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Egypt Journalist Faces Military Court Over ‘Lies’

Egypt Journalist Faces Military Court Over ‘Lies’


An Egyptian journalist on Sunday appeared before a military court, accused of spreading lies about the army’s campaign against militants in the Sinai Peninsula.

The court in the Suez canal city of Ismailiya adjourned Ahmed Abu Deraa’s hearing to September 18.

Abu Deraa, who writes for the independent daily Al-Masry Al-Youm, was detained on September 4 in north Sinai over published reports that army raids had hit a mosque and houses and also injured civilians.

Authorities say they are targeting “terrorists” in the peninsula that borders the Palestinian Islamist-run Gaza Strip.

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders and rights activists have condemned his detention.

But military spokesman Ahmed Ali justified the journalist’s detention and military trial.

“Investigations showed that Mr Abu Deraa spread lies, saying that the Egyptian armed forces were attacking mosques, women and children. He deliberately spread false news,” Ali told reporters.

“He also entered military zones.”

Ali said the charges against Abu Deraa came under the jurisdiction of the military, and therefore required a military trial.

Several civil society groups have slammed the increasing number of military trials of civilians since the army ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi on July 3.


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CVS Flu Shot Kills 23 Senior Citizens

CVS Flu Shot Kills 23 Senior Citizens


In addition to bankrupt governments dipping into pension saving schemes (US, France, UK), overwhelming cases of physical abuse (UK), pensioners are being confronted with their state of heath taken for profit by unscientifically tested vaccines.

High-dose Flu Vaccine

Containing three flu strains, a high-dose flu vaccine is a flu shot aimed at defending against illness for a specific flu season.

Containing four times the amount of antigen (the part of the vaccine that causes the body to produce antibody) in regular flu shots, high-dose flu shots, along with the additional antigen produced, are intended to create a stronger immune response.

With age also comes the decreased ability to have a good immune response to a flu vaccine, thus creating a greater risk for older people of severe illness from influenza. But with a higher dose of antigen, older people gain a heightened immune response.

While Fluzone High-Dose is approved for use in people age 65 and older, those who have suffered from a severe reaction in the past and people with a severe allergy to chicken or eggs should refrain from using the Fluzone High-Dose vaccine.


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