A Football Crowd and 11 Men in Black

A Football Crowd and 11 Men in Black

Not long after the FBI arrested 13 members of the cyber-hacktivists, Anonymous, 11 mysterious men in black have appearing at football matches in diffferent countries with a symbol that flashes across Big Brother screens, and in the middle of crop circles. Is thre a link betweeen Anonymous and these men who knows, r even if it is black PSYOPS, or a message being conveyed to the leaders ruining our world…

The latest in a series of unexplained events involved a gang of strange men causing confusion at Juventus Stadium in Turin. Eleven mysterious figures were spotted at Juventus Stadium in the latest of a bizarre sequence of unexplained football-related incidents across the world.

Dressed in black robes with intriguing symbols on their chests, the conspicuous figures sat behind the goal at the north end of the stadium in Turin during Juventus’ 2-0 victory over Genoa on Sunday.

The gang made signals in unison during the match and they were also seen standing up in unison on several random occasions before returning to their seats.

They were also seen in the crowd at Bayern Munich’s 3-2 win over Hertha Berlin at the Allianz Arena on Saturday and at Chelsea’s win over Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.

The insignia on the chests of the cloaks matches the symbols seen in various landmarks around the world. Franz Beckenbauer, the former Germany captain and coach, was photographed seated close to a robed figure at the Chelsea game and has since released a video providing his explanation of the sightings.

The symbols seen in Rio last week were also in evidence on the digital billboards of Times Square in New York a few days later, while a three-metre football displaying the sign, gouged a huge hole in the turf at Hackney Marshes in London last Monday.

Further sightings came at Copacabana and Santa Marta hill in Rio, but it is the appearance of these mysterious figures at football matches that has social media buzzing using the hastag: #WINNERTAKESEARTH

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