UK Vaccine Policy Taking One Step Closer to US Policed State

UK Vaccine Policy Taking One Step Closer to US Policed State

Along with the dramatic rise in unemployment, manipulating public education so that more achieve less, and calling out the Red Cross to feed the people, the U.K. is beginning to look strikingly similar to it Atlantic cousin.

By Arjun Walia

The UK government has set aside five hundred million pounds for the next two years to help struggling A&E departments in UK hospitals to deal with the added pressure during the winter months. The financial boost comes with one condition, if the staff partake in yearly flu jabs. Is this really fair?

For hospital staff choosing to opt out of the flu vaccine, should the whole hospital, staff and its patients be punished? How could the UK government refuse this financial benefit if they already have the money available to help out?

Potentially risking the health of more people. Regardless of whether you think vaccinations and beneficial or not, this decision seems to be very controversial, and possibly unethical.

To be exact, hospitals will need to convince 75% of their staff to vaccinate during the 2014/2015 season. The Milton Keynes Hospital in the UK has just over 40% of the over two thousand staff involved with direct patient care that were given the flu shot last season. Across the entire country, only 45% of front-line staff were vaccinated. Clearly, those who oppose the shot, including medical workers, are in the majority, and for good reason. What’s worse is that these vaccinations could possibly be GMO based vaccines, given the fact that the FDA recently approved the very first ones expected on the market in 2014.

A lot of information has surfaced over the past few years that have led people all over the world to refuse vaccinations. There is so much that it can be hard deciding where to begin.

Not long ago, doctors from the University of British Colombia revealed that Government experts have known about the dangers associated with vaccinations for over 30 years. These documents are elaborated on here.  There have also been hundreds of studies conducted that look into vaccine ingredients and their potential harmful effects on the human body. As far as the benefits of vaccines, they are usually pushed by corporate media who is even harder to trust.

We are bombarded with the same corporate media that owns all of the major vaccine manufactures and most medical research. It’s not always a bad idea to research something for yourself, instead of handing our information over constantly to an external source. Studies with regards to the potential harmful effects of vaccinations are worldwide, illustrating neurological adverse events following vaccination (5). There is evidence on both sides of vaccine safety, and while some vaccinations might be effective, that does not mean that all of them are. Nobody can really deny the dangers associated with many of them.

Flu shots in particular don’t have the best track record. A study published in the journal Vaccine found that flu vaccines can cause a measurable increase in inflammation in pregnant women, this in turn can lead to multiple health consequences. Another study published in the Journal of Pediatrics found that 85 percent of newborn infants experienced abnormal elevations of CRP when given multiple vaccines and up to 70% in those given a single vaccine. CRP is a protein found in the blood, a rise in this protein is a response to inflammation. Overall, 16 percent of infants were reported to experience vaccine-associated cardiorespiratory events within 48 hours of immunization.

More people are choosing to opt out of their yearly flu vaccination due to new information surfacing that shows they can be harmful to your health. Instances like children in Europe developing narcolepsy after the H1N1 pandemrix vaccine adds to decisions as well. Periodic infectious challenges are natures way of strengthening our immune system. With such a rigid vaccine schedule, our immune system becomes reliant and weak instead of strong and developed.
In 2009, Canadians actually increased the rate of medically attended pandemic H1N1 infection. Vaccines may actually decrease the resistance to viral infection via their immunosuppressive actions.

There is nothing wrong with presenting information on the other side of the coin, you should never be fearful of anything. If you do decide to vaccinate, be in your own knowing that the decision was right for you, not simply the recommendation of another. If you decide not to vaccinate, be in your own knowing of this decision as well. Your consciousness also plays a key role when it comes to health and remaining aware of that is an important step also. There is just a tidbit of information of vaccinations in this article, but I hope I’ve inspired you to further your research if concerned or interested.


Walia, “A Government Threatens to Stop Funding Hospitals that Refuse to Force Vaccinate Staff”

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