‘Fitna’ Movie Producer Converted to Islam and Performs Hajj*

‘Fitna’ Movie Producer Converted to Islam and Performs Hajj*

By Rizwan Khatik

Arnoud van Doorn, a former member of the Dutch right-wing Freedom Party and producer of anti-Islam and blasphemous movie ‘Fitna’, has performed Hajj this year after converting to Islam.

He also plans to produce a pro-Islam film on the teachings of holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the Saudi Arabia daily Okaz reported.

After arriving in the holy city of Mecca, he said now he was living as one of the most pleasant persons, and he will produce another film about the morals of the Holy Prophet.

Van Doorn said he found in Islam what he was yearning for and what he had missed in his former life (before converting to Islam).

He said he came to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, and to seek forgiveness of the Almighty Allah for his previous sins.

“It was not the first time I had visited the holy land, as I had been here in February this year to perform Umrah”, he said, adding that, he had found the comfort and peace of mind near the tomb of the Holy Prophet in holy city of Madinah.


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