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Egypt in a Coma!

Egypt in a Coma!

As a growing awareness around the planet that the individual is not an extension of the state,  it is in the Middle East/North Africa where that is being acted out. It would not be surprising if statesmen from round the world have been looking on Egypt to see how to adapt the same tactics to their own respective populations with the increased militarization of both the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.

The Egyptian Army under Russian trained General Tantawi was never ever able to accept being challenged by the people, and even less under US trained El-Sisi. It was too good to be true that the Mubarak regime would accept being side-stepped after 30 years of complete control as visible on the vengeful face of Gamal Mubarak when his father was sentenced – s close, but yet so far from taking over.

After a year of covert operations in cooperation with the fulool  – Egypt’s corrupt deep state, The Army has been able to criminalize the Muslim Brotherhood with every evil act, committed by the counter-revolution to destabilize the state until it fell back into the hands of the fulool. Only Al-Azhar has succeeded in coming out of the failed revolution with itself in tact Islamically, and ethically, escaping from being the fulool’s opium of the people to what seems like an undeclared return since the coupe.

When the UK expressed concern regarding El-Sisi’s call for mass protests on Friday July 30 in show of solidarity with the Army; it only brought to attention the role of the Egyptian Army in the 26 protests that took place prior to their taking control, and  the long term role and intentions of the Egyptian Army. El-Sisi behaves like a conductor with the people as his orchestra. It is quite unfathomable at this stage, with the growing awareness amongst the people that they have been socially engineered into the anti-Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood fever.

It is also quite unfathomable because not only because of the deep feeling of betrayal felt by the people, but because the yearlong counter-revolutionary campaign has been successful instituting criminality as a normal part of very day life where life has become worth very little. The people who defended their street, and their neighbour, and caught the criminal in the early days after January 25 2011, have become frightened and easily intimidated by the smallest local incident unless they have a cause greater than themselves like the release of deposed president Morsi, who the fulool now criminalize as being in cahoots with Hamas.

The Army and the fulool will have to face what they have reduced Egyptian life to,  yet demanding reconciliation, purely because the numbers pro-Morsi are a perceived threat when they refused to participate in any reconciliation under Morsi who also gave the right to protest, to free speech despite the propaganda, their December 05th 2012 attempt to assassinate him, and their constant abuse of  electric, and water supplies to make Morsi  look really bad in the eyes of the people.

It could be that the fulool along with the Muslim Brotherhood have met their own end, and the military wing of the fulool, the Egyptian Army will face the wrath of the people when they awake from the Coma to the reality that the youth of the January 25, and not those who have since claimed their position, were right in the first pace as to where society really needs to begin.

What you won’t see on Egyptian State TV

A pro-Morsi rally in Matrouh Governorate in the north-western Egypt July 26

What you will see on Egyptian State TV, but close-up

A pro-E Sisi rally Tahrir Square

What is a dream when you can’t

Remember your dream

What is a song when you can’t


your voice sounds like broken glass.

What is love when you can’t

Understand love is like

The bitter night.

What is a smile when your

Face is always in a frown

What is a cry when there are

No tears.

What is pain when there is

no hurt.

What is feeling when you

Can’t feel your feeling.

What is emptiness when

Your body is unwhole

What it is

What it is

How Comes/Ezzay!

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