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US Generals Involved in Missing Nukes

US Generals Involved in Missing Nukes

From Alexandra  Bruce

Top radio host, Michael Savage has joined the alternative media in calling for answers regarding the leaked secret transfer of nuclear weapons to South Carolina that was followed by both warnings of a nuclear strike by South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham and the termination of the top two US nuke commanders.

And how *was* there a magnitude 4.5 earthquake on the Richter Scale, off the east coast of North Carolina on Oct. 7, 2013., where there are no fault lines?

Did a nuke explode?

We had already heard tell that a nuclear warhead was missing from a Texas facility, which had been secreted to the Atlantic Coast in the vicinity of the Carolinas, for what could only be nefarious purposes.

For whatever it’s worth – one Russian online tabloid (eutimes) is claiming that the recent ouster of US Navy Vice Admiral Giardina is because this runaway nuke was exploded deep below the ocean floor and not in the (beautiful) City of Charleston, South Carolina, according to the orders of the US Commander in Chief and/or the above-named South Carolina Senator…

USGS Data:

M 4.5 off east coast of US
Time:2013-10-07 21:58:11 UTC-04:00
Location:30.241آ°N 74.178آ°W

557km (346mi) SE of Masonboro, North Carolina
566km (352mi) SE of Wilmington, North Carolina
567km (352mi) SE of Murraysville, North Carolina

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Sudanese Pilgrim Regains Eyesight in Prophet’s (SAWS) Mosque*

Sudanese Pilgrim Regains Eyesight in Prophet’s (SAWS) Mosque*

By Rizwan Khatik

Allahu Akbar (God is great) … I can see,” a Sudanese female pilgrim started yelling inside the Prophet’s (SAWS) Mosque in Madinah. When the congregation surrounded her she told them amidst tears of joy that she has suddenly regained her eyesight which she had lost more than seven years ago.

Fatima Al-Mahi, who is in her late 60s, said she became blind about seven years ago and added that numerous operations had all failed to in helping her regain her eyesight. She did not say how she became blind, but was extremely thankful to Allah for making her see again.

“I made sincere supplications inside the Prophet’s Mosque asking Allah to bless me with my eyesight. In a miraculous moment of providence I started to see light. I turned left and right and could see the mosque very clearly. I went delirious with happiness when I saw my son who was accompanying me,” she said.

Fatima said she saw her face for the first time in more than seven years.

“I also saw my son who started crying with joy. I saw the other Sudanese pilgrims in our group. I was able to move alone without any help,” she said.

She said that although she lived in complete darkness, she never lost hope that Allah would give her back her eyesight. She said she never stopped praying to Allah to give her back her eyesight.


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