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The Unity of “I”

The Unity of “I”


By Hwaa irfan

694a0-1008364uzoc5jtr8iCan you imagine an orchestra, a band, or a group of singers, all with their part to play in one musical piece? The violin, the cello, the timpani, the French horns, the trumpets, and the piano – each instrument as a musical score full of sounds and silence, that must consider, and interact with all the other instruments to create harmony. So it is with the singers: the baritone, bass, contralto, and soprano. Each instrument, each voice, has a gift, and with that gift, a role to play in the greater harmony of the whole piece. And so it is with life. Each person has a gift, and it is only in recognition of that gift, no matter how insignificant it may seem on the grander scale of things, play their role in the greater harmony of life.

When a person does not recognize that gift, and is taken over by the idea of what others consider to be important, the gift becomes buried within the subconscious, the part of the self where one’s inner voice lingers waiting to be heard. A sense of agitation develops, the source of which remains obscure, because one is caught up with trying to be what the outside world says one should be along with everybody else. One grows to become interested in things which does not interest one’s soul persuaded that this is what life is about. One exerts all one’s effort towards the accomplishments that is set by others, to find that one is never truly at ease. Occasionally, one becomes restless, and even irritable, the trouble is one never really knows why. An unknowing contempt develops for one’s self, and then for others. One finds children a joy in small measures, but because one has silenced the child within, one’s tolerance with children tends to be limited. That limitation then extends to the natural environment, and the endless blessings that one denies.

The trouble is, despite this inner struggle that is going on within one’s self, one remains deaf to it, because one is not alone. In fact, most people are carrying the same burden, and as such, it all seems quite normal. It is only in separation that we mistakenly believe that the struggle is only our own. No one realizes that society is functioning out of harmony, as long as everyone is doing the same thing. As such, lies are plentiful to explain away the situation, and to make the situation seem perfectly normal. One might even belief in God, and profess to be a member of a particular religion, but the reality is that one only facilitates certain acts of worship, and then returns to a life out of balance.

{What, have they not meditated about their own selves? God created not the heavens and the earth and whatsoever is between them, save with the Truth and for a stated term … 30:8)

This lack of inner unity expresses itself outwardly and impacts upon all relations. The relation with one’s self, with others, with the environment, and as a result, with one’s Creator. We build our lives on it, only to find we have built ourselves an open prison. We see ourselves as separate from each other, from everything else. What happens to them happens to them, and has no affect whatsoever on the essential “I”. The trouble is it does effect the essential “I”, but the essential “I” has been lost, because in the process we separated ourselves from the essential “I”. Instead we take the illusion of the essential “I” and cloth it with selfishness, arrogance, vanity, lies, lies, and more lies, not realizing that the essential “I” is not present in our lives, and that it is different from what we have decided it to be.

One has belittled the essential “I”, relegated it as unworthy of seeing the light of day, and as such, one becomes emotionally vulnerable, judging ourselves according to external factors. One might fall into abusive relationships whether at work or in our personal lives, always seeking approval for our existence in some form through relationships, or the influential. Always reaching outwards, always seeking approval, one ends up enslaving one’s self to the illusions created by one’s self, and the illusions created by others.

Are we happy?  But we continue to doing what makes us unhappy. Why because we do not know why we are unhappy? So what do we do? Stop?

How can one just stop?

Just stop doing that which you know makes you unhappy? How when it involves other? Others are not the problem – you are. So what do I tell them? Tell that which will put them at ease, but is not a lie? But they will think I don’t love them or that I love someone else? Love is about the ability and the readiness to love, because in the I n I we are all one as the essential I belongs to everyone. Once you find your essential “I” you will know what that means, then you will be able to be there for them, and they will learn to be there for you. But how do I find the essential “I”. By being in the present with whatever you do – if you are praying, you’re praying, if you are contemplating, you are contemplating, if you are eating, you are eating, if you are with your loved ones, you are with your loved ones – you do all of this in a state of mindfulness, not thinking about anything else other than what you are doing. But I have regrets. You only have power over the present not the past, or the future. But what good will that do?

You will learn to be happy with what you have, and what you have is now? But how will that help me discover the essential “I”? The essential “I” is in the present – in the silence – in what truly makes you happy, in what breathes enthusiasm into you. But how will I recognize when I am in the present? Watch the children when no adults are involved! That is why Prophet Issa/Jesus said: Come unto me the little children! But what is so special about the essential “I”? In the essential “I” of a honey bee, it knows its purpose is to pollinate the plants, in the essential “I” of the plant patchouli, it knows one of its purpose – its gift is to relieve anxiety behind certain illnesses, in the essential “I” of your skeletal system, it knows it has to maintain physical contact with the earth in order to support the mobility of one’s body, and one’s body in harmony with creation, but with the essential “I” of your soul, its gift – its purpose has to be discovered by you because Allah (SWT) gave man’s souls a choice to live by the ego, or to live for all of us through your personal gift – our purpose in this dimension.

Multiple Personality Disorder by robbypBy ignoring the essential “I”, each new encounter is false, and what we do becomes false for every action is determined by its true intention, and if one does not know what one truly intended, how can one act upon it?

{O mankind, We have created you male and female, and appointed you nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Surely the noblest among you in the sight of God is the most God‑fearing of you ….} (Al Hujurat 49:13)

And to know one another is to know yourself, and this is the unity of “I”.

But I only care about my family? When you care only care about your family, there is usually a condition, and that condition is based on the idea of building, but in the building you suffocate the potential of both your family members and yourself as an extension of your ego – that is why you are unhappy!

So my ego hides what really makes me happy?

Your ego only reveals your illusions, and why you are never satisfied with anything or anyone else.

What goes round, comes round until you have no choice, it is too late or you wake up from your subconscious sleep!

O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you of a single soul ….(An Nisa 4:1)

It has an inner voice that is drowned out by our distractions, an inner voice that can help us to discern the manifold lies from the truth – it special to no one! It is our diving rod that can help make sense of what is going on around us if we truly want to live and stop merely existing as fuel for somebody else’s ego, lies, and bank balance!

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The Government Not You Makes Decisions about You!*

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“He’s a really good baby. He’s always happy. He likes to eat”

With a little celery juice her son “grew like a weed.”

But this was not according to the guidelines of Monsanto’s Food and Drugs Administration.

Alorah was reported to the Health and Human Services by her doctor for not following the FDA’s guidelines on what your baby should ingest.

“I hope this all goes away. It’s been so terrible and hard on us. We’re just trying to live our lives and they keep bothering us. I just want it to be all over.”

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