ezekiel wrote the Feast of the Fowls, the solstice colure line was in the Dolphin. It also touched the tip of the right wing of Aquila, passing through the Fox and the Swan. Babylon was in the zenith of her glory. In following the line into the Eagle before reaching the star marked delta in the left wing of the bird, four nation, claiming universal empire had risen, had their day, and departed. The territory about Judea had been but little else, than a great slaughter field of nations”.

Prophet Ezekiel 39 refers to the blood thirsty result of the iniquities of the House of Israel. Woodman also wrote:

Succeed by one who will tax the whole world, for

Expenses at home, and the army subjecting

By th’ rule of the Caesars, the Sacrifice ceases;

Through greed of the army the temple is burned;

Through dint of persistence the city is taken;

Judea subdued to Roman dictation,

Gives “Time of the end”

in the time of beginning.

Uprises a “vile one” demanding to worship

The gods of the Romans, and Image of Caesar;

Confiscation all, where obedience  doubtful ;

A Trajan is shown to the eye of the prophet,

Whose kingdom is doomed in “A time” to destruction.

A King of all kings, in the strength of his wisdom,

Our God, to redeem us from all our transgressions.

How very ironic, but one prefers to end with this:

“Great is the power of the human heart to love, to change, to make new. The word of light has been spoken and has been lived by our hands, in our bodies and in the things we make. Truth shall not pass away. As I turn to dust, I turn to light. I have come home to my father, my brothers, my children, my friends. I have come home to myself. Though my house falls to dust and my field turns to sand, the light of Egypt lives a million years in me. I shall enter the eye of fire forever. I shall gaze into the fire and find the comfort of wife, children, home and cattle. In the dream of an old man, in the eye of eternity, I shall live forever.”  – Becoming the Hawk Divine, The Egyptian  Book of the Dead by Normandi Ellis.


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