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The Carpenter

The Carpenter

A highly skilled carpenter who had grown old was ready to retire. He told his employer-contractor of his plans to leave the house building business and live a more leisurely life with his family. He would miss the paycheck, but he needed to retire.

The employer was sorry to see his good worker go and asked if he could build just one more house as a personal favor. The carpenter agreed to this proposal but made sure that this will be his last project. Being in a mood to retire, the carpenter was not paying much attention to building this house. His heart was not in his work. He resorted to poor workmanship and used inferior materials. It was an unfortunate way to end his career.

When the job was done, the carpenter called his employer and showed him the house. The employer handed over some papers and the front door key to the carpenter and said “This is your house, my gift to you.”

The carpenter was in a shock! What a shame! If he had only known that he was building his own house, he would have made it better than any other house that he ever built!

Our situation can be compared to this carpenter. Allah Ta’la has sent us to this world to build our homes in paradise by obeying His commands. Now, we have to decide how well we wish to build the homes where we will live forever.


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TV Truth and Technomania

TV Truth and Technomania

trojan democracy horseInterviewee: Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

Interviewer: Randa Hammadieh

Randa Hammadieh: In your travels in the Muslim world, what cultural practices did you notice that struck you as being different from those of the West?

Hamza Yusuf: In the West, there is a strong separation between young and old. In Muslim tradition, on the other hand, youth continues until the age of 40. This is the idea of “shababiya.” In the Western civilization, the idea of adolescence is purely a social construct. The generation gap in the States isn’t necessarily universal to all cultures although the US is doing a good job of exporting their monoculture all over the world. This happens because people are being exposed to the television and movies of the dominant culture. So you will see US cultural phenomena now all over the world.

RH: What are your thoughts on Muslim youth and public education of today?

HY: I think modern school is a negative experience. I believe you can learn more out of school than in it. There is now a universal education system, whether you are in an Arab country, China or somewhere else. This universal education is only going to vary according to the political atmosphere of the given country. For example, in Iraq, the indoctrination is probably more obvious whereas in the US it is just more subtle. School is an artificial construct to socialize individuals into a group identity. The whole idea of a “school of fish” is that everyone swims together whereas traditional Islamic education was completely individualized. What it did was give people all those tools (in the West called “liberal arts”) such as grammar, rhetoric, and logic, through which people could actually think and use their brains.

In public high schools, you are not given tools, you are given information and data. In fact, a metaphor that is used in education today is that you’re basically a hard drive that needs to be written with a given software. You will then fulfill whatever are the social needs of the society. Schooling today is designed only to matriculate people into the logic of the system itself. Then people end up in meaningless jobs doing meaningless work, and never really think about what type of society they’re contributing to.

RH: If there was one thing in your travels in the Muslim world that left a distinctive impression upon you, what would it be?

HY: What a horrific condition the Muslim countries are in! The Muslim world is now like a rape victim. Colonization was like the raping trauma, and the Muslim world has never been able to get up and go on with life of the Muslim world in its entirety by European powers, who for centuries were seen as backward and barbaric, has had really devastating effects.

Now in the Muslim world, Muslims seem to dress in pale imitation of Western people. Some look like caricatures of Western people. This is indicative of the state of some Muslims who aren’t very inspiring anymore. The whole world once looked up to the Muslims as models.

RH: What do you say to Muslims who seem to glorify the past when they were at their peak?

HY: This is all pathetic nostalgia for returning to the glory of the past and its romanticism. The past has nothing to do with us. That was them. We are a whole other people. It’s not our past, it was their present. Now it’s over. That’s why the Quran has this concept of letting go of your fathers, and not being proud of your fathers because they are not you! You have to create your own future. Don’t be like an old war veteran. However, it is important to have some historical continuity because the Qur’an says “Look at the people who went before” as the way of learning lessons.

One thing that is wrong with some modern Muslim mentality is the idea of “If we do what they did, we will be glorious.” Someone asked me, “How can we get an empire back?” There is this idea that Islam is all about glory. No! It’s like you exercise to maintain your health, but the exercise is not your goal. It’s just the means to achieve your goal. In the same way that if you seek the contentment of Allah, one of the side effects of that is that Allah elevates you and gives you “tamkeen,” but that is not the goal. It’s just a side effect.

Spiritual WayfarerNow you don’t hear people talk about Allah very much, just about Islam. The Quran says, “To your Lord is your goal.” The path of coming to know God results in victory because of your struggling for truth. One of the things about sincerely struggling for truth is that Allah gives you victory by the nature of the struggle. It follows that by the nature of the struggle itself, you gain worldly success. You see, worldly success has nothing to do with the intentions. Because if those are your intentions, then you will never gain worldly success. In fact, Allah will give the “kafirun” success over you. If the people of truth are not seeking truth, but instead the benefits of truth (merely the side effects), then they will never achieve them.

RH: Then how should Muslims look at life?

HY: Life is mundane. Life is praying, getting up for Fajr and day-to-day chores. All this “glory” some aspire to is just an abstract in the mind. And the reality of it is even the kings of the past had to get up in the morning and go through daily routines. Life is by its nature perfunctory and Islam is just to harmonize it, put it into perspective, and make its goals dignified goals, instead of low, worldly goals.

RH: Now that you are residing in the US you must have had some exposure to the technological hegemony occurring. How do you view this in the light of Islam?

HY: Modern technology is just an example of when people’s goals are totally distorted. Modern technology arose out of very strong corporate interests in creating the massification of society where everybody needs a TV or a stereo. This doesn’t mean that Islam is against technology. Technology, by its nature, is everything that humans produce. And by our nature we do make things. Islamic technology would be very humane. To serve people as opposed to the opposite.

Muslims do not believe in progress. Progress is completely antithetical to the Islamic doctrine. Muslims believe that human society reached its pinnacle in Medina in the 7th century. This is the best society that has ever existed. The verse which says “Today We have completed your Religion…” made Umar (ra) weep because he realized that nothing is ever completed except that it begins to decrease.

If the goal of life is to establish Deen, then that is the highest progress that humans can achieve and therefore all this modern technological madness is an exteriorization of the human impulse to know. Because we have become such gross materialists, all of our intellectual and spiritual endeavors have been completely centered and focused on the outward, the “Dhahir” and the inside has been completely forgotten. Now there is even a massive interest in how we can preserve this life here, manifested by studies in cryonics, genetic engineering and cloning.

RH: So would you say human beings tend to serve modern technology rather than it serving us?

HY: Yes. Modern technology dehumanizes by its nature, because it is based on massification (a computer in every home). Everyone is reduced to sitting around looking at blinking cathode rays on a screen. There is no human exchange anymore; people just send e-mail. People get nervous if you start talking like this because most Muslims are really embarrassed by the simplicity of the Prophet’s (pbuh) life. Many don’t want to admit that he lived in a house devoid of furniture; that he sewed his own shoes and collected firewood. The Prophet (pbuh) wasn’t interested in improving that aspect of his life.

Improving ones standard of living has become an idol whereas I think Islam lowers your standard of living. You become content with less. When the Prophet’s (pbuh) wife put a cushion in his bed he got upset. He consciously lowered his standard of living.

The truth is the whole world can’t support a bunch of consumers. Western technology is based on the exploitation of the other 90 percent of the world. All our wonderful technological achievements are based on the rest of the world living in abject poverty. Through enjoying the fruits of Western technology, we are in fact participating in the destruction of indigenous cultures all over the world and the impoverishment of those people.

RH: What are your thoughts on the teenage phenomenon and its significance today?

HY: It’s an artificial construct intended to sell rap, $100 basketball shoes and $80 jeans. It’s an invention of consumer society that doesn’t exist in traditional Islamic or Western cultures. People should be done with school by the time they’re 15. In traditional European societies, those who studied had their bachelors by the age of 14 and were teaching at 18 at Cambridge and Oxford. This is documented. Spending 12 years in school is an artificial construct designed to occupy time-space in which the society really doesn’t have the ability to allow these people to enter the workforce because it is saturated.

Schooling By David DeesTeenage phenomenon destroys human society. Historically, agrarian-based societies (which the majority of Muslim countries are) view community as absolutely essential for survival, whereas in industrial societies community is a luxury.

A sickness of some Muslims today is that they’ve gotten into the whole age issue. Much like racism and sexism, it’s identifying people with quantitative measurements. We don’t know how old many of the sahabi were. It wasn’t an obsession. In fact, the Prophet (pbuh) tried to break the jahali concept by putting Osama ibn Zaid as the head of an army when he was only 17. Age in Islam is about having gray hair and not having gray hair.

If you don’t have gray hair you’re called a “shabaab” and you’re supposed to respect people with gray hair. If you have gray hair you’re called “sheikh” and you’re supposed to have mercy and compassion on those who don’t have gray hairs. That is a much healthier way of looking at it. In Islamic knowledge, we knew Ibn Malik was considered a sheikh which literally means “old man” when he was 17 years old. Islam doesn’t box you into a category. Age is about where you are spiritually, not where you are numerically.

I think that 40 year olds should sit with 18 year olds, and in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, learn from each other. The sahaba had 15 year olds in their Prophet’s majlis with 60 year olds. Muslim schools were never segregated by age. “Allah created everything and He guided it in its own specific way and manner.”

We are an Ummah of labeling and labels are from Western society. In labels, everything has a name and nothing has a meaning.

RH: Given all your experiences, travels, and years, what do you know for sure about the world?

HY: Well, that there is a lot of truth to Sayidinna Ali saying that “Youth is a type of madness and old age is a type of wisdom.” I think that a crisis of the Muslim world is that we have an incredibly young society and they are by and large ignorant, having lost their historical link, and so there hasn’t been a lot of guidance from the older generation.

Many Muslim youth are confused, but as this generation of Muslims reach maturity, an interesting scenario is going to occur. As the young people in the Islamic movement in the U.S. and Canada move into their forties, there is going to be much growth and guidance for the younger people, inshallah.

We are in a really bad time, but we should see it as a temporal kind of condition. This is not the way it has always been, nor is it the way it will always be, inshallah. I know we just have to be careful as a community in the steps we take. We have to deliberate more than necessary than if we had strong guidance. We are now living in a very exciting time, a time for much potential growth, and I believe that Muslims in Canada and the US will certainly rise to the occasion, inshallah.

End of interview.

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Walking into a Wi-Fi Zone

Walking into a Wi-Fi Zone

By Hwaa Irfan

atmosphere_muralThere is Divine reasoning in the wisdom of the different layers of the Earth’s atmosphere.

1st Layer – Troposphere: begins at the surface of our Earth and extends to 7 km (23,000 ft) at the poles and 17 km (60,000 ft) at the equator. The weather and clouds occur in the troposphere.

2nd  Layer – Tropopause: the transition layer between the troposphere and the stratosphere. The Tropopause provides a layer from which to bounce radio signals.

3rd   Layer – Stratosphere: with slightly higher temperature increase and the absence of clouds. The stratosphere extends between 11 and 31 miles (17 to 50 kilometres) above the earth’s surface. The earth’s ozone layer is located in the stratosphere. This layer absorbs a lot of ultraviolet solar energy, and temperature increases with altitude to 7˚C (45˚F) at the top of the layer. Ozone emphasizes the importance of maintaining separation of the different atmospheric layers because without its ability to absorb ultraviolet radiation the Sun would burn everything on Earth.

4th  Layer –  Stratopause: this is where the stratospheric temperatures stop increasing.

5th LayerMesosphere: extends from between 31 and 50 miles (17 to 80 kilometres) above the earth’s surface. The temperature decreases with altitude to a minimum near 100˚C (148˚F). This is where most meteors burn up when entering our Earth’s atmosphere, thus protecting the Earth we live on. There is a concentration of electrons called the “D” layer, which reflects radio waves, thus making physical long distance communications possible.

6th LayerMesospause: the zone where temperature decreases within the mesosphere at/ about 262,000 feet.

7th Layer – Thermosphere: from 80 – 85 km (265,000 – 285,000 ft) to 640+ km (400+ mi), temperature increasing with height. The temperature increases with altitude after 300,000 feet. This layer contains two layers labelled “E” and “F” that reflect radio waves. The thermosphere includes the exosphere and part of the ionosphere.

8th LayerThermopause:

9th LayerIonosphere: starts at about 43-50 miles (70-80 km) high and continues for hundreds of miles (about 400 miles = 640 km). It is ionized by solar radiation, and contains many ions and free electrons (plasma). It influences radio propagation to distant places on the Earth. It is located in the thermosphere and is responsible for auroras.

9th Layer Exosphere: the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere starts from about 400 miles (640 km) high to about 800 miles (1,280 km). The temperature is very low and contains  free-moving particles that may migrate into and out of the magnetosphere or the solar wind.

The magnetosphere is driven by the Earth’s magnetic field, serves as a kind of electromagnetic barrier to prevent dangerous rays from reaching the surface of the planet. The Earth’s magnetic field is extremely important for protecting the planet from electromagnetic influences from space including the solar wind.

The Earth’s magnetic field flips/ reverses polarity every few thousand years. When the in between these flips, the magnetic field can become quite weak and chaotic, causing “turbulence” in the field, which can effectively cause weaker gaps in the magnetosphere.

” When the heaven has it’s covering removed. And when the hell is kindled up, And when the garden is brought nigh, Every soul shall know what it has prepared” (At-Takwir 81:11-14).

Electro smog is artificially generated electric and magnetic fields that can penetrate anything. Furthermore, electromagentic waves, most commonly pervasive as microwaves, can escape visible detection and cannot be avoided.

“And the heavens we raised it high with power, and most surely We are the makers of things ample” (Az-Zariat 51:47).

In this context, kindling could be acquainted with the warming-up that occurs through the energy of microwave. Microwaves are radio waves ( electromagnetic radiation) with wavelengths that range from 1m – 1mm, and frequencies of 300 MHz (0.3 GHz) and 300 GHz. Microwave technology is extensively used for point-to-point telecommunications (i.e., non broadcast uses), spacecraft communication, and much of the world’s data, TV, and telephone communications are transmitted long distances by microwaves between ground stations and communications satellites. Microwaves are also employed in microwave ovens and in radar technology.

Therefore in wireless communication we are subject to the free flow of microwave energy that is not contained as in wired communication. At 20 GHz, the atmosphere becomes less transparent to microwaves. The lower frequencies permeate water vapour, which our brain is mostly made up of and at higher frequencies permeates oxygen which we need to breathe. A spectral band structure causes absorption peaks at specific frequencies (see graph at right). Infrared is between visible light and microwave is in the electromagnetic spectrum which is absorbed by our Earth’s atmosphere appearing opaque unless within the infrared spectrum, where it becomes transparent above 300 GHz!

As such we are exposing ourselves to atmospheres that God’s Laws of Nature have been protecting us from!

Within those Laws high-energy X-rays are absorbed by our atmospheres, most of the UV radiation is blocked by the thermosphere, mesosphere, and stratosphere.

It has long been established that long-term exposure to microwaves causes tumors.

Artist Nickolay Lamm wanted to make visible what has become a convenient practical means of communication for many, Wi-Fi.  After consulting with astrobiologist M. Browning Vogel on how Wi-Fi behaves, the world of Wi-Fi became visible.

“Shorter than that of radio waves and longer than that of microwaves” Lamm notes, “Wi-Fi  has a unique transmission band that can’t be interrupted by other signals”. The different colours represent the sub-channels.

“Wi-Fi fields are usually spherical. .”  “…In the above image they are shown radiating out from the source. . .

Wi-Fi routers can be attached to anything  “Multiple routers can create a field that extends all the way across Washington DC’s National Mall as shown here. This image shows data instantaneously transmitted over different frequencies from a wifi antenna as blue, indigo and yellow fields. “

This means, that within a Wi-Fi school environment where mobiles are common amongst staff and students alike, and in some cases, RFID tags, an electromagnetic field is present that mobiles can link up to, with a constant flow of electro-smog that our bodies have no immunity to!

A Recent Case

Dafna Tachover reported the following:

On July 18, 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Israeli Government to investigate how many children in Israel already suffer from EHS [electro-hypersensitivity].

The Order was issued in response to a Petition to the Israeli Supreme Court to ban Wi-Fi in schools that was submitted in August, 2012.

The Government must submit the result of its investigation to the court by November 16, 2013.

The Israeli Supreme Court’s decision seems to indicate that the Court does not trust the government’s statements as:

(1) Not only did the court order the Gov. to check how many children are already sick with EHS, thereby accepting the existence of EHS and its correlation to radiation, but it also demanded that the Gov. specify in its statement the exact measures it took in order to conduct the inquiry.

(2) Another indication that the Court found the statement of the Gov. unreliable can be found in the fact that the Supreme Court ordered that the Gov.’s reply on November 16, MUST be supported with a sworn affidavit; Meaning that every fact mentioned, data collected or statement made in the Gov.’s answer must be supported by an Affidavit, attesting to the truthfulness of the claim.

This order is the result of an extensive brief which was written by Dafna Tachover and submitted to the Court on June 13, 2013. A 65-page brief, supported by 640 pages of appendices, it emphasized, amongst other things, the problem of EHS and claimed that it is unreasonable to expose children to WI-FI when it is proven to cause sickness.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in the July 18 Supreme Court hearing, when the Gov. was asked what it intends to do if there would be a child with EHS attending the school, the attorney for the Gov. answered: “The WI-FI will be turned off in the school”.

Ms. Dafna Tachover, herself an attorney, has been representing herself since Feb 2013. Mr. Bach who represented her until that time is still representing the other Plaintiffs (including a National Parent Organization and 2 children).

It is Ms. Tachover’s opinion that even though the Government lied about its policy in regard to the deployment of WI-FI, if the Court is not convinced that this technology is harmful and the damage is not hypothetical and abstract but existent and real, it will not rule that the government’s actions are unreasonable and will not ban the use of WIFI in schools.

The brief claimed that the Court was unaware that the damage from wireless technology is proven and existing, as the Court, just like the public, loves its wireless gadgets and has been reading intentionally misleading headlines in the papers such as the ones claiming that “no correlation between cell phones and cancer was proven” over the past 15 years.

The brief attempted to prove the following:

(1) Prove EHS is an existing illness, caused by EMFs
(2) Prove that the thermal safety standard was proven false as early as 40 years ago.
(3) Prove that it is unreasonable to rely on WHO considering it is corrupt.
(4) Prove that the Gov’s evaluation on the issue was unprofessional and negligent at best.
(5) Prove how the industry intentionally misled the public

Regarding the safety standards the brief claimed:

(1) The contention of the Government that the existing Israeli standard (1/10 of the Thermal Standard) “Protects with absolute certainty from known adverse health effects” is ridiculous as:

· How can it be protective if Ms. Tachover and others are sick with EHS?
· How can it be protective when thousands of papers prove biological effects?
· How can it be protective when even the corrupt WHO declared RF a 2B carcinogen?

(2) The brief showed that the government is so reckless in dealing with wireless technology that it does not even know of its own ignorance in how to measure radiation from WIFI considering the special modulation of WIFI.


The brief emphasized the EHS issue to indicate that the damage already exists. Affidavits from 7 professionals with EHS were provided, including an affidavit of a mother both daughters of whom suffer from EHS, supporting scientific evidence was presented, and it was shown that the government did nothing to investigate the issue despite ample notice and – legal obligation. In addition, the brief attempted to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the claim that the condition does not exist and/or that it is not proven to be caused by EMF’s.

It should be noted that in Ms. Tachover’s correspondence with the Gov. Committees on the issue of Wi-Fi in schools prior to the submission of the lawsuit, the Committee eventually admitted the existence of EHS – the committee in its final report wrote:

“If there is a child with sensitivity to RF radiation, the Ministry will provide a solution on an individual basis”.

What next:

On Nov. 16 the Gov. must submit its Answer and the Plaintiffs will have to respond 15 days later. The Court indicated that following the submission of these responses, it intends to reach a decision.

While the Court has still not made a decision, the Court’s Order is an important development.

In the summary of the brief Gandhi’s words were quoted:

“An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it. Truth stands, even if there be no public support. It is self sustained.”

It seems that the court is recognizing the truth.

Dafna Tachover Esq. (NY, Israel) MBA
PO Box 4, East Jewett, NY, 12424
US Number: + 1 (518) 734 5628
Israeli Number: 0732696361

Warning from UK medical Doctors on Health and Safety of Wi-Fi and Mobile Phones


Lamm, N “What If You Could See Wi-Fi?”

Tachover, D “The Israeli Supreme Court Ordered the Israeli Government to Investigate the Number of Children Currently Suffering From EHS”.

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The World Bank and Money Laundering

Global markets have plunged following the announcement by the US Federal Reserve that it may begin to cut back on its stimulus of the US economy later this year.
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Abby Martin talks to Karen Hudes, former senior executive at the World Bank, about her experience blowing the whistle on the high level corruption within the international financial system and how her story was censored.

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