Obama’s Policed State

Cabal’s Obama’s Policed State

Assumptions were made when President Obama first took office that being black he would represent justice, the kind of justice that African-Americans fought for and still fight for. However, Obama is not African-American, does not have the experience of being African-American, and until Americans wake up to the fact that any US president is a front for the unelected shadow government, American governance will keep repeating history!

NDAA: Obama Justifies Indefinite Imprisonment of Civilians without Charge

From Alexandra Bruce

Today, all Americans have far less civil rights than all African-Americans did, prior to the passage of the Civil Rights Act, in 1965. It is both ironic and diabolical that the first African-American President in US History was the man who so sneakily signed the heinous National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into Law, when no one was watching, on New Year’s Eve, 2013.
This is what made it so unfathomably abhorrent, abominable, disgusting, disgraceful, odious, revolting and vile, when this President occupied the same stage as the leaders of the 1960s Civil Rights movement – and then he was even allowed to make a bogus, tele-prompted speech at the recent 50th-Year Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s March on Washington.

If there is any consciousness left inside that shell of a man who we call our Commander-in-Chief, then Obama knew that he, of all people, did not belong there with those leaders, whose hard-won efforts had paved the way for Civil Rights and made America a beacon of humanity and righteousness around the world, a  reputation that now stands in ruins, with Obama’s help.
This video is a short piece about some of the forces that are alleged to have helped to forward this noxious National Defense of Authorization Act, produced by a highly-biased organization called VATICANNEWS.

I have no personal gripes (or contact, for that matter) with the Catholic Church and I do not buy into many of the claims in this piece, whatsoever but I do find that its basic, underlying argument is compelling and worthy of contemplation.

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