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A Letter to a Martyred Daughter*

A Letter to a Martyred Daughter

By Rizwan Khatik

From Dr Mohamed Beltaji

Mohamed Beltagy (born 1963) is an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood politician. He was a Member of Parliament from 2005 to 2010, and is currently the general secretary of the Freedom and Justice Party.

He was on board the MV Mavi Marmara during the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid

 After the 2013 Egyptian coup d’état of President Morsi, prosecutors ordered Beltagy’s arrest on 10 July 2013. On 14 July 2013 Egypt’s new prosecutor general Hisham Barakat ordered Beltagy’s assets to be frozen.

Mohamed el-Beltagy’s 17-year-old daughter Asmaa el-Beltagy was killed when the Egyptian security forces stormed two protest camps occupied by supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi in Cairo. She was shot in the back and chest


My beloved daughter and dignified teacher Asma al-Beltaji; I do not say goodbye to you; I say tomorrow we shall meet again.

You have lived with your head held high, rebellious against tyranny and shackles and loving freedom. You have lived as a silent seeker of new horizons to rebuild this nation to assume its place among civilizations.

You never occupied yourself with what preoccupies those of your age. Even though traditional studies failed to fulfil your aspirations and interest; you have always been the first in your class.

I have not had enough of your precious company in this short life, especially that my time did not allow me to enjoy your companionship. The last time we sat together at Rabaa Al Adawiya square you asked me “even when you are with us you are busy” and I told you “it seems that this life will not be enough to enjoy each other’s company so I pray to God that we enjoy our companionship in paradise.”

Two nights before you were murdered I saw you in my dream in a white wedding dress and you were an icon of beauty.

When you lay next to me I asked you “Is it your wedding night?” You answered, “It is in the noon not the evening”.

When they told me you were murdered on Wednesday afternoon I understood what you meant and I knew God had accepted your soul as a martyr. You strengthened my belief that we are on the truth and our enemy is on falsehood.

It caused me severe pain not to be at your last farewell and see you for the last time; not to kiss your forehead; and not be honoured to lead your funeral prayer. I swear to God, my darling I was not afraid for my life or from an unjust prison, but I wanted to carry the message you scarified your soul for; to complete the revolution, to win and achieve its objectives.

Your soul has been elevated with your head held high resisting the tyrants. The treacherous bullets have hit you in the chest. What spectacularly determined and pure soul. I am confident that you were honest to God and He has chosen you among us to honour you with sacrifice.

Finally, my beloved daughter and dignified teacher:
I do not say goodbye, but I say farewell. We shall meet soon with our beloved Prophet and his companions in Heaven where our wish to enjoy each other’s company and our loved ones’ company will come true.


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Four-finger ‘Rabaa sign’ – The Symbol of Protests against the Egypt Military Coup*

Four-finger ‘Rabaa sign’ – The Symbol of Protests against the Egypt Military Coup*

Continued oppression is taking place against anyone with a beard or wearing a niqab is followed, beaten up, and/or slammed into prison regardless of whether they are affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood or not.

By Rizwan Khatik

The ‘Rabaa sign’ has become the symbol of protests against the military coup in Egypt and the center of the anti-coup protests, Rabaa al-Adawiya Square.

Erdogan used the four-finger “Rabaa” salute during a weekend speech, and international midfielder and national soccer captain Emre Belozoglu picked up the cue, making the gesture after scoring for Fenerbahce in their opening game of the season.

Istanbul-based humanitarian aid group IHH began handing out T-shirts and badges with a yellow and black logo of the hand gesture, an image also making the rounds on Turkish social media.

“Rabaa” means “four” or “the fourth” in Arabic and the four-finger salute has become a symbol of the protesters’ defiance. Rabaa sign is actually used for double victory sign ‘VV’ it means victory in this world as well as victory in the world here after.

Several “anti-coup” web pages called for all Facebook and Twitter users to use this sign in their display pictures to show their solidarity with those who were harmed during the protest.





23 August

A massive protest demonstration was held today at Egyptian embassy in New Delhi. It was organised by Welfare Party of India in association with many social, political and civil society organisations. Around 2000 people gathered in the high security diplomatic area and raised slogans against the military regime and demanded the reinstatement of the elected government and President of Egypt.

The protestors demanded restoration of democracy and arrest and persecution of Gen. al-Sisi for crimes against humanity.

Those who spokes on the occasion included:

  • Mr. Mujtaba      Farooq, President of Welfare Party of India
  • Dr.      Zafarul-Islam Khan, President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat
  • Mr. Ravi Nair,      Executive Director of the South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre
  • Mr. Abdul      Waheed, president of Jamaat-e Islami Delhi & Haryana
  • Maulana Jalal      Haider Naqvi, Joint Secretary of Majlis Ulema-e Hind
  • Maulana Mohsin      Taqawi, Imam of Delhi Shia Jama Masjid
  • Maulana Ataur      Rahman Qasmi, Chairman of Shah Waliullah Institute
  • Mr. P.M.A.      Salam of Wahdat-e-Islami
  • Dr. Tasleem      Rahmani, President of Muslim Political Council of India
  • Dr. Baseer      Ahmad of the Indian Union Muslim League
  • Mr. Shariq      Ansar, all India Secretary of the SIO of India
  • Mr. Omar Anas,      head of the Egypt Solidarity Forum
  • Mr. Irfanullah      Khan, Convenor of Jamia Nagar Coordination Committee
  • Ms. Bonu      Jyotsna of DSU, JNU
  • Dr. SQR Ilyas, National      General Secretary of Welfare Party of India.

Speakers unanimously condemned the illegal overthrow of Egypt’s elected government, gross human right violations by the army and security forces, massacre of thousands of peaceful demonstrators, arrest of the democratically-elected President and continuous attacks on innocent protestors.

Speakers also condemned the role of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, in particular, Speakers attacked the silence of USA, European Union, UN and other world bodies and human rights movements. Speakers asked the Government of India to pass a strong-worded resolution in Parliament condemning the coup and the massacres in Egypt.

They demanded the restoration of democracy and reinstatement of the elected govt and President.

Speakers also asked the Govt of India to recall the Indian Ambassador from Egypt and close the Egyptian embassy in India until democracy is restored in Egypt.

A memorandum was also submitted to the Ambassador of Egypt at the end of the demonstration.


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CIA Admits Staging Iran Coup in 1953‏

CIA Admits Staging Iran Coup in 1953‏

60 years to the day after Iranian Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq was ousted in a coup d’etat, the CIA has finally admitted that it organized the action alongside the British Secret  Intelligence Service.

The US and UK conspired to have the democratically-elected Mossadeq replaced with General Fazlollah Zahedi in order to strengthen the position of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

The Shah went on to repress political opposition and used his US-trained secret police service, SAVAK, to brutally crack down on suspected dissidents.

The rest, as they say, is history. See links to official documents beneath the video screen on the page linked below.

You can find the documents here: – See more at:

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Federal Reserve Owes More Than $2 Trillion in US Debt*

Federal Reserve Owes More Than $2 Trillion in US Debt*

moneyblackholeThe United States Federal Reserve has set a new record, but it’s not one exactly worth celebrating. For the first time ever, the Fed is carrying more than $2 trillion in US debt.

According to the Fed’s latest weekly account, the central bank currently is holding roughly $2,001,093,000,000 in US Treasury securities.

That statistic, first reported by CNS News, was published by the Fed on August 14. One week earlier, the bank reported that it amount of federal debt it carried totaled only $1,993,375,000,000.

By comparison, the amount of federal debt held by the bank since the start of 2009 and the administration of US President Barack Obama has more than quadrupled. On Dec. 31, 2008 that statistic was less consisted of less than a half-trillion in Treasury securities, but efforts undertaken by the Fed to revive the economy — so called “quantitative easing” — have instead left the bank to bear record amounts of national debt.

China, the second place holder with regards to US debt, was owed $1.2758 trillion by the US as of late June. CNS News reported that only 16.7 percent of the government’s debt is being held by the Fed, and that an additional $5.6 trillion — including the amount held in China — is owned by foreign entities.

Also this week, the Fed announced the results of a study launched to identify any stresses that could cause another economic collapse like what was seen after the 2008 financial crisis.

“A key lesson from the recent financial crisis is that many financial companies simply failed to adequately identify the potential exposures and risks stemming from their firm-wide activities….,” the Fed determined. “But more importantly, many companies failed to consider the full scale and scope of exposures, and to analyze how the size and risk characteristics of their exposures and business activities might evolve as economic and market conditions changed.”

Commenting on the latest numbers, Reason’s Ed Krayewski wrote, “Since the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve has filled its balance sheet with private assets and public debt through instruments like quantitative easing, and the totals are adding up.”

Taking into account all debts, the US is said to be in the hole to the amount of $16.9 trillion. University of California, San Diego economics professor James Hamilton has laid other claims as of late, though, going on record recently to estimate the real debt owed by the US is closer to a staggering $70 trillion.

“The biggest off-balance-sheet liabilities come from recognition of the fiscal stress that will come in the form of an aging population and rising medical expenditures,” Hamilton told Fox News, adding, “It is worth noting that there are many historical episodes in which off-balance sheet liabilities ended up having quite significant on-balance sheet implications.”

Meanwhile, President Obama is reportedly working alongside banking regulators to issue a status report on the upcoming five-year anniversary of the 2008 financial collapse.


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