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NASA: The Sun’s Magnetic Field is about to Flip!

NASA: The Sun’s Magnetic Field is about to Flip!

By Hwaa Irfan

It will either happen or it won’t, and not necessarily when expected – the solar  maximum is upon us in its  11th year.

“It looks like we’re no more than 3 to 4 months away from a complete field reversal,” says solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University. “This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

Hoeksema is the director of Stanford’s Wilcox Solar Observatory, one of the few observatories in the world that monitor the sun’s polar magnetic fields.

But this happens every 11 years, s what is s special about this solar maximum? According to NASA The poles are a herald of change. Just as Earth scientists watch our planet’s polar regions for signs of climate change, solar physicists do the same thing for the sun. Magnetograms at Wilcox have been tracking the sun’s polar magnetism since 1976, and they have recorded three grand reversals—with a fourth in the offing.

The coming reversal marks the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24. Half of ‘Solar Max’ will be behind us, with half yet to come.

“The sun’s north pole has already changed sign, while the south pole is racing to catch up,” says Phil Scherrer, Solar physicist, also at Stanford.

“Soon, however, both poles will be reversed, and the second half of Solar Max will be underway.”

The Sun’s magnetic field envelops the entire solar system in a bubble that scientists call the ‘heliosphere’ hence why the effect will be felt throughout our galaxy including our earth hence the reason for concern. Everything inside the ‘heliosphere’ is the solar system – outside is interstellar space.

“Changes in the Sun’s magnetic field are carried outward through the heliosphere by the solar wind,” explains Steve Suess, another solar physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

“It takes about a year for disturbances to propagate all the way from the Sun to the outer bounds of the heliosphere.”

It is happening at time when the Earth has been going through a polar flip/shift when the Earth’s  magnetic protective field is at its weakest – a long process that has born witness to a significant drop over two centuries. It is not expected t happen for another 1,000 years given the rate at which the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening, but in the meantime, our Earth is more exposed to the Sun’s full spectrum of light.

Earth’s polar flip/shift according to records happen every 250,000+/-, but there has not been one for nearly a million years, which makes one wonder what earth was like before that polar flip/shift a million years ago.

The change in Earth’s polar flip/shift means on a physical level climatic change with the magnetic North and South Poles changing places, which are is attributed to the harmonic cycle of the magnetic fields of the sun hence all the doomsday hype, which is not based on facts.

What is known is that early hominids began walking upright when the Earth flipped 780 million years ago and began to make and use tools, and discovered fire. The clearest implication from this is a jump in human evolution which coincides with the Shift of the Ages or the Age of Aquarius 2012/2013. Massive species extinctions occurred which explains the massive fatalities taking pace right now amongst different species around the world. However in the past, there was an appearance of new species, which is not evident now. What scientists have found is an increase in the number of people with four strands of DNA, a concern to the to the top of the global economic cabal because it means elevated beings who are more difficult to control, hence their power base, their wealth is undermined unless we are kept in a state fear, and/or stupidity.


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The Healing Frequency, and the Frequency of Disharmony

The Healing Frequency, and the Frequency of Disharmony

By Hwaa Irfan

We are told that most music worldwide has been tuned to a frequency of 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953. One is not quite sure how that standard is applied given the creative process of any musician. This is not the same as the underlying universal property discovered by Dr. Aline Honingh and Prof. Rens Bod from the ILLC, University of Amsterdam. After exploring 1,000 scales from all over the world as multidimensional objects, they found that all traditional scales produced star-convex patterns, and 97% of non-traditional, scales conceived by contemporary musicians who believe they are inventing new musical scales.

And for sound God made manifest our physical world. Cymatics, the science of sound as it pertains to A=432 is described by CymaScope as:

32Hertz is a harmonic of light frequency it ‘speaks’ or ‘resonates’ directly with our cells. All cells communicate with each other via infrared light so I imagine that when they receive music in 432 Hertz they are in joy. The conscious you may not be aware of this, but most of what goes on in our bodies is sub conscious, thankfully!

So the Divine standard was set long before (ISO) following research (bioenergetic research in acoustic science), experiments and field trips (war) funded by Rothschild-Rockefeller .

While ISO  set the international concert pitch to  440 hertz, it has been found that there is one more consistent with our universe, which we are  part of known as Verdi’s ‘A’ or A=432 hertz, because Mozart and Verdi based their music on natural vibration, but A=432 was nicknamed the ‘Verdi tuning,’ but is as known as the Pythagorean Tuning in A Major. Artists like Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix originally recorded their songs in 432 Hz.

Mathematically more consistent with our universe, 432 hertz has been found to transmit beneficial healing vibration, because it has a pure tone that resonates with nature. As music was originally inspired for religious purposes the A=432Hz tuning can be found in the Hindu mantra, the Jewish cantor, a Christian hymn, or the call of a Moslem muezzin – Archaic Egyptian instruments that have been unearthed, so far, are largely tuned to A=432Hz.

Dr. Leonard Horowitz who wrote ‘Musical Cult Control’ found the ISO standard of 440 hertz as:

The music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psycho social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness.”

440 hertz stimulates the brain into disharmonious resonance, which ultimately creates disease and war, hence we seem unable to solve any of the massive crises personal and societal  problems we are confronted with today. Freedom gone haywire!

An initial attempt was made to introduce electronic sound for stage, screen, and television in 1910 with a Rockefeller grant to the American Federation of Musicians at A=440Hz, but it was righty s considered less peasant. Finally it was adopted by the British Standards Institute (BSI) in 1939 using a lot of propaganda at a time when England was about to declare war with Germany. In 1950 the American government, made it an ISO standard that all musical equipment, music on TV and Radio broadcasts will be at 440 Hz.

In musicology the interval between A=440Hz and A=444Hz is known as the ‘Devil’s Interval’ because it is extremely disharmonious when these two notes are played simultaneously.

So when we are listening to any broadcast it is at tuned at A = 440 hz, C = 261.63 hz and why mass media as a great effect on the listener by stimulating the ego, left-brain function, suppressing the ‘heart-mind,’ intuition and creative inspiration.

The B.B.C. tuning-note is derived from an oscillator controlled by a piezo-electric crystal that vibrates with a frequency of one million Hz. This is reduced to a frequency of 1,000 Hz by electronic dividers; it is then multiplied eleven times and divided by twenty-five, so producing the required frequency of 440Hz. As 439 Hz is a prime number a frequency of 439 Hz could not be broadcast by such means as this – Arthur Mendel in Studies in the History of Music

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