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Islam Next Stage in NWO Common Core Curriculum*

Islam Next Stage in NWO Common Core Curriculum*

By Hwaa Irfan

Schooling By David DeesFor those who have not clouded their own judgment with the entrained opinions of others, modern education is a disaster. After all our modern leaders are raised on it! A long list of intelligent people have testified to this disaster from Alexandre Dumas:

How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it.

Edward Grieg

I have not the least doubt that school developed in me nothing but what was evil and left the good untouched.

Agatha Christie

“I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays and have things arranged for them that they seem so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas.”

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

“In public high schools, you are not given tools, you are given information and data. In fact, a metaphor that is used in education today is that you’re basically a hard drive that needs to be written with a given software. You will then fulfill whatever are the social needs of the society. Schooling today is designed only to matriculate people into the logic of the system itself. Then people end up in meaningless jobs doing meaningless work, and never really think about what type of society they’re contributing to.”

In fact, the above is summarized in one of the key authors of the Common Core Curriculum itself:

John Dewey, the basis of the one World Common Core Curriculum!

“Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”

Unfortunately apart from the parents who send their children to school so that they can proud are many parents who send their children to school so that they can think for themselves!

Now that it is clear that global education or the World Common Core Curriculum that is aimed to applied by every nation is not about nurturing thinking, creative, and insightful individuals who can fulfil their potential in this world, then we are clear that it is not about ‘education’ i.e. from the Latin educare to bring out what is within.

As the academic year 2013 – 2014 begins in the US, a few parents had a nasty shock. Even as a Muslim I can put myself in their place, after all they have been through as a result of all- American media outlets to be Islamophobic! Then to add insult to injury, prior to 9/11, subject to decades of having Christianity withdrawn from schools and public spaces. The nasty shock in Wichita, Kansas, and Tennessee was to be faced with a bulletin board with the five pillars of Islam as large as day.

Outrage doesn’t describe the reaction, but given the background of not thinking for one’s self what can one expect – the carnage in Egypt is one clear example of that. In the narrow-minded comments that followed the post on the bulletin board of five pillars of Islam, one contributor added balanced judgement to the forum:

“First off a few things. It’s a presentation of the religion not saying “Hey believe in this”. It’s allowed because it’s and educational and informative piece. People are just pissed because it’s Islam. We don’t know the facts about the presentation only that it is “The Five Pillars of Islam” Big Whoop.

When I was in high school I took a class called Religions of the World and there were no sermons, no practicing, only teaching us about the foundation and history behind the religion. We did presentations like this all the time about Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and so forth.

People need to start looking past a religious sector as straight evil. If that was the seven deadly sins of Catholicism no one would bat an eye. We keep associating the religions of the Middle East with Terrorism but in reality all religions have been committing terrorist acts on one another since the dawn of religious belief. And Christians are the highest perpetrators of starting “holy wars”.

Maybe a little education is what the world needs as opposed to fearing an idea. I don’t hate people who practice Islam. I hate people who commit heinous crimes against humanity, both domestic and foreign. It takes a few bad eggs to spoil the bunch. We as a society need to stop living by that philosophy and figure out how to toss out the whole bunch as opposed to not salvaging the unspoiled few.

You want to know why hatred and racism still exists in this country? Look in a mirror and at the uproar in these comments over something that doesn’t really convey anything. People hate this amazing country because we stopped letting people live how they want. No one can just disagree anymore, we have to disagree tell you you are wrong then give you a right answer. Bullshit. This country use to be great because people made their own choices. Now everyone needs a group to force choices upon you. Shame on you people for not getting the facts and just posting a picture of a board to cause a stir. You are no different than sensationalized mainstream media” – KM.

A well reasoned point of view that many of us need to digest and process in order to dig our senses out of the pit of ignorance, but there is one tiny problem – the World Common Core Curriculum!

Now add Islam to the World Common Core Curriculum, which is anti-thesis to the World Common Core Curriculum what can we look forward to?

One example of many at an overly esteemed American university in Cairo was a vibrant, intelligent Muslimah (female) student attending an additional unrelated (from her major) short course on Hadith. Hadith are the traditions and practices of Islam’s main prophet Muhammed (SAW). The result of her attending that course was a breakdown re: her faith. She was still intelligent, and creative, but that course left her very destructive and abusive to others as well as herself.

Another case occurred in KG at an American International school where they had daily sessions on Islam. The teacher, was a lovely person, but somehow she managed to turn the KG students against Islam using the same ‘schooling’ methods which treats a child’s mind as a piece of stone to be sculpted:

 “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.” – John Dewey, the basis of the one World Common Core Curriculum!

There was no room for the many questions arising from the students who had a million experiences they wanted to share with their teacher.

The result, the children became rebellious as soon as their Islamic teacher arrived for the session, throughout the lessons and tuned out at the very mention of anything Islamic!

It didn’t take long in both cases for the inevitable to happen, just as it does not take long for a student to tune out and look elsewhere for something more interesting than the lesson to do.

When a person walks into a supermarket, they become so bombarded with choices that the mind becomes disengaged and this applies to city-living. Note the difference in maturity between a city child, and child raised in the countryside.

The above underlines this intention, an intention that is at the core of the World Common Core Curriculum, the schooling arm of the New World Order by taking something from each religion, and putting them into a melting pot so that they would cancel each other out. Atheists, Satanists, and the infiltrated wing of the New Age Movement will be smiling at the thought, but there is another purpose entirely behind that intention.

“Just as man, as a social being, cannot in the long run exist without a tie to the community, so the individual will never find the real justification for his existence, and his own spiritual and moral autonomy, anywhere except in an extramundane principle capable of relativizing the overpowering influence of external factors.

The individual who is not anchored in God can offer no resistance on his own resources to the physical and moral blandishments of the world. For this he needs the evidence of inner, transcendent experience which alone can protect him from the otherwise inevitable submersion in the mass. Merely intellectual or even moral insight into the stultification and moral irresponsibility of the mass man is a negative recognition only and amounts to much more than a wavering on the road to the atomization of the individual. . .” – Carl Jung

“The State has taken the place of  God; that is why, seen from this angle, the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship”  – Carl Jung

The One World Government!

The avenue of a global education agenda is one that Rockefeller has played a strong roll in directing. Written by Professor John I. Goodlad, the Schooling for a Global Age, was funded by the Danforth and Rockefeller Foundations, and the U.S. Department of Education. The focus was and is to prepare each person for a “better world” using the same model, and the same psychological strategies. With this, they felt that the battle for global governance could be won!

One of the key driving forces behind Common Core Standards is globalist, eugenicist, member of the Committee of 300, and partner in Monsanto Bill Gates. As a copyright holders, NGA/CCSSO Gates donated $25 million dollars to promote his version of global education.

In 2009, Gates made two separate donations of $9,961,842 and $3,185,750. In 2010, Gates donated $743,331 and in 2011, he contributed $9,388,911. In 2008, Gates donated $2,259,780 to the National Governor’s Association (NGA) to develop and implement Common Core. The NGA is the conduit into America from the United Nations UNESCO, Education for All. Gates is listed as partner with UNESCO/UN to fund ”Education For All,” which in turn was transferred to the National Governors Association which changed the name to Common Core.

A global religion is to replace all religions, a religion that puts global governance in control of the people. So any real religion is a threat to their agenda, and the easiest way is to get them pitting against one another.

In the case that led to the writing of this article, the five pillars of Islam at a school in Wichita, Kansas the perceived threat was exampled by one contributor:

“This is what I call seed Jihad. They know it will be taken down, but they also know that it will be seen, although briefly, it still serves to put the seed of islam (not capitalized purposely) in young people’s minds so that they start to wonder what is islam? Once there is a question in the human mind then curiosity grows and the pursuit of an answer follows. This is one of their tactics. The koran instructs muslims to deceive the infidel. Lies and deception are overt strategies to further the islamic cause. There is no other religion (actually a political system, islam is not a religion) that proposes dishonesty. Why, would islam resort to do this if it was inherently good which would not require such wrong-minded tacticts? The answer is that it is a ruthlessly evil fascist system designed to give its leaders power, sex and profit, by any means necessary including murder, rape, lies, etc. Beware, open your eyes, be ready to stand and fight, because it is coming and it will not stop until it is stopped.” – Quess Please


This is the same mentality that led to the blood bath in Cairo recently, so be mindful of becoming just another pawn!

Thankfully, the parent’s outrage resulted in the Five Pillars of Islam bulletin board being removed, thankfully because like sex education, who knows what the students will be taught.

“KANSAS: Students at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary School in Wichita were greeted with this on the wall Wednesday”

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Even in the US Teachers Pay out of their Pocket for their Students*

Even in the US Teachers Pay out of their Pocket for their Students*


By Mark Koba


A second-year pre-kindergarten teacher at Salem Elementary School in Apex, N.C., Hannah Martin makes about $34,000 a year and in her spare time takes as many babysitting jobs as she can get.

Martin, who rents a room in a house she shares with four other women, said the work outside her classroom is necessary if her students are to have the school supplies they need.

“I only have $100 from the school for the whole year to buy supplies, and it’s not enough,” 23-year-old Martin said.

“I do the babysitting to help get money to buy toys and books,” she said. “I even had to buy shelves and a stool for the kids to stand on to wash their hands at the sink. I spent about $500 on supplies last year, and It definitely hurts my own pocketbook.”

With school budgets across the country slashed, Martin is part of a growing number of teachers spending more of their own money for school supplies, according to a recent survey from insurance firm Horace Mann, which focuses on products for educators.

The problem has reached near-crisis levels, especially in states like North Carolina.

“We’re letting our teachers know how rough the situation is,” said Eric Moore, a fiscal accountant at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. “We’ve only got about 35 percent of our past budgets for supplies this year.

“After the Great Recession, decisions were made to cut supply funding instead of teaching positions, and we’re still facing that lack of funding,” he said.

According to the Horace Mann survey, 53 percent of respondents said their budgets for classroom supplies have been cut. General items, including paper and pens, top the list of materials not covered sufficiently by current budgets, followed by math and science tools, then reading material.

The survey said that 26 percent of the 814 teachers participating spent $400 of their own money on supplies last year—that’s a 3 percentage point increase from 2011 in the number of teachers spending that much.

“It has gotten worse for us … especially since we haven’t received a raise in seven years,” said Mallori Lucas, a reading and language arts teacher at Union Township Middle School in Valparaiso, Ind.

“I was out about $500 last year and $600 the previous year buying supplies,” said Lucas, who has been teaching for 21 years and has a base salary of $55,000 a year.

“Of course we’re not forced to spend our money. But some of these kids don’t even get breakfast before they come to school, so we buy them snacks and treats,” said the single mother of two teenagers.

Increasing numbers of teachers also are going online to seek financial donations for items including pens, paper or computers. Others seek supplies for specific projects, such as field trips or science fairs.

“We’ve had a 30 percent year growth from last year in the number of requests from teachers,” said Charles Best, CEO of, an online nonprofit charity group that matches donors and teachers for supplies and projects.

Horace Mann is among the contributors to teacher projects on

“It’s clear that the reason for the increase is that so many teachers have to use their own money these days,” Best said. “That’s especially true in the lower-income school districts.”

A California-based group that offers cut-rate prices on school materials said it has never been busier.

“We just completed our back-to-school sales, and we had thousands more teachers coming in than ever before,” said Greg Brown, senior director of RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching). “They’re stocking up on supplies they can’t get from their schools. Teachers are forced to pick up the slack.”

Spending their own money on supplies is almost part of teachers’ job description, said Arlee Hall, a 42-year-old kindergarten teacher at Donald E. Suburu Elementary in Bakersfield, Calif.

“In my second year of teaching, I spent $2,000 on supplies, from books to pens to fruits for the classroom,” said Hall, who is married and the father of two adult children. “I also bought shoes and jackets for some of the kids. My family and I missed out on some vacations, but I’d spend the money again.”

“I’m not spending as much now,” said Hall, who started teaching in 2000 at a salary of $35,000 and now makes around $50,000 a year. “But it’s still tough when it comes to supplies, as our class size is growing. They give us one ream of paper a week, and that’s it for all the work that needs to be done.”

With only 9 percent of total K-12 education funds coming from the federal government, most money for schools comes from state and local funding.

But continued cuts—and low spending even at prior levels—are forcing officials to be creative, said Moore at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

“What we’re trying to do now is to pool supply resources among school districts as best we can,” Moore said. “It’s a top issue for us to try and make sure the kids get the supplies they need.”

California students may be a bit luckier. In an email to, the state’s superintendent of public instruction, Tom Torlakson, said,

“I appreciate the great sacrifices teachers make by taking money out of their own pockets for supplies for their students, especially after years of budget cuts that will soon be alleviated by the governor’s budget and passage of Prop 30.”

Proposition 30 was the state tax increase passed by California voters last November. In June, the Democratic-controlled Legislature passed Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget calling for a $38 billion increase in education spending for grades K through 12.

But unlike California, many states, including Florida, Texas and North Dakota, are keeping education cuts. And voters don’t seem likely to pass school budgets that call for higher taxes when they’re voting for cuts.

“We had a referendum last year on about $1 million for the budget,” said Lucas at Union Township Middle School. “It’s good it passed and taxpayers aren’t happy. But there’s still come cuts happening.”

“Everyone’s trying to make ends meet, so it’s understandable that parents don’t want to see their taxes raised, even if it means more money for school budgets,” Hall, the kindergarten teacher, said. “They’re stuck in the middle. The kids and parents end up suffering.”

A full effort is needed to get anything done, said Moore of the North Carolina Department of Instruction.

“We’re trying to encourage outreach to the legislators about this,” he said. “If we are to get more money from the state, it will have to come from parents, teachers and everyone pushing for it.”

While expressing hope that the situation may improve, some envision only darker days ahead.

“I don’t see how this gets any better,” said Lucas at Union Township Middle School. “Cuts keep happening. It’s too bad, because this is such a great school.”

“I see how this affects my kids,” said Hall at Donald E. Suburu Elementary. “They don’t always have the tools to learn. It’s always been a problem, but it’s much worse now. California’s budget should help us, but other states won’t benefit from that.”

Martin at Salem Elementary said she isn’t digging as deeply into her own pocket this year.

“I bought a lot last year, but items like Velcro and magnets that will last longer,” she said. “I keep receipts, but I’m afraid to look at what I’ve spent.

“We’re all doing the best we can, and we’re not complaining. We just want the best for our kids,” Martin said. “There are other things I could do with my life, but I love teaching. It’s in my blood, so I’ll continue to do what I can for the kids.”



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Greenland Ice Sheet Melting from Above and Below*

Greenland Ice Sheet Melting from Above and Below*

The Greenland ice sheet is not only melting from above, but also from below. It has been discovered that this is caused by heat flowing up from Earth’s mantle. It’s variable across Greenland, absent in some places and intense in others. Last summer, NASA satellites revealed that the surface of Greenland’s massive ice sheet had melted over an unusually large area.

NASA has been monitoring the Greenland melt for 30 years, July of 2012 was “unprecedented,” partly because it was so large and partly because it occurred at the COLDEST part of the country, Summit station.


On July 8 (left) and July 12 (right). Measurements from three satellites showed that on July 8, about 40 percent of the ice sheet had undergone thawing at or near the surface. In just a few days, the melting had dramatically accelerated and an estimated 97 percent of the ice sheet surface had thawed by July 12. In the image, the areas classified as “probable melt” (light pink) correspond to those sites where at least one satellite detected surface melting. The areas classified as “melt” (dark pink) correspond to sites where two or three satellites detected surface melting. Credit: Nicolo E. DiGirolamo, SSAI/NASA GSFC, and Jesse Allen, NASA Earth Observatory


A few southern coastal areas began melting in mid-May, followed by inland higher-elevation ice and all remaining coastal areas about June 3, when warmer conditions arrived. As of August, melt was well below 2012’s extraordinary levels, but still significantly above average.

Greenland’s ice sheet plays a central role in climate, and it is contracting at the rate of about 680,000 cubic miles of ice per year. Its vast white surface also reflects enormous amounts of heat back into space, but as it melts less of that heat is reflected, and the less heat that is reflected, the hotter it gets and the more melt takes place. The white ice reflects sunlight back into the atmosphere, effectively cooling the planet.

The Greenland ice sheet/Sermersuaq) is a vast body of ice that has covered 1,710,000 square kilometres (660,235 sq mi), roughly 80% of the surface of Greenland. It is the second largest ice body in the world, after the Antarctic Ice Sheet. It is believed that if the entire 2,850,000 cubic km (683,751 cu mi) of ice were to melt, it would lead to a global sea level rise of 7.2 m (23.6 ft).

The video shows the largest glacier calving event ever filmed, this for the ‘Chasing Ice’ documentary. It occurred on the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland on May 28, 2008, and caused the glacier to retreat a mile in 75 minutes, a record.


“Greenland Ice Sheet Melting from Above and Below”

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Genetically Engineered Bt Cotton in Ghana: The hidden Agenda Exposed

Genetically Engineered Bt Cotton in Ghana: The hidden Agenda Exposed

By Ali Masmadi Jehu Appiah

After several years of apparent short-term success in Burkina Faso of Bt cotton in increasing yields, and improving profits of small scale cotton farmers, authorities in Ghana have decided to go down the same road. Ghana’s National Biosafety Committee (NBC) has just approved field tests of GE rice in the Ashanti Region, and GE cotton field tests at 6 different locations in the Northern Region. Bt is bacillus thuringiensis, a pesticide used to control bollworms in cotton, and stem borers in rice.

Why is Ghana looking only to the short-term gains of Burkina? Why not also look at the much longer-term experience of Bt cotton in India, China, the USA, and Indonesia? In all of these countries, there is evidence of huge problems arising from Bt crops after the first few years. There is an alarming record of growing dependency on agribusiness corporations, reduced profits, increasing debt of small-scale farmers, and major environmental safety hazards. Is Ghana naively following bad advice from agribusiness corporations and their NGO and diplomatic agents?

Currently, West Africa has the enviable record of producing some of the best cotton in the world with the least use of pesticides and without genetic engineering. Introducing Bt cotton will put this at risk. Cotton and rice farmers in Ghana can easily recount the constraints limiting their production and profits. But none of these priority problems can be solved by introducing highly controversial GE hybrid seeds.

Potential demand by farmers is not driving this recent action by the Biosafety Committee. There is another, quite hidden, agenda pushing Ghana down the GE road. The so-called success of Bt cotton in Burkina is only being used as a pretext for this agenda.

The start of field trials for Bt crops in Ghana is highly alarming because there is no scientific evidence supporting the long-term safety of genetically engineered (GE) crops. “Closed” field trials on research stations are no guarantee of preventing Bt contamination when wind and birds spread pollen laced with insecticide genes. What seems likely as a major factor pushing this highly risky venture is that the Biosafety Committee has been influenced by outside forces.

The risks Ghana is taking by starting down the GE road are many. Bt cotton and Bt rice have the pesticide Bt in every cell of the plant, including the pollen. There is some evidence suggesting that inhaling Bt pollen can sicken people and livestock, and in some cases even cause death, as happened in Mindanao in the Philippines. There are reports that thousands of sheep in India were killed after grazing on the fields of Bt cotton after harvest. And in both Germany and India, cows eating Bt crops have died. Bt infected pollen can drift far and wide, pollinating normal crops, contaminating them with the Bt altered genes. Transgenic proteins, the proteins transferred from one species to another by GE technology, can potentially cause serious immune reactions including allergies. This is a serious public health issue; and warrants an immediate ban on GM crops, including field trials, until proper assessment on the immune potential of all the transgenic proteins has been carried out.

Bt cotton also has a devastating effect on the soil, because the insecticide gene destroys vital microbial organisms, bacteria, and enzymes. A decade of planting with GM cotton, or any GM crop with Bt genes in it, could lead to total destruction of soil organisms, leaving dead soil unable to produce food. Bt enters our soil, our air, and our water.

In light of all these reports, the question we Ghanaians need to ask ourselves is: “Do we want to eat, breath, and drink Bt? Do we want to eat animals that have been eating, breathing, and drinking Bt?”

It is highly unfortunate that key scientists involved do not seem concerned by these issues. Dr. Emmanuel Chamba, Plant Breeder and Principal Investigator for Bt Cotton research at the CSIR-Savanna Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Nyankpala, Tamale, seems preoccupied only with finding ways to control cotton’s two main insect pests, Bollworm complex and Sucking pests. And these, he indicated, can be well taken care of by the Bt cotton.

But even on this narrow basis, the record of other countries is a savage contradiction to his words. Burkina Faso’s example only shows that the first few years of Bt cotton crops may be a success. But longer-term experience in India, China and the US provide strong evidence that the insects soon develop resistance. Also, secondary pests, that before caused little or no damage, soon become major problems. The agrochemical companies then genetically engineer plants with stronger toxins. After the first few years the cotton farmers find they have to treat their fields more frequently with more and stronger chemicals. They enter a cycle of more expensive seeds, more pesticides, and more debt. They are required by contract to buy new seed each year along with the accompanying chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In the US and India this has led to a cycle of debt in which the agrochemical company eventually seizes the farmer’s land to pay the debt, leaving the farmer with nothing.

These are the grave risks that the Biosafety Committee decision is bringing to Ghana. Are the potential short-term benefits of Bt crops worth these multiple risks? What are the lessons we need to learn from what happened in other countries? Even leaving aside the biosafety hazards, and regarding only production, in India, there is a striking correlation in the areas where Bt cotton is widely grown, and a dramatic increase in the rate of farmer suicides, many thousands per month. In most cases the farmers committing suicide have lost their farms due to a cycle of debt they incurred to buy new seed and pesticides, and negative income due to crop failures. Many attribute the huge price increase of cotton seed, which has gone up 8000% in India since Bt seed was introduced, as a contributing factor to farmer suicides.

In many countries, Bt cotton has proven subject to other crop diseases, particularly virus wilt. Farmers in the US and China have found whole fields wilting and when they pull up the plant there are almost no roots. Nothing can be done but destroy the entire field. Even in Burkina Faso, touted as a success story, farmers have been unhappy with the short fibers produced by Bt cotton. Most West African cotton has the highly desirable long fibers. In 2012 there was talk of stopping Bt cotton production completely in Burkina Faso. For now there are reports of a resort to the use of traditional seeds again, and a sharp decline from 70% to 40% of the land surface previously occupied by Bt cotton. So much for the so-called Burkina success story!

Dr. Margaret Ottah Atikpo, of the CSIR Crop Research Institute, stated that if the trials being conducted for genetically modified rice at Fumesua proves successful it will enable Ghana to grow rice that is nitrogen and water efficient as well as salt tolerant. “So that where the soils are poor, it doesn’t matter, it is supposed to thrive. You can grow it where you don’t have swamps and even where there is salt in the soil you can grow it,” she stressed.

However, Bt rice is supposed to help kill insect pests. But in Ghana, insect damage in rice is not a major problem faced by rice farmers. Moreover, Bt rice has nothing to do with what Dr Atikpo is saying about drought tolerance, and nitrogen efficiency. She is reciting the mantra the GE interests have promoted for over 20 years. But there is not yet any widespread example of success of GE crops being more drought resistant, much less significant increases in nitrogen efficiency.

To the contrary, all evidence to date indicates that GE crops need to be coddled with the special chemicals the agrochemical companies have designed for them. Most need more water rather than less. And most need steady and reliable irrigation and are unable to depend on rainwater. They are less likely to tolerate floods or drought, or secondary pests and diseases, than conventional varieties.

GE crops engineered with Bt are seldom used to feed people. They are mostly used for animal feed at present. A recent Australian study shows pigs fed a Bt corn and soy diet have inflamed stomachs and the females have enlarged uteruses. Rats fed GE corn over their lifespan develop enormous tumors. Do Ghanaians want to be human guinea pigs for Bt crops in humans?

Dr. Stephen Amoah, a research scientist at CSIR, Kumasi, says Ghana’s agricultural production is beset with a myriad of constraints. “These include declining soil fertility, pests, diseases, low yields of crops, drought, floods, post-harvest losses among others” He neglects to mention that over time all of these become greater problems with GE crops. Even though Ghana has increased food production in recent years, this has been by expanding land under cultivation. He worries about inadequate land to feed Ghana’s people.

There are many proven techniques that multiply productivity on very small areas of land, as the recent trend in urban agriculture, and work with agroecology science and farming systems research is demonstrating. These have nothing to do with genetic engineering. Seeds alone do not determine crop productivity. They are a contributing factor, but there are many more factors involved. This is why it is highly beneficial to ensure farmers have access to many varieties of seed, and grow a diversity of crops.

Farmers’ choice among the most appropriate varieties of seed is something the genetic engineers are trying to stamp out with their patented seeds and exclusive contracts. The giant agrochemical companies promoting their GMO varieties in Ghana are using their influence, and money, to divert Ghanaian scientists and politicians away from much more relevant approaches to agricultural science and food security, in their pursuit of profits.

The priority need of Ghanaian farmers is not GE seeds. The only people who need genetically engineered crops are the foreign agrochemical companies and their stockholders who profit from the monopoly sales of these products, with no regard for the human misery and bio-contamination they will cause.

* Ali Masmadi Jehu Appiah is the Chairperson, Food Sovereignty Ghana


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Sun’s Magnetic Field = Shift in Human Behavior*

Sun’s Magnetic Field = Shift in Human Behavior*

By Michael Forrester

Trace solar flare Photo by NASAWe are currently in the middle of a peak or solar maximum which has brought us more solar flares, CMEs, and geomagnetic storms. Historically, research has been conducted to link the 11 year cycle of the sun to changes in human behavior and society. A big event is about to happen on the sun which may assist in this process–the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip in just a few months.

The sun is a major source of visible light and energy on this planet. It represents all-pervading consciousness which animates all things providing us with what some believe to be unlimited energy. According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip. What are the cosmic and personal implications of this? It is not such a unique phenomenon, as it happens every eleven years. Still, every eleven years, shifts in human consciousness around this period seem to occur like clock work.

It happens at the peak of each solar cycle as the sun’s inner magnetic dynamo re-organizes itself. The coming reversal will mark the midpoint of Solar Cycle 24. Half of ‘Solar Max’ will be behind us, with half yet to come.

“It looks like we’re no more than 3 to 4 months away from a complete field reversal,” says solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University. “This change will have ripple effects throughout the solar system.”

Hoeksema is the director of Stanford’s Wilcox Solar Observatory, one of the few observatories in the world that monitor the sun’s polar magnetic fields. The poles are a herald of change. Just as Earth scientists watch our planet’s polar regions for signs of climate change, solar physicists do the same thing for the sun. Magnetograms at Wilcox have been tracking the sun’s polar magnetism since 1976, and they have recorded three grand reversals–with a fourth in the offing.

A reversal of the sun’s magnetic field is, literally, a big event. The domain of the sun’s magnetic influence (also known as the “heliosphere”) extends billions of kilometers beyond Pluto. Changes to the field’s polarity ripple all the way out to the Voyager probes, on the doorstep of interstellar space.

When solar physicists talk about solar field reversals, their conversation often centers on the “current sheet.” The current sheet is a sprawling surface jutting outward from the sun’s equator where the sun’s slowly-rotating magnetic field induces an electrical current. The current itself is small, only one ten-billionth of an amp per square meter (0.0000000001 amps/m2), but there’s a lot of it: the amperage flows through a region 10,000 km thick and billions of kilometers wide. Electrically speaking, the entire heliosphere is organized around this enormous sheet.

Cosmic rays are also affected. These are high-energy particles accelerated to nearly light speed by supernova explosions and other violent events in the galaxy.

The sun recently unleashed three X-class solar flares which were the strongest flares of the year so far. They signaled a significant increase in solar storms now supported by continued activity.


Maximum Sunspot Activity Correlates with Mass Human Excitability

Historically, research has been conducted to link the 11 year cycle of the sun to changes in human behavior and society. The most famous research was been done by professor A.L. Tchijevsky, a Russian scientist, who presented a paper to the American Meteorological Society at Philadelphia in the late 19th century. He prepared a study of the history of mass human movement compared to the solar cycle, beginning with the division of the Solar cycle into four parts: 1) Minimum sunspot activity; 2) increasing sunspot activity; 3) maximum sunspot activity; 4) Decreasing sunspot activity. He then divided up the agitation of mass human movements into five phases:

1) provoking influence of leaders upon masses
2) the “exciting” effect of emphasized ideas upon the masses
3) the velocity of incitability due to the presence of a single psychic center
4) the extensive areas covered by mass movements
5) Integration and individualization of the masses

By these comparisons he constructed an Index of Mass Human Excitability” covering each year from 500 B.C. to 1922 A.D. He investigated the histories of 72 countries in that period, noting signs of human unrest such as wars, revolutions, riots, expeditions and migrations, plus the number of humans involved. Tchijevsky found that fully 80% of the most significant events occurred during the years of maximum sunspot activity. He maintained that the “exciting” period may be explained by an acute change in the nervous and psychic character of humanity, which takes place at sunspot maxima.

Tchijevsky discovered that the solar minimum is the lag period when repression is tolerated by the masses, as if they lacked the vital energy to make the needed changes. He found that during the sunspot maximum, the movement of humans is also at its peak. Tchijevsky’s study is the foundation of sunspot theory on human behavior, and as Harlan True Stetson, in his book Sunspots and Their Effects, stated, “Until, however, someone can arrive at a more convincing excitability quotient for mass movements than professor Tchijevsky appears yet to have done, scientists will be reluctant to subscribe to all the conclusions which he sets forth.” Stetson did acknowledge that the mechanism by which ultraviolet radiation is absorbed was still a puzzle biologists had to solve.

Many animals can sense the Earth’s magnetic field, so why not people, asks Oleg Shumilov of the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia.

Shumilov looked at activity in the Earth’s geomagnetic field from 1948 to 1997 and found that it grouped into three seasonal peaks every year: one from March to May, another in July and the last in October.

Surprisingly, he also found that the geomagnetism peaks matched up with peaks in the number of suicides in the northern Russian city of Kirovsk over the same period.

Shumilov acknowledges that a correlation like this does not necessarily mean there is a causal link, but he points out that there have been several other studies suggesting a link between human health and geomagnetism.

For example, a 2006 review of research on cardiovascular health and disturbances in the geomagnetic field in the journal Surveys in Geophysics (DOI: 10.1007/s10712-006-9010-7) concluded that a link was possible and that the effects seemed to be more pronounced at high latitudes.

Twinned Peaks

The review’s author, Michael Rycroft, formerly head of the European Geosciences Society, says that geomagnetic health problems affect 10 to 15% of the population.

“Others have found similar things [to Shumilov’s results] in independent sets of data,” says Rycroft. “It suggests something may be linking the two factors.”

A 2006 Australian study, for example, also found a correlation between peaks in suicide numbers and geomagnetic activity (Bioelectromagnetics, vol. 27 p 155).

Brain stormsPsychiatrists too have noticed a correlation between geomagnetic activity and suicide rates. A review of 13 years of South African data on suicides and magnetic storms in South African Psychiatry Review, vol. 6 p. 24) suggested a link.

Geomagnetic storms – periods of high geomagnetic activity caused by large solar flares – have also been linked to clinical depression.

In 1994, a study was published suggesting a 36.2% increase in the number of men admitted into hospital for depression in the second week after geomagnetic storms (British Journal of Psychiatry vol 164, p 403).

What may be the cause of the link, if there is one, remains unknown. “The intriguing correlation between geomagnetism and suicide justifies more research into its mechanism,” says Rycroft.

Environmental cue?

“The most plausible explanation for the association between geomagnetic activity and depression and suicide is that geomagnetic storms can desynchronise circadian rhythms and melatonin production,” says Kelly Posner, a psychiatrist at Columbia University in the US.

The pineal gland, which regulates circadian rhythm and melatonin production, is sensitive to magnetic fields. “The circadian regulatory system depends upon repeated environmental cues to [synchronise] internal clocks,” says Posner. “Magnetic fields may be one of these environmental cues.”

Geomagnetic storms could disrupt body clocks, precipitating seasonal affective disorder and therefore increase suicide risk, Posner stated.

There seems little doubt that the brain responds to electromagnetic fields – coils that generate electromagnetic fields can trigger muscular twitches when placed over a person’s skull.

However, Shumilov, who was presenting his data at the European Geoscience Union (EGU) annual meeting in Vienna, Austria, last week, does not believe geomagnetic activity influences everyone equally.

Suicide statistics

He also presented hospital data from 6000 pregnant women who had routine scans of their fetus’s heart rates between 1995 and 2003. In 15% of the fetuses, periods of disturbances in their heart rates coincided with periods of high geomagnetic activity.

Shumilov accepts that light levels in northern countries can influence depression, but believes that geomagnetism may be another factor, and one that is under-appreciated.

The trouble with studying the causes of suicide is that it is a rare condition, says Klaus Ebmeier, a psychiatrist at the University of Oxford. “You are bound to get spurious effects. A study of the causes would have to enrol a country’s entire population.”

Cosmo Hallstrom, a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, agrees.

“You have to be very careful with suicide statistics,” he says. “Countries report them differently. Catholic countries are very reluctant to diagnose suicide. Scandinavian countries consider it a social injustice not to.”

Photonic Energy Inevitably Affects Consciousness and Influences Our Health 

While the mechanism behind the stimulation of human behavior is still a mystery, many are now accepting that humanity is receiving the highest support from the consciousness of the cosmos, allowing us to wake up to our magnificence and divine connection to each other and the universe. The Sun is only assisting in this inevitable process.

It will be traumatic for many when those revelations of why human consciousness if shifting at the same time major changes are being introduced. Knowing that all of the confusion and turmoil is heralding Earth’s exit from third density, how will we be prepared to weather the coming months and to help those who are foundering.

The interesting fact about this energy is that since it is of a higher frequency it creates the power of instant manifestation of our thoughts, which means whatever we think, we create instantly. This never before happened in our lifetime and that is why many people are writing books on the subject on the Power of Attraction.

Photonic energy connects to our thoughts so it is important that we know what we want, rather than we don’t want, otherwise, we will manifest more of what we don’t want. If you are in the process of change and transformation this energy works well for you. On the other hand, if you are stuck in the past through victimization and anger, you will simply manifest more reasons to remain stuck in victimization until you are ready to release it.

There is some Russian research that shows an increase in cardiac problems during sunspot maxima. The solar activity probably sets off a preexisting condition and no one is suggesting that people will drop dead in the streets. We could see the stress of solar activity on the biology of living things as an evolutionary agent weeding out the old and sick and strengthening those who can resonate with its radiations.

There will also be an increased frequency of deaths worldwide following the solar maxima. These may take place through accidents, illness and other factors which will be attributed to chance, however most of these deaths will be related to an acceleration of consciousness and self-imposed termination for those not willing or ready to experience a fourth dimensional experience.

Professor d’Arsonval gives several examples of research done in the last hundred years that shows the most malefic effects from solar activity come at the sunspot minima. He notes from the British Medical Journal, March 7th & 14th of 1936 that both Colonel C.A. Gill and Dr. Conyers Morrel found increases in pandemics of deadly diseases during the period of minimal sunspot activity.

In Gill’s study he showed that every pandemic of malaria since sunspot records were taken had occurred when sunspot numbers were lowest. Similar trends were observed in East Africa and elsewhere with Yellow fever epidemics since 1800 occur during the sunspot minima. Dr. Conyers Morrel also finds that, “…waves of epidemic diseases covering considerable periods exhibit a very close correspondence with the phases of sunspot periods. Diphtheria, Typhus, and Dysentery seemed to prosper when there was an absence of solar activity. We also see an increase in disease in Solco W. Tromp’s study. Without the stimulation from the Sun human health seems to diminish. The immune system seems to grow unresponsive during the solar lull and diseases can more easily gain a foothold in the body.

Not only human health but Life itself seems hampered by the lack of solar activity. William Hershel wrote in 1801, “It seems probable analyzing the period between 1650 and 1713, and judging by the normal yields of wheat, that a scarcity of vegetation occurred whenever the sun appeared to be free from spots.” The depressed state of metabolism and lack of food in agricultural centers may have seemed very inviting to the Mongols. Goncharov, in an abstract on the “Asian Nomadic Invasions and Solar Cycles”, aid, “From the 4th to the 16th centuries the Central Asian Steepe was the cradle of the series of great nomadic tribal invasions into agricultural regions of Europe, China, and South Asia. Those invasions had similar features. They arose in middle latitudes and recurred every 160-220 years — exactly after solar abatements.”

What we will be experiencing in 2013 and 2014 more than anything else is a constant upgrade to our current belief systems, collective consciousness and awareness of earth’s true history from the constant bombardment of solar activity.

There will be no more major wars but a shift with no central ideology. This ideology will grow and spread worldwide with no exception. The shared understanding is arising from different economic sectors, cultures and regions. Our economic landscape will change, and although a planned one-world currency will be enacted, we will quickly dismiss this new system within a short period of time and move toward non-monetary systems.

All these information packets from the Sun will make us feel like we need to find a new center of truth. As galactic connections increase around the 2012 summer solstice and then again for the universal collective around the 2012 winter solstice, we must all listen intently to our intuition and trust it. If it doesn’t feel right, switch over to something that does. It’s that simple.


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