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‘Third Gender’ Official in Germany from November

‘Third Gender’ Official in Germany from November

By Hwaa Irfan

genderIt takes a sick man to run a country today and to sleep then wake up without having learnt anything.

The cabal’s speed quickens to have everything in place in this case for the formation of the United States of Europe, as part of the re-balkanization of global sovereignties into seven ‘manageable’ sovereignties. This is possible under our very noses because of those who will cast this notion off as a conspiracy theory.

They are taking our lives and blurring our existence into fuel and fodder for their needs. The issue of gender has defined by nature, has been progressively whittled away, because they have entrained us to believe that women, men, and children have no specific needs through the issue of employment, heath, sex education, the gay and lesbian agenda, and the hijab.

Rendering us incapable of maintaining a long-term relationship, which on an energistic level fluoridation of water achieve, now we get down to the personal document, the birth certificate.

Spiegel reports Germany as the “first country in Europe to introduce a third, “indeterminate” gender designation on birth certificates” as coordinated by the EU on the basis of ‘discriminationAnother step in blurring the identities of trafficked and adopted children.

As of November 1, parents will have the choice of “M”, “F” or blank, on a document that will haunt their children for the rest of their lives. As stated by Spiegel:

“….thereby allowing those born with characteristics of both sexes to choose whether to become male or female in later life. Under the new law, individuals can also opt to remain outside the gender binary altogether.”

This supports German family law publication FamRZ has called for the introduction of a third category, designated by the letter “X”, which was actually passed in May 2013! This follows 6 weeks after Australia legislated in for individuals to select a third category irrespective of whether or not they have undergone sex reassignment surgery or hormone therapy affecting all personal documents!

At birth, we only know one thing, that a child is either male or female unless they are born with sexual organs from both genders, an hermaphrodite. It is a mother’s voice not anyone’s voice that triggers the active parts of a newborn’s brain responsible for language learning, researchers at the University of Montreal and the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre found.

A Case in Mind!

US born David Reimer was hailed by scientists as a triumph of nurture over nature who became a clear example as what happens when one tampers with the Laws of Nature, in this case gender.

Baptized Brian Reimer what was to ruin his life began in 1966. Brian was scheduled for a circumcision, but only an assistant was available, and ruined the small operation which resulted in his penis falling off having been burnt by a cauterizing implement.

Aged 1 with testicles but no penis, his parents went to doctor John Money in Baltimore who had gained a reputation of helping people of ambiguous gender. The perception was that the best course of action was to transform their son into a daughter. Brian’s parents agreed to surgery, including clinical castration, and hormone treatment to turn young Brian into a girl. This gender-fixing procedure was adopted at hospitals worldwide. Considered one of the world’s leading sexologists, Money’s books included The Breathless Orgasm (1991), Venuses Penuses (1986) and Gay, Straight and Inbetween (1988.)

Brian became Brenda and long trousers gave way to skirts. But Brian/Brenda had an identical twin brother, who was indisputably male.

At 13 Brian-Brenda went into therapy with a school counselor provided by the Winnipeg school system. Brian-Brenda learned for the first time what had happened to him.He was stigmatized by fellow classmates for his ungainly gait, the muscles that, despite the removal of his testicles, had begun developing on his neck and arms, and his lack of interest in boys.

“They wouldn’t let him use the boys’ washroom or the girls’,” his mother, Janet Reimer, recalled. “He had to go in the back alley.”

Brian rebelled and demanded that he be restored to manhood.

The breasts that had developed because of the hormone injections were removed by mastectomy. Brian opted for reconstructive surgery to build back the penis of which he had been robbed after birth.

It was not until 2000 that the true story of Reimer’s experience became known in collaboration with Rolling Stone journalist John Colapinto, in the book As Nature Made Him: the Boy who was Raised as a Girl. By this time, Brenda reverted to Brian and was no longer wearing female clothes and lingerie – he had enough!  On Oprah Winfrey’s show Brian described how that Money had consigned him to a childhood of humiliation, confusion and misery.

Milton Diamond collaborated with Brian now David on the first scientific papers to expose the disaster of the John/Joan case. Diamond said:

“David didn’t give permission for what was done to him. Even though he didn’t have a penis, he still knew he was male.”

David struggled to cope with the death of his twin brother separation from his wife who took the children, which for sensitive men in general serves as proof of their manhood. Then David lost his job. But on 4 May 2004, David took his own life.

“I was surprised that other people wound up going through what I had, because of my so-called ‘success story’ that wasn’t so much of a success,” David said.

“You were expected to wear girl’s clothing and to behave in a certain manner and you were expected to play with girl’s toys.”

“I thought it was very ignorant for them to think I was no longer a male because my penis was burned off. A woman who loses her breasts to cancer doesn’t become any less of a woman.”

“Scientists had just relied on this case as being a precedent for the fact that you could assign the sex and gender to children,” said co-author Colapinto to David’s book.

 “Those who believed that and taught it and based their clinical practice on it, and who actually performed similar procedures, were scandalized,” Colapinto added.

So Go for the Mind!?

As a medical doctor, Joseph Kuhn and surgeon at the Baylor University Medical Center challenges Darwinism, on how life could not possibly have come from chemicals alone, since the information residing in DNA required an input from outside of nature – this has been confirmed manifold, and may seem to serve the any gender proponents, but Kuhn emphasizes a factor that a healers from any tradition knows. Biochemist Michael Behe named this knowledge the all-or-nothing systems “irreducibly complex.” Removing a single core part from one of these systems keeps the entire system from working, and this implies that the system was initially built with all of its parts intact.


In David Simmons What Darwin Didn’t Know he explains a little further what many traditional medical practitioners know:

These combine with many others to form the entire human body-a system of systems-that is irreducible at many levels, from gross anatomy to biochemistry. For example, just as a woman would die without her heart, she would also die without the vital blood biochemical hemoglobin.

But even an intact heart and hemoglobin need regulation. A heart that beats too fast or too slow can be just as lethal as having no heart, and a body that produces too much or too little hemoglobin can be equally unhealthy. Thus, the systems that regulate heartbeats and hemoglobin must also have been present from the beginning.

Kuhn wrote that “virtually every aspect of human physiology has regulatory elements, feedback loops, and developmental components that require thousands of interacting genes leading to specified protein expression.” Thus, “the human body represents an irreducibly complex system on a cellular and an organ/system basis.”

Since then scientists have learnt to manipulate the brain using the Common core Curriculum, magnets, radio/microwaves, and pain-based trauma and music i.e. mind control.

They still believe they can reduce ones humanity to be submissive to one’s sexual instincts – why is this important – because in becoming so, one’s moral judgment is nil – nada, and thus less likely to question authority.  But as researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Center for Regenerative Medicine discovered, reprogrammed cells ‘remember,’ and retain characteristics of their cells of origin which brings us back to the Brians-Brendas-Davids that will transpire from conning them into genderlessness with a walking certificate as proof.



Third Gender Option to Become Available on German Birth Certificates


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Smartphones Cause Shortsightedness*

Smartphones Cause Shortsightedness*


If you don’t use it you lose it!

The eyes have muscles which have been designed to be used, something that has become less and less with the advent of the computer, and smear and smear screens. What happens when we use a screen is that eyes are locked into one position – straight ahead for long periods of time without looking left  or right or into the distance.

The Daily Mail reports on an upshot in short sightedness among young people since 1997 according to leading laser eye surgeon David Allamby, founder of Focus Clinics, says there has been a 35% increase in cases of advanced myopia (short sightedness) since the launch of smartphones in 1997.

Dubbed ‘screen sightedness’ by Allamby  Britons spend an average of two hours a day on smartphones in addition to computers and watching television – the result permanent damage to their sight. When we read a newspaper/book according to research it is held at 40cm away from the eyes. A smartphone is held at  30 cm – 18cm away from the face.

Myopia used to stop developing in people’s early 20s but now it is now seen progressing throughout the 20s, 30s, and even 40s. Allamby believes today’s children are most at risk of myopia – with children as young as seven being given smartphones.

Researchers at the University of California found that the problem is the demand on the eyes to focus on the screen and simultaneously adjust to the distance of the content.

The phenomenon is known as ‘vergence-accommodation’ and experiments found people suffered discomfort when content from mobile phones appeared in front of the screen rather than behind it.


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Without Shame!

Women gathered at the funeral of Asmaa el Beltagy, 17, who was killed Wednesday write their names on their arms in case they, too, end up dead from the latest clashes in Egypt. | Nancy A. Youssef/MCT

Egyptians spray the dead outside the overwhelmed Zeinhoum morgue in Cairo in a futile attempt to stamp out the smell of death. | Amina Ismail/MCT

Egyptian presidential advisor Mustafa Hegazy described them as remnants of “religious fascism” that once governed the nation. The police called them infidels as they cleared a mosque Saturday where they were either hiding or shooting, depending on which side you listened to. Newscasters referred to them as armed gunmen.

And on the streets of Cairo, in front of the latest clashes, nearby residents used the terms animals, barbarians, and terrorists to describe supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.  –Nancy A. Youssef and Amina Ismail

Mahmoud Badr, the activist whose petition campaign helped to bring down Egypt’s Islamist president, says the bloodshed that has followed is a high but acceptable price for saving the nation from the Muslim Brotherhood.Badr’s staunch defense of the army, despite the deaths of almost 800 people in the past three days, shows how many Egyptians who consider themselves liberals are sitting back and watching what human rights campaigners say is one setback for democracy and the rule of law after another.

“What Egypt is passing through now is the price, a high price, of getting rid of the Brotherhood’s fascist group before it takes over everything and ousts us all,” Badr, 28, told Reuters in a telephone interview.

Badr and his two twenty-something co-founders of the “Tamarud-Rebel” movement encouraged millions of Egyptians to take to the streets in protests demanding the overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Mursi.

The army removed Mursi on July 3 and violence has erupted across the country this week as security forces cracked down on Brotherhood supporters demanding his reinstatement.

Badr, a journalist, believes the pivotal Arab nation could be descending into civil war. But he still thinks ousting Egypt’s first freely-elected president was the right decision and defended the military’s conduct in the violent aftermath.

“I did not see anything bad from the army. They did not interfere in politics and I am a witness to that,” said Badr. “I back its decisions on my own and without any instructions as I think they are right and getting us where we want.”

A Day Of Rage

Death Toll Mount as ‘Day of Rage’ Across Egypt

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