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Eugenics: Compensation for the Homeless*

Eugenics: Compensation for the Homeless

To those still in a state of denial, and turn everything they don’t want to hear into a conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy fact. Between1929 to 1974 North Carolina, U.S. did run a eugenics program on the homeless. This serves as a warning to all those who could become homeless, as FEMA rounds up the homeless and places them in detention camps around the U/S., where they are not allowed to leave without an escort, and in the U.K. where some serve as guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies. Eugenics is alive and kicking moreso now than then, and the net has been cast beyond the homeless.

By Caperton

In September 2013, North Carolina passed a $10 million compensation plan for victims of its eugenics program, which ran from 1929 – 1974. It’s estimated that 7,600 people were forcibly sterilized under the program; but only 177 have since been identified. Currently, the victims will each receive no more than $56,500 each, and that number is expected to drop as more victims are verified to draw from that one $10 million fund. Payments will start in the summer of 2015 in a country that has .

A 1950s pamphlet for the program describes it as “voluntary sterilization” to “protect” people with disabilities “from jobs for which they are not qualified” — specifically, parenting — and to protect “children, for no child should be born to subnormal parents.” In actuality, the program was far from voluntary. Targeted for forced sterilization were people with intellectual disabilities in or out of institutions, children with criminal records, and unwed mothers. Also heavily targeted were poor women, particularly poor African-American women.

It was part of a larger eugenics movement that believed poverty, promiscuity, and alcoholism were inherited traits, and that without them the gene pool could be improved.

About 70% of forced sterilizations in North Carolina occurred after 1945, according to state officials. Policies noticeably deviated after the civil rights movement in the 1960s, when minorities were allowed access to welfare benefits and state institutions. Unlike in other states, social workers in North Carolina were able to propose sterilization.

“The vicious notion of the black ‘welfare mother’ gaming the system emerged,” [University of Vermont sociology professor Lutz] Kaelber said.

“It was believed that some among the poor, particularly African-Americans, would have a financial incentive to have a large number of children and pass on negative characteristics to these children.”

The Al Jazeera article highlights the story of Willis Lynch, who was sterilized at age 14 at the Caswell Training School for Mental Defectives; sterilization was required before children there could be returned to their families.

It also tells the story of Elaine Riddick, who was raped at age 13 and became pregnant; because of a period of time when she’d struggled in school because of bullying, she’d been labeled “feeble-minded,” and because she’d gotten pregnant she’d been labeled “promiscuous,” and so a social worker threatened to cut off welfare benefits to her household unless her custodial grandmother agreed to have her sterilized. Doctors performed a tubal ligation when they delivered her baby by C-section; she only found out about it six years later when she was unable to get pregnant. Her doctor discovered “that I had been butchered and I had been sterilized,” Riddick says. “I was devastated.”

Kaelber says other victims of the forced sterilization program might not come forward to collect their compensation out of a sense of shame. “It’s sometimes still seen as a stain on the family, on the family’s lineage,” he says. “The marginalization of people who have been sterilized has not gone away.”

In 2002 North Carolina became one of the first states to publically apologize for practicing eugenics.


Naggiar, S “Victims of forced sterilization to receive $10 million from North Carolina”

North Carolina will offer some amount of compensation to victims of its eugenics program

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