Fairness, Justice and Freedom are More Than Just Words*

Fairness, Justice and Freedom are More Than Just Words*


The FBI may have convicted 13 members of the hacktivists Anonymous, but dreams are stronger than brute force. This fact is why the U.S and allies have sought every means possible including mind control to shutdown the masses as global governance peaks with its global agenda long in the making.

A global Million Mask March is about to ensue, but if it is truely global it will be millions, not a million.

RT reports:

Tuesday’s happening coincided with Guy Fawkes Day, an annual celebration that started centuries ago in Britain upon an unsuccessful attempt by the date’s namesake to blow up the British Parliament as part of the Gunpowder Treason Plot on November 5, 1605. And though there are no plans in the mix to annihilate any federal office buildings this time around, activists involved with the Anonymous movement — an international legion of likeminded individuals who’ve adopted a representation of Fawkes as an emblem of sorts — are staging a series of protests near political institutions around the world this year.

The Anonymous movement has exploded in the last several years after almost a decade of nurturing on the Web, and protests around the globe have been led by the group on Guy Fawkes Day regularly in recent memory, at times in tandem with hacks that have targeted the online presence of the same institutions.

This year, activists involved with Anonymous scheduled rallies for Nov 5 slated to occur in over 400 cities around the globe.





Czech Republic






South Africa







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