Islam Next Stage in NWO Common Core Curriculum*

Islam Next Stage in NWO Common Core Curriculum*

By Hwaa Irfan

Schooling By David DeesFor those who have not clouded their own judgment with the entrained opinions of others, modern education is a disaster. After all our modern leaders are raised on it! A long list of intelligent people have testified to this disaster from Alexandre Dumas:

How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it.

Edward Grieg

I have not the least doubt that school developed in me nothing but what was evil and left the good untouched.

Agatha Christie

“I suppose it is because nearly all children go to school nowadays and have things arranged for them that they seem so forlornly unable to produce their own ideas.”

Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

“In public high schools, you are not given tools, you are given information and data. In fact, a metaphor that is used in education today is that you’re basically a hard drive that needs to be written with a given software. You will then fulfill whatever are the social needs of the society. Schooling today is designed only to matriculate people into the logic of the system itself. Then people end up in meaningless jobs doing meaningless work, and never really think about what type of society they’re contributing to.”

In fact, the above is summarized in one of the key authors of the Common Core Curriculum itself:

John Dewey, the basis of the one World Common Core Curriculum!

“Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.”

Unfortunately apart from the parents who send their children to school so that they can proud are many parents who send their children to school so that they can think for themselves!

Now that it is clear that global education or the World Common Core Curriculum that is aimed to applied by every nation is not about nurturing thinking, creative, and insightful individuals who can fulfil their potential in this world, then we are clear that it is not about ‘education’ i.e. from the Latin educare to bring out what is within.

As the academic year 2013 – 2014 begins in the US, a few parents had a nasty shock. Even as a Muslim I can put myself in their place, after all they have been through as a result of all- American media outlets to be Islamophobic! Then to add insult to injury, prior to 9/11, subject to decades of having Christianity withdrawn from schools and public spaces. The nasty shock in Wichita, Kansas, and Tennessee was to be faced with a bulletin board with the five pillars of Islam as large as day.

Outrage doesn’t describe the reaction, but given the background of not thinking for one’s self what can one expect – the carnage in Egypt is one clear example of that. In the narrow-minded comments that followed the post on the bulletin board of five pillars of Islam, one contributor added balanced judgement to the forum:

“First off a few things. It’s a presentation of the religion not saying “Hey believe in this”. It’s allowed because it’s and educational and informative piece. People are just pissed because it’s Islam. We don’t know the facts about the presentation only that it is “The Five Pillars of Islam” Big Whoop.

When I was in high school I took a class called Religions of the World and there were no sermons, no practicing, only teaching us about the foundation and history behind the religion. We did presentations like this all the time about Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and so forth.

People need to start looking past a religious sector as straight evil. If that was the seven deadly sins of Catholicism no one would bat an eye. We keep associating the religions of the Middle East with Terrorism but in reality all religions have been committing terrorist acts on one another since the dawn of religious belief. And Christians are the highest perpetrators of starting “holy wars”.

Maybe a little education is what the world needs as opposed to fearing an idea. I don’t hate people who practice Islam. I hate people who commit heinous crimes against humanity, both domestic and foreign. It takes a few bad eggs to spoil the bunch. We as a society need to stop living by that philosophy and figure out how to toss out the whole bunch as opposed to not salvaging the unspoiled few.

You want to know why hatred and racism still exists in this country? Look in a mirror and at the uproar in these comments over something that doesn’t really convey anything. People hate this amazing country because we stopped letting people live how they want. No one can just disagree anymore, we have to disagree tell you you are wrong then give you a right answer. Bullshit. This country use to be great because people made their own choices. Now everyone needs a group to force choices upon you. Shame on you people for not getting the facts and just posting a picture of a board to cause a stir. You are no different than sensationalized mainstream media” – KM.

A well reasoned point of view that many of us need to digest and process in order to dig our senses out of the pit of ignorance, but there is one tiny problem – the World Common Core Curriculum!

Now add Islam to the World Common Core Curriculum, which is anti-thesis to the World Common Core Curriculum what can we look forward to?

One example of many at an overly esteemed American university in Cairo was a vibrant, intelligent Muslimah (female) student attending an additional unrelated (from her major) short course on Hadith. Hadith are the traditions and practices of Islam’s main prophet Muhammed (SAW). The result of her attending that course was a breakdown re: her faith. She was still intelligent, and creative, but that course left her very destructive and abusive to others as well as herself.

Another case occurred in KG at an American International school where they had daily sessions on Islam. The teacher, was a lovely person, but somehow she managed to turn the KG students against Islam using the same ‘schooling’ methods which treats a child’s mind as a piece of stone to be sculpted:

 “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent.” – John Dewey, the basis of the one World Common Core Curriculum!

There was no room for the many questions arising from the students who had a million experiences they wanted to share with their teacher.

The result, the children became rebellious as soon as their Islamic teacher arrived for the session, throughout the lessons and tuned out at the very mention of anything Islamic!

It didn’t take long in both cases for the inevitable to happen, just as it does not take long for a student to tune out and look elsewhere for something more interesting than the lesson to do.

When a person walks into a supermarket, they become so bombarded with choices that the mind becomes disengaged and this applies to city-living. Note the difference in maturity between a city child, and child raised in the countryside.

The above underlines this intention, an intention that is at the core of the World Common Core Curriculum, the schooling arm of the New World Order by taking something from each religion, and putting them into a melting pot so that they would cancel each other out. Atheists, Satanists, and the infiltrated wing of the New Age Movement will be smiling at the thought, but there is another purpose entirely behind that intention.

“Just as man, as a social being, cannot in the long run exist without a tie to the community, so the individual will never find the real justification for his existence, and his own spiritual and moral autonomy, anywhere except in an extramundane principle capable of relativizing the overpowering influence of external factors.

The individual who is not anchored in God can offer no resistance on his own resources to the physical and moral blandishments of the world. For this he needs the evidence of inner, transcendent experience which alone can protect him from the otherwise inevitable submersion in the mass. Merely intellectual or even moral insight into the stultification and moral irresponsibility of the mass man is a negative recognition only and amounts to much more than a wavering on the road to the atomization of the individual. . .” – Carl Jung

“The State has taken the place of  God; that is why, seen from this angle, the socialist dictatorships are religions and State slavery is a form of worship”  – Carl Jung

The One World Government!

The avenue of a global education agenda is one that Rockefeller has played a strong roll in directing. Written by Professor John I. Goodlad, the Schooling for a Global Age, was funded by the Danforth and Rockefeller Foundations, and the U.S. Department of Education. The focus was and is to prepare each person for a “better world” using the same model, and the same psychological strategies. With this, they felt that the battle for global governance could be won!

One of the key driving forces behind Common Core Standards is globalist, eugenicist, member of the Committee of 300, and partner in Monsanto Bill Gates. As a copyright holders, NGA/CCSSO Gates donated $25 million dollars to promote his version of global education.

In 2009, Gates made two separate donations of $9,961,842 and $3,185,750. In 2010, Gates donated $743,331 and in 2011, he contributed $9,388,911. In 2008, Gates donated $2,259,780 to the National Governor’s Association (NGA) to develop and implement Common Core. The NGA is the conduit into America from the United Nations UNESCO, Education for All. Gates is listed as partner with UNESCO/UN to fund ”Education For All,” which in turn was transferred to the National Governors Association which changed the name to Common Core.

A global religion is to replace all religions, a religion that puts global governance in control of the people. So any real religion is a threat to their agenda, and the easiest way is to get them pitting against one another.

In the case that led to the writing of this article, the five pillars of Islam at a school in Wichita, Kansas the perceived threat was exampled by one contributor:

“This is what I call seed Jihad. They know it will be taken down, but they also know that it will be seen, although briefly, it still serves to put the seed of islam (not capitalized purposely) in young people’s minds so that they start to wonder what is islam? Once there is a question in the human mind then curiosity grows and the pursuit of an answer follows. This is one of their tactics. The koran instructs muslims to deceive the infidel. Lies and deception are overt strategies to further the islamic cause. There is no other religion (actually a political system, islam is not a religion) that proposes dishonesty. Why, would islam resort to do this if it was inherently good which would not require such wrong-minded tacticts? The answer is that it is a ruthlessly evil fascist system designed to give its leaders power, sex and profit, by any means necessary including murder, rape, lies, etc. Beware, open your eyes, be ready to stand and fight, because it is coming and it will not stop until it is stopped.” – Quess Please


This is the same mentality that led to the blood bath in Cairo recently, so be mindful of becoming just another pawn!

Thankfully, the parent’s outrage resulted in the Five Pillars of Islam bulletin board being removed, thankfully because like sex education, who knows what the students will be taught.

“KANSAS: Students at Minneha Core Knowledge Magnet Elementary School in Wichita were greeted with this on the wall Wednesday”

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