Russia Bans Japanese Seafood*

Russia’s Bans Japanese Seafood*

A ban on fish and seafood imports from Japan, introduced on April 6 2011 in connection with the accident at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant, will remain in full effect.

Japan has faced constant changes from the environment, and even now is on alert from a Japan directed storm according to the Typhoon Warning Centre.

‘Radioactive wasted by the tons continues to seep into the ground causing widespread structural problems’, and much has been dumped into the Pacific Ocean.

As the Fukushima nuclear situation continues to worsen since the tsunami-earthquake 11 March 2011, thousands in Japan suffer from massive and recurring nosebleeds in recent days. A reported 70% of children have been tested in Kanto, and Tokyo with radioactive cesium in their urine. Japanese doctors know their patients have radiation illness, but have been forced to keep it quiet.

Russia’s ban based on monitoring carried out by Russian and international organizations. The ban includes 242 companies and remains in effect despite Japanese officials’ repeated requests to lift it.


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