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Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to End Foreign Aid to Egypt*

Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to End Foreign Aid to Egypt*

By Tim Brown

As the US plans to send Egypt four more F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, despite their military having ousted Muslim Brotherhood member and former President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced legislation to prohibit the United States from sending foreign assistance to the government of Egypt.

“Egypt is the latest example of the Obama Administration’s misguided foreign policy,” Sen. Paul said. “The overthrow of the Egyptian government was a coup d’état, and the law is clear that when a coup takes place, foreign aid must stop. But, the President still plans to continue to send aid to Egypt, at a pace of more than $1.3 billion per year. By the President’s refusal to call the situation in Egypt a ‘coup’ and continuing the flow of foreign assistance to Egypt, he is forthrightly saying ‘I am ignoring the rule of law.’”

Earlier this year, the Senate voted against an amendment introduced by Sen. Paul that would have prohibited the U.S. government from selling F-16 military aircraft, M1 tanks, and similar military weapons to the Egyptian government.

According to the legislation titled “Egyptian Military Coup Act of 2013,” introduced by Senator Paul point out that “On July 3, 2013, the military of Egypt removed the democratically elected President of Egypt, arrested his supporters, and suspended the Constitution of Egypt. These actions fit the definition of a military coup d’etat.”

The legislation goes on to point out:

Pursuant to section 7008 of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Act, 2012 (division I of Public Law 112–74; 125 Stat. 1195), the United States is legally prohibited from providing foreign assistance to any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by a military coup d’etat, or removed in such a way that the military plays a decisive role.

Paul points out that the US has suspended aid to other countries in the past who have undergone military coups d’etats, including the Ivory Coast, the Central African Republic, Thailand, Mali, Fiji, and Honduras.

Senator Paul’s legislation also says that in addition to the restrictions of section 7008 of the Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Act, 2012 there are other additional restrictions that should be carried out. He lists the following:

  • Deliveries of defense articles currently slated for transfer to Egyptian Ministry of Defense (MOD) and Ministry of Interior (MOI) shall be suspended until the President certifies to Congress that democratic national elections have taken place in Egypt followed by a peaceful transfer of power.
  • Provision of defense services to Egyptian MOD and MOI shall be halted immediately until the President certifies to Congress that democratic national elections have taken place in Egypt followed by a peaceful transfer of power.
  • Processing of draft Letters of Offer and Acceptance (LOAs) for future arms sales to Egyptian MOD and MOI entities shall be halted until the President certifies to Congress that democratic national elections have taken place in Egypt followed by a peaceful transfer of power.
  • All costs associated with the delays in deliveries and provision of services required under subparagraphs (A) through (C) shall be borne by the Government of Egypt.


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Surprising Benefits of Eating at Night*

Surprising Benefits of Eating at Night*

By Mike Roussell


The opposite to the true meaning of IftarHow many times have you heard someone say that if you want to lose weight you shouldn’t be eating at night? Or that eating too late is a sure recipe for weight gain?

Despite what you may have heard about this, the answer about whether or not to eat at night, is not entirely clear. In fact, eating certain foods at night can actually accelerate your progress toward attaining your fitness goals.

The physiological truth is that nothing magical happens when the clock strikes 8 or 9 p.m. So, where did this fitness rule come from? People are generally less active at night, which means that they burn fewer calories. In addition, it seems like dinnertime is when people might be at a higher risk of consuming more calories than necessary.

A lot of mindless eating occurs while watching television, and according to A.C. Nielsen, 66% of Americans watch TV while eating dinner, so you can do the math. And if you think that because you have healthy eating habits, this won’t affect you, think again.

A 2011 study published in Appetite showed that people who control their diets and calorie intakes are more likely to be influenced by food-related content on television, causing them to eat more calories.

Eating at night isn’t bad under the right circumstances. It’s mindless eating and eating junk food that are the troublemakers. If you find that you mindlessly snack late at night, then yes, curbing late night calories is important.

That said, here are four surprising night eating strategies that may help you lose weight and improve your performance in the gym:

1. Low Glycaemic Dinner Tonight Can Help Control Your Blood Sugar Tomorrow

Starting your day off on the right foot doesn’t just start with getting a good night’s sleep. It actually starts beforehand– at dinner. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that what you eat for dinner can affect how your body responds to what you eat for breakfast the next morning. The findings showed that people who ate a low glycemic dinner the night before were able to better regulate their blood sugar after breakfast the next morning. Optimizing blood sugar control is not only important for improving weight loss but also for your overall health.

For a dinner that will help you better control your blood sugar in the morning, try pairing a low glycemic carb like lentils, black beans, sweet potatoes or your favourite green vegetable with a lean protein, such as chicken breast, lean beef or salmon.

2. Not All Carbs Will Turn into Fat if You Eat Them Late at Night


Exercise is the one activity in your life that has the biggest effect on how your body processes and metabolizes food. When you exercise, your body changes what it does with the food you give it. These changes preferentially shuttle nutrients toward recovery, meaning that following exercise your muscles will absorb more carbohydrates. This occurs regardless of time of day. But still many people abstain from eating carbohydrates at night out of fear that those carbs will be stored as fat, even after they have exercised.

Not eating after a workout, especially a tough one, can put a damper in your post-workout recovery as well as your results. In the 45 minutes after a workout, one of your top nutritional priorities should be recovery from exercise as it helps get you and your muscles stronger and better. Don’t skip the carbohydrates after you exercise just because it is later in the day. Eat carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and bananas to refuel your muscles’ energy stores so they are ready to go when you are ready to start training again.

3. Eating Carbohydrates at Night Can Help Control Hunger

A recent study found that eating carbs at night may actually help you control your appetite throughout the day. In a 2011 study published in Obesity and Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases, researchers put a group of 63 obese female and male police officers on one of two diets. The first diet plan spread the officers’ carbohydrate intake evenly throughout the day, while the second diet plan concentrated the majority of the carbohydrates at dinnertime. The findings showed that the participants who ate most of their carbohydrates at dinnertime experienced hormonal changes that reduced hunger.

The ability to control hunger is a key strategy in long-term weight loss success. A previous long-term weight loss study published in The New England Journal of Medicine found that your body’s hunger sensors don’t adapt to you eating less over time. What’s more, the study found that hunger hormones remain elevated at least 18 months into dieting. So, as your daily calorie goal becomes lower when you are dieting, instead of separating a small amount of carbohydrates across several meals, it might benefit you to concentrate them during your evening meal.

4. Protein Before Bed Can Help You Build Muscle While You Sleep

A myth about eating before bed is that you don’t digest food while you are sleeping. This could not be farther from the truth. While you are asleep, your body doesn’t stop working – your heart is pumping blood, your lungs are passing air. Strategic eating before you go to bed can help optimize your muscle building efforts. Bodybuilders have long incorporated casein protein-rich meals, such as milk, cheese, yogurt and protein powder, before bed to help boost muscle building while you sleep. Research now supports this cult practice.

A 2012 study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, found that protein consumed immediately before going to bed helps muscle growth, repair and maintenance during overnight recovery after working out. To accelerate recovery from your training sessions, eat a casein protein shake or bowl of Greek yogurt before you go so sleep at night.


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New World Order Kills Democracy in Egypt

New World Order Kills Democracy in Egypt

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

On Sunday (7/7/13), the Egyptian army and police slaughtered 51 unarmed, praying protestors.

The victims were part of a crowd praying outside the Republican National Guard headquarters in Cairo, where President Morsi (assuming he is still alive) is being held.

President Morsi is the first democratically-elected head of state in Egypt’s 5,000-year history. The way things are going, he could also be the last.

The army’s demolition of democracy, and its massacre of peaceful, unarmed protestors, seem likely to spark a civil war in Egypt. And civil wars do not end in democracy.

Why would Egypt’s fascist military leaders and the “deep state” they represent want civil war?

The Egyptian “deep state” consists of comprador billionaires and a corrupt military elite that lives on US aid. These people take orders from the global powers that be – the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and their bought-and-paid-for politicians.

So if Egypt’s military has decided to massacre peaceful protestors at prayer, you can be sure that they are doing so as part of a larger strategy formulated by the globalists.

To understand that strategy, we must listen to the paid mouthpieces of the New World Order, and interpret their words.

Two of the New World Order’s biggest megaphones are the editorialists of The Wall Street Journal, and Thomas Friedman of The New York Times.

Last Friday, The Wall Street Journal ordered Egypt’s junta to follow in the footsteps of Pinochet’s Chile: “Egyptians would be lucky if their new ruling generals turn out to be in the mold of Chile’s Augusto Pinochet, who took over power amid chaos but hired free-market reformers and midwifed a transition to democracy.”

Pinochet was one of the worst butchers of the 20th century. After overthrowing and murdering democratically-elected President Allende in a CIA-sponsored coup on September 11th, 1971, Pinochet’s goons filled football stadiums full of people, tortured them, and massacred them.

So The Wall Street Journal wants Egypt’s junta to kill Morsi, just like Pinochet killed Allende, and employ widespread torture and mass murder. All in the name of “democracy.”

When the Egyptian junta decided to massacre the protestors outside Morsi’s prison, they were following the orders of the New World Order oligarchy – the people who own The Wall Street Journal and dictate its output.

Why do The Wall Street Journal‘s owners want Egypt’s junta to massacre Muslim leaders and destroy political Islam in Egypt, in the same way that the CIA’s Pinochet massacred socialist leaders and destroyed socialism in Chile?

Let’s ask Thomas Friedman, the New World Order’s leading middlebrow mouthpiece.

In his August 2012 op-ed headlined “Morsi’s Wrong Turn,” Friedman attacked Morsi for attending the non-aligned summit in Tehran: “Excuse me, President Morsi, but there is only one reason the Iranian regime wants to hold the meeting in Tehran and have heads of state like you attend, and that is to signal to Iran’s people that the world approves of their country’s clerical leadership…Morsi’s first big trip shouldn’t have been to just China and Iran.”

Friedman’s diatribe was a New World Order warning to Morsi: Don’t try take Egypt out of the US-Israeli orbit! Don’t even think of joining the non-aligned movement! And don’t ever, EVER dream of creating a “clerical dictatorship,” meaning an Islamic society!

In the same op-ed, Friedman drew a line in the sand: Morsi had better support the Syrian rebels.

Another New World Order Mouthpiece, The Washington Post, viciously attacked Morsi for questioning the official story of 9/11. In an op-ed entitled “Getting Egypt’s Morsi to give up his 9/11 ‘truther’ talk” the Post wrote:

“Morsi has not been shy about airing his odious views. In a May 2010 interview with Brookings Institution scholar Shadi Hamid, Morsi dismissed al-Qaeda’s responsibility for the attacks. ‘When you come and tell me that the plane hit the tower like a knife in butter, then you are insulting us,’ Hamid reported Morsi as saying. ‘How did the plane cut through the steel like this? Something must have happened from the inside. It’s impossible.’ Similarly, in 2007, Morsi reportedly declared that the United States “has never presented any evidences [sic] on the identity of those who committed that incident.” In 2008, he called for a ‘huge scientific conference” to analyze “what caused the attack against a massive structure like the two towers.’”

Morsi, hearing so many warnings from the New World Order, apparently thought he could play both sides of the street: Defy the New World Order by working closely with Hamas and inching toward the non-aligned camp, while simultaneously taking money from the Saudis, Qataris and IMF, and offering at least verbal support to their mercenaries in Syria.

Morsi learned the hard way the truth of the old saying: “The only thing in the middle of the road is road kill.”

Now Thomas Friedman has published another New York Times op-ed laying bare the logic of the New World Order’s coup d’état in Egypt. It begins:

“Watching the toppling of the Muslim Brotherhood-led government in Egypt, the most interesting question for me is this: Will we one day look back at this moment as the beginning of the rollback of political Islam?” That is what the West’s policy in the Islamic world – including the coup in Egypt – is all about: “The rollback of political Islam.”

Morsi, like the 9/11 Commission, was “set up to fail.” Now the Egyptian junta will try to do to political Islam in Egypt what Pinochet did to socialism in Chile.

But Islam is much more deeply-rooted than socialism. And no matter how hard the big Western think tanks try to dream up an apolitical Islam, no matter how many billions of dollars they throw at the problem, Islam remains “deen wa dowla” – not just a religion and a way of life, but a socio-political framework as well. And all the polls show that more than two-thirds of Muslims want a strict sharia-based society.

In Muslim-majority countries, democracy IS Islam.

If the New World Order wants to eradicate political Islam from Egypt, they cannot just kill a few tens of thousands of people like Pinochet did. They would have to massacre millions.
Not a very realistic plan.

The New World Order’s plan to roll back political Islam will itself be rolled back. The sooner Muslims overcome their differences and unite, the faster it will happen.


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9th Grade Cress Experiment Proves WiFi Kills*

9th Grade Cress Experiment Proves WiFi Kills*

Five Danish high school students recently won an award for an experiment that proved beyond any doubt that mobile (WiFi) radiation is detrimental to the growth of plants.

The five girls took 400 cress seeds and placed them into 12 trays, then divided them into two groups, placing them in two separate rooms at the same temperature. The two groups were given the same amount of water and sun over 12 days, but one of the groups was also exposed to mobile (WiFi) radiation.

Foreign researchers are extremely excited for a biology project from five 9th grade girls.

Researchers from England, Holland and Sweden have shown great interest in the five girls’ biology experiments.

Take 400 Cress seeds and place them into 12 trays. Then place six trays in two rooms at the same temperature. Give them the same amount of water and sun over 12 days, and remember to expose half of them to mobile [WiFi] radiation.

It is a recipe for a biology test so brilliant that it has attracted international attention among acknowledged biologists and radiation experts. Behind the experiment are five girls from 9b in Hjallerup School in North Jutland, and it all started because they found it difficult to concentrate during the school day:

– We all think we have experienced difficulty concentrating in school, if we had slept with the phone next to our head, and sometimes also experienced having difficulty sleeping, explains Lea Nielsen, who is one of the five aspiring researchers.

The school was not equipped to test the effect of mobile phone radiation on them. Therefore, the girls had to find an alternative. And the answer was Cress.

Six trays of seeds were put into a room without radiation, and six trays were put into another room next to two [WiFi] routers. Such routers broadcast the same type of radiation as an ordinary mobile.

Healthy Cress

hen it was just necessary to wait 12 days, observe, measure, weigh and take pictures along the way. And the result spoke was clear: cress seeds next to the router did not grow, and some of them were even mutated or dead.

– It is truly frightening that there is so much affect, so we were very shocked by the result, says Lea Nielsen.

Unhealthy Cress


The experiment secured the girls the finals in the competition “Young Scientists”, but it was only the beginning. Renowned scientists from England, Holland and Sweden have since shown great interest in the girls’ project so far.

The renowned professor at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Olle Johansson, is one of the impressed researchers. He will now repeat the experiment with a Belgian research colleague, Professor Marie-Claire Cammaert at the Université libre de Bruxelles, for the trial, according to him, is absolutely brilliant:

– The girls stayed within the scope of their knowledge, skilfully implemented and developed a very elegant experiment. The wealth of detail and accuracy is exemplary, choosing cress was very intelligent, and I could go on, he says.

He is not slow to send them an invitation to go on the road:

– I sincerely hope that they spend their future professional life in researching, because I definitely think they have a natural aptitude for it. Personally, I would love to see these people in my team!

No mobile by the bed

The five girls from northern Jutland have not yet decided their future careers. They are still very surprised by all the sudden attention.

– It has been such a roller coaster ride. I still cannot believe it, says Lea Nielsen.

And Mathilde Nielsen added:

– It’s totally overwhelming and exciting. It’s just not something you experience every day.

But there have also been other consequences of the cress trial, which is quite low-tech in nature.

– None of us sleep with the mobile next to the bed anymore. Either the phone is put far away, or it is put in another room. And the computer is always off, says Lea Nielsen.


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What’s Keeping You?*

What’s Keeping You?*

By Ida Lawrence

Jihad an nafs (struggle of the heart)What’s keeping you? Normally this question would be answered with something like… “I took the wrong road…”, “I had to deal with something…”, “I’ll need to get more money…”, “I have to think about it…”. You are what’s keeping you.

I want to talk about the deeper ‘what’s keeping you’ question. What’s keeping you when the answer to your inner prayer – your spiritual need – is one step away, and you see it but you pause before taking the step? Maybe you think I’m going to encourage you to jump in there and take the leap of faith, but no. I’m inquiring about the space between you and the fulfillment. What is in that space?

Recalling a dream that I had several years ago: in the dream I looked through a window and saw a scene of rolling hills and natural beauty… but it was far more than a scene that I saw. My body took in the feeling of it and a moan escaped my lips. The place was my home… where I had left the greater part of me. In that moment I experienced the intensity of spiritual need: being in this 3D world, and not being where my heart ached to be. In the dream I tried to walk through the window and into it. Then the message came through that it was a simulation I was seeing, and not a real place.

What can I conclude? There was in front of me the vast ‘feeling’ difference between far away from home, and home. That was the gift of the dream… awareness of the separation from ourselves that we experience just by being born into the world – a body that restricts us and a life that conditions and programs us until we are lost in obligation, guilt and fear. We are still ourselves… just not home. And here’s the interesting part… our separation from that which is within us is an illusion. An even more interesting part… the sages tell us that we agreed to experience this: illusion, friction, evolution… we chose it!

So what’s in the space between the awareness of the spiritual need, and the fulfillment of it? A journey of remembering and return. It’s not a quick journey, I can assure you. Conditioning and programming, obligation, guilt and fear… these are biggies!

I’ve talked quite a bit about conditioning and programming in previous articles. When you become aware of your conditioned, trained and adaptive behavior and your programmed thoughts and opinions, it’s like a fish becoming aware that it’s swimming in water. This is our environment… a pattern laid upon us as children. Maybe we struggled with it back then until, slowly but surely, we were persuaded to give up on that liberated, love myself, expansive, ‘I can do anything’ feeling. For remembering and return to take place, there must be an awakening to the situation.

The situation: within us there is now a schism. Spiritual need pulls at us from the heart and conditioning and programming of the mind keeps us in place.

There can be any number of things that a person can be called toward by spiritual need: a different, more ‘you’ type of work; more liberating, supportive personal relationships; a change in your belief system; a down-sized life in a more natural setting; engaging in spiritual training and practice that takes you toward yourself; a big move to another country. It could be a small life change, or a radical one… in any case it’s your need to return that is calling you.

Some of us long ago recognized the calling of the spirit and the urge toward a certain direction. Stuart Wilde coined the phrase ‘fringe dwellers’ to describe us. But even a fringe dweller can pause within that space of doubt and listen to obligation, guilt, and fear voices. Those voices are what’s keeping you. So let’s just firm up the ground you stand on so that you can make your decision.

Ask yourself: the change that my spiritual need calls upon me to make… is it harmful to myself or others? I don’t mean challenging to your emotions or harmful to their opinions… I mean actually harmful. If the answer is no, then stand upon your ground.

What about obligations? Well, let’s look at it this way. Obligations = placed upon you by others. Responsibility = placed upon you by yourself. You are responsible, but chances are you’re not really obligated except by guilt and the need to be approved of by others. Repeat after me: it is not unkind for me to be myself. It is not destructive of myself and others. I need not explain it. My loved ones can handle it… or not. They are responsible for themselves.

Sounds cold, but it actually can be respectful and warm. Respect them, allow them to be, and love them enough to know that deep within, they can handle it. Dealing with you may have a place in their evolution… who knows.

Let’s enjoy a little quote on healing guilt, from Stuart – it’s a boost: “Don’t forget, the way people perceive you is clouded by their own program and by what is often an extreme lack of perception. They see you in whatever terms benefit and confirm their opinion. How you actually are is mostly a secret. It lies deep within your spiritual self and often is not seen by others. Cling to that reality, and never mind what people think.”

In the ‘civilized’ world, in particular, the most firmly programmed emotion within us is fear. It’s actually so programmed that we can hardly call it an emotion… it’s more like a bona fide prison. Many of us have removed the inner walls of that prison simply by turning off the TV and filtering incoming messages. It’s necessary and beneficial to know the truth, but it has to be as close to actual truth as possible, minus the fear, plus the trust in ourselves… that we can actually create a way through this onslaught.

Trust: can we create a way through this onslaught? I’m not immune to self-doubt voices. Three of them actually came in this morning in the time it took to get from my bed to the coffee pot. The good thing is that I saw them rising, back again like gerbils on the wheel of thought, and I sent them a message. “We’re going in this direction now guys… the energy is headed here… so cool out with the repetition.”

A few days ago I enjoyed an article by a fellow traveler, Zen. He wrote about following his spiritual need. He left the U.S., and moved his family to what we like to call a 3rd world country. Maybe the 3rd world is not so 3rd world after all. I picked up on what he wrote about fear. “Most striking is the lack of fear. Children play freely in the streets and walk to their destinations without all the staged paranoia of the west. Even the dogs are happier, roaming freely and going about their business of playing with each other and their owners. The contrast to hyper controlled and regimented America is stunning and takes some easing into, but is oh so welcoming.”

I’m sure he had to overcome it all in making the move, and who knows… there may be more steps to come for him. But in the end, that’s what fringe dwellers do… listen to spirit, experience the need, create the intention and take the steps. The journey of remembering and returning to self takes as many forms as there are individuals taking the journey.

We call it transformation and renewal, and we’re in this thing together. Some of us are pretty connected in spirit and we whisper these encouragements to each other. It’s really such a beautiful thing… and there’s love in it, and truth in it, and redemption, and grace. The journey really is from the head to the heart… it’s a remembering home, and then coming home, step by step.


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