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NWO: UK Effectively Bans Homeschooling*

NWO: UK Effectively Bans Homeschooling*

Schooling By David DeesAmericans in the U.S. have been the field experiment for the application of social engineering agenda of the New World Order. Usually what happens there, if successful the U.K. is not so far behind. With the widening sweeping police powers and control of the media in place, it may all become more apparent.

By Leon Watson

The Daily Mail reports on a mother who home-schooled her disabled son for 10 years. When he was admitted into hospital in 2011, the Northamptonshire County Council said he couldn’t go home because it was her alternative stance on education was ‘not in his best interests’. Now a top judge at the Appeal Court at the Royal Courts of Justice in London orders that her teenage son cannot live with her because she is an advocate of home schooling, and is being forced to attend statutory schooling.

As a result, he was placed in residential care and enrolled as a pupil at a school 100 miles away from his family home.

Due to the judge’s decision that the boy was unable to make important decisions for himself, he was entitled to no personal say on where he lived and how he was educated – despite being clever enough to study Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, his mother says.

Challenging the decision at the Appeal Court, the mother insisted her son wanted to come home and that his views should be respected.

Representing herself before top family judge, Lady Justice Black, she said her son, who has cerebral palsy, was suffering emotionally due to separation from his family as well as physically from not being cared for in the residential placement as well as he would be at home.

‘I say that my son can make decisions. He can decide where he wants to live, who he wants to see and his care needs. He has a clear memory and he is an adult, not a child. At 18, he is past compulsory schooling age,’ she told the judge

She added outside court that her son’s intellectual gifts far outweigh his physical abilities, to the extent that he was ‘studying Shakespeare last year.’

Lady Justice Black said: ‘There is a question over whether the mother would enable T to obtain education.

‘The mother doesn’t fully support schooling and the judge had no confidence that she would ensure that T had his last year at school.

‘The mother says the judge misinterpreted the Mental Capacity Act and placed too much emphasis on her son going to school.

‘She argues it is wrong to force her son to attend school now, after he has passed compulsory schooling age, and says that her son is being deprived of his liberty by being required to attend school, and that it is not in his best interests to do so.’

Lady Justice Black concluded: ‘The judge was entitled to come to the conclusions that he did and I cannot identify any reasonable prospect of success on appeal.’

Outside court, the mother said she would fight on, adding: ‘Home schooling is a better method to meet individual needs.

‘We have home schooled him for 10 years. My son is a unique individual and his cognitive ability far outweighs his physical abilities.

‘He was learning Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet last year – how does that fit in with him not having capacity to make his own decisions?’


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