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The Next Step in Sequestrating Your Hard Earned Money

The Next Step in Sequestrating Your Hard Earned Money

By Hwaa Irfan


There are many people who to be their own person do odd jobs. Sometimes, those odd jobs are a means to better a low income, and/or to do something practical and useful with their hands. The window, cleaner, the plumber, the electrician etc have a skill that can provide for them. If there is any cash transaction taking pace, it is from hand-to-hand. In this Age of Convenience we are far too quick to take up on new inventions that seem to make our lives much easier, but is just a piece in the greater puzzle that poses a risk to our health, our and our own sense of security as well as proving to be far more beneficial to global governors/elite than it is to us.


The device in the picture above is known as ‘Zinc’ allows for on the spot debiting/credit card  transactions to take place. It replaces hand-to-hand cash transactions – e.g. the job cost £10 so one pays/is paid £10 no deductions. The carrot is to feel better about not spending 87% using a card to make the transaction, and the worry of cash. With ‘Zinc’ the money goes through a banking app that can be downloaded by the tradesman to their iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone –  it is launched by the WorldPay organisation working with leading banks and card companies – great!

Well the Bilderberg conference in UK 2013 wants all the ‘holes plugged’ for the grand global  tax-  the lucky ones are those who do not have a bank account and will not have to

  • Pay a fee to 2.75% to authorise each payment
  • Worry if the amount as been credited to one’s account
  • Worry if one will have access to that sum in one’s account
  • Worry about those surprising  and sudden bank charges
  • Worry if a bank is going to help itself to your account every time it’s in trouble

Since the so-called global economic crisis began in 2008, the massive bank bailouts have been a financed indirectly by the tax payer who then has been stripped of their employment rights, conditions of employment, and even the right the right to be homes after they have been stripped of everything else. Only sheer naivety can explain why anyone would want to fall for Zinc!



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Your TV Might Be Watching You!

Your TV Might Be Watching You!


From Alexandra Bruce

Welcome to the surveillance age, where everything you possess can be used by the State to spy on you.

I have been using a little piece of electric tape to cover my computer cameras for years but I don’t go to the extreme of disabling my computer’s mic, which is not addressed in this piece.

Welcome to the surveillance age, where everything you possess can be used by the State to spy on you.

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