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The Voice of the January 25 Youth Amidst the Resurrection of the Military’s Secret Police

The Voice of the January 25 Youth Amidst the Resurrection of the Military’s Secret Police

The voice of the January 25, 2011 Youth has been quiet, and had been usurped by the fulool – the deep state that constitutes the corrupt Mubarak regime and the elite that waged a year-long deceptive counter-revolutionary campaign since the election of the deposed President Morsi. Caimed by the fulool backed April 6 Youth Movement, Black Block, Tamarrud, and fronted by E-Baradei through the misnomer National Front for Change, the reality of that Big Lie has shown its ugly face sooner than later.

With pro-Morsi supporters sit-in at Rabea al-Adaweya, and paid pro- Sissi supporters in Tahrir Square, the Third Square Movement (January 25, 2011 Youth) have taken camp in Sphinx Square.

Through leaflets they introduce themselves as

“a group of Egyptians who protested on January 25 against the corruption of the [Hosni] Mubarak state… protested against [former head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Hussein] Tantawi’s men who gave the army a bad name during the transitional period and protested against Morsi and religious fascism in order to call for early elections.”

They have been protesting against the army’s political role and against “the defense minister calling for an authorization to kill Egyptians on the pretext of fighting terrorism when fighting terrorism does not require a mandate because that is the duty of the Armed Forces.”

One member, Marwa Ibrahim told Sandra Carr:

“I refused the June 30 coup not because I loved Morsi but because it was a violation of revolutionary legitimacy. We want a civilian president.” Ibrahim said that a priority for her is justice for martyrs killed in the last three years.

“It’s a return to the Mubarak era,” Aida Seif el-Dawla of the Nadeem Centre for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture told the Guardian. “These units committed the most atrocious human rights violations. Incommunicado detentions, killings outside the law. Those were the [units] that managed the killing of Islamists during the 1990s. It’s an ugly authority that has never been brought to justice.”

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Moroccans Say No Royal Pardon for Spanish Elite Paedophile Network*

 Moroccans Say No Royal pardon for Spanish Elite Paedophile Network

By Aziz El Yaakoubi


Moroccans outraged by a royal pardon for a Spanish paedophile serving a 30-year sentence for raping 11 children in the North African kingdom are planning a protest in Rabat on Friday.

The King’s deal: The convicted paedophile is among 48 jailed Spaniards who were pardoned by King Mohamed VI, above right, on Tuesday 30 July at the request of Spain’s King Juan Carlos, left, who visited Morocco last month, June 2013.

The decision prompted a frenzy of angry postings on social media in Morocco. Activists from the February 20 movement, which organised anti-government demonstrations during the Arab unrest of 2011, called for Friday’s rally in the Moroccan capital.

“The king’s pardon is a second rape for the victims,” a woman identifying herself as Meryem El said on Twitter.

Hamid Krayri, a lawyer for families of the victims, named the paedophile as Daniel Fino Galvan and said he had been convicted 18 months ago by criminal courts in Kenitra, near Rabat, of raping and filming children aged between 4 and 15.

“He is a retired Spaniard who owns two flats here in Kenitra,” Krayri, who is a member of Morocco’s Human Rights Association, told Reuters. He said he had filed a complaint against Galvan three years ago when activists had shown him video discs containing footage of the Spaniard and his victims.

Galvan’s lawyer, Mohamed Benjeddo, said his client had been freed on Wednesday and planned to leave for Spain the next day. The Spanish embassy declined to confirm Galvan’s release.

The palace and the government made no immediate comment.

The king, like other Middle Eastern rulers, often pardons prisoners on special occasions, such as Throne Day on July 30, but the decision to release the Spaniards at the request of the monarch of a former colonial power has riled many here.

Ask the victims if the price has been paid!

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Australia’s Eugenics Agenda *

Australia’s Eugenics Agenda *

In Western Australia, the last mental health act was in 1996. An update was submitted on 8 November 2012 for a Mental Health Bill 2012 which was tabled in Parliament. The W.A. Mental Health Commission (MHC) was responsible for writing the Draft Mental Health Bill. The person overseeing this was the Mental Health Commissioner and clinical psychologist, Mr Eddie Bartnik.

The Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights, Australia has rung the arm bells over this Bill, which is quite barbaric and sets a dangerous precedence.

Children Of Any Age Can Consent To Sterilisation:

Parental consent will not be needed” if a child under 18 shows sufficient maturity, which rings alarm bells given the horrific rise in paedophilia.

12 Year Olds Will Be Able To Consent to Psychosurgery

There is no scientific basis for psychosurgery: surgical cutting/burning of the brain, or electrodes permanently placed in the brain sending electrical current through the brain

CCHR explains that psychosurgery is banned in New South Wales and the N.T. for persons of any age. Psychosurgery is dangerous and destroys healthy brain tissue. Psychosurgery causes:

  • memory loss
  • irreversible brain damage
  • delirium
  • bleeding in the brain
  • suicide
  • post-operative death

The Bill states:

A person must not perform psychosurgery on a child under 14 years of age.

Part 13 Regulation of certain kinds of treatment and other interventions

Division 3s. 193 Psychosurgery

Even with parental consent it assumes that a parent has been properly informed about  psychosurgery. Without parental consent the ‘patient’ who has been determined to be mentally ill is expected to have the cognition to evaluate what has been provided as informed consent in order to make the right decision, and if they have that level of cognition should they be undergoing psychosurgery anyway! A person can be recommended by a psychiatrist who will map out the form of surgery, the surgery, and the treatment.

The Tribunal to be in place is for the parent who approves, there is no course of justice for the parent who does not approve.

Part 20 Mental Health Tribunal

Division 7 Psychosurgery: approvals

Approval can be given by a medical practitioner or mental health practitioner must —have qualifications, training or experience relevant to and authorised by the Chief Psychiatrist. This implies the mental health practitioner, does not have to be qualified, trained and experienced, which is a little difficult to obtain for a barbaric form of surgery.

Part 20 Mental Health Tribunal

Division 7s. 394 Psychosurgery: approvals

The parties to a proceeding in relation to the application are —

  • the patient; and
  • the patient’s psychiatrist; and
  • any other person who, in the Tribunal’s opinion, has a sufficient interest in the matter.

Note the patient is stripped of any familial bonds, and anyone who has an interest can be a patient’s own worst enemy.

12 Year Olds Will Be Able To Consent to Electroshock

Mental Health Bill 2012

Part 20 Mental Health Tribunal

Division 6s. 386 Electroconvulsive therapy: approvals

“A voluntary patient who is a child who has reached 14 years of age but is under 18 years of age”  can consent to something they know nothing about given the nature of ‘informed consent’

A child over 12 can be involuntarily detained and a psychiatrist can give consent for the child. Psycrimes reports:

Voluntary patients in W.A. who refuse to consent to electroshock are threatened with involuntary commitment.

A voluntary patient was given electroshock in 2010/11 despite refusing to give consent. Threats to make a patient involuntary if they refuse any treatment are common. To be forced to receive damaging physical treatment with permanent debilitating consequences is a violation of fundamental human rights.

Parental Rights

This is very much dependent on the child as designed by the Bill. Even after/during ‘treatment’ the right to make contact can be removed. A  psychiatrist can stop a parent from visiting or communicating with their child, and refuse the child access to the telephone or visits from friends.


A child is not protected from being confined in an adult facility.   They can be placed under restraint without a written order which can be carried out physically (manacles, belts, straps etc.) or chemically (psychiatric drugs).

It is a crime to publish details about any of the parties involved or any part of the proceedings which for an individual, a fine of $5 000 and imprisonment for 12 months



“Children able to consent to sterilisation and 12 year olds to consent to psychosurgery and electroshock without any parental consent in W.A.”

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