EU flag to Replace Royal Crest on Birth, Death, Marriage,Adoption and Property Certificates!

EU flag to Replace Royal Crest on Birth, Death, Marriage  Adoption and Property Certificates!


Despite the sharp rise in abject poverty, the billions in tax payers paid bailouts of banks and the looming threat of falling into recession again, the EU by the governors that be seem to remain a viable concern in their eyes – or a desperate obsession.

Against the will of ministers the EU emblem is to be:

  • stamped on all birth certificates within three years
  • The Royal crest is to replaced on a birth, marriage and death certificates

Having engendered enough insecurity and fear amongst the people under the umbrella of anti-austerity measures while the cabal continue to make billions, the people’s vote is irrelevant as to what sovereignty they are beholden to.

According to the Daily Mail, Eric Pickles, Communities Secretary describes the move is part of a Brussels plot to brand people as European citizens ‘from cradle to grave’. Contained in the Lisbon Treaty the EU flag is to be stamped across all tiers of public administration and undermine nation states, and effective legally in 2014!

is the use of The driving license serves as a previous example – first optional for countries to put the 12-star EU symbol on new documents, 5 years later it became mandatory, and in 2011 they were ‘European driving licenses’.

To ensure acceptance, a £265million propaganda budget backs this part of the agenda as well as the carrot is to give parents to ask for either a British certificate or a European one. But if as Pickles warns this will be implemented across Europe and effective legally by 2014, the end game is obvious! The PR is to make it easier for migrants to move around Europe – probably in search of a job, which they won’t get without the ‘proper’ credentials if they haven’t been criminalized by any country within the European State!

The move fits in with a review in three years on EU regulation on birth, marriage and death certificates, as we as an EU restriction on access to birth, death and marriage certificates – the reason given being data protection. This decision took place July 2013 at a meeting of the EU Council of Justice and Home Affairs in Lithuania. Implemented under the Lisbon Treaty without going to referendum, such a move would not need the say-so of the British parliament. The regulation seeks to prevent the information falling into the wrong hands. But what if the wrong hands are the millions if children being trafficked across Europe as the law will prevent research by those interested in their family history – and what else are they hiding! The step is to include adoption, real estate papers and the absence of a criminal record.

Why do they fear ‘information falling into the wrong hands’? Doesn’t standardizing birth, death and marriage certificates across the whole of Europe make that more likely, including forgeries or will they a carry an RFID tag like cattle and/or transported goods?



“European law could halt Irish genealogists’ access to birth, death and marriage certs”

Martin, D “Stamped with the EU flag from cradle to grave: Brussels replaces royal crest on UK birth certificates with euro logo – against ministers’ wishes”

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