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Mandela’s Memorial, the Big Meet… What was the Deal?

Mandela’s Memorial, the Big Meet… What was the Deal?

Firstly, the so-called free thinking alternative media online have been having a field day on what they referred to as the ‘fake’ interpreter, it is at times like these one realizes how selective they are with their free-thinking. Never mind… all was revealed through an interview with the Associated Press. The interpreter, Thamsanqa Jantjie, schizophrenic was having hallucinations while interpreting and was struggling not to panic because there were “armed policemen around me.”

He apologized for his performance, and told AP:

“What happened that day, I see angels come to the stadium … I start realizing that the problem is here. And the problem, I don’t know the attack of this problem, how will it come. Sometimes I get violent on that place. Sometimes I will see things chasing me,” Jantjie said.

Jantjie like Mandela only reminds us that we are only human.As for whether Mandela died in June or December, that is a burden that his family and the state will have to bear…

11 December, 2013… the Calabash as it is locally known – to football fans the setting of a previous World Cup, the Soweto football stadium

Oligarchs, colonialists, power players, and criminals: 91 leaders in all including:

Maintaining their colonnial foothold over Francophile Africa

  • Ban Ki-Moon, U.S. chief of UN
  • FW de Klerk – apartheid’s president
  • President Barack Obama – United States of America
  • Prince Charles – United Kingdom
  • Prime Minister David Cameron – United Kingdom President
  • Francois Hollande – France King Philippe
  • Belgium President Raul Castro Ruz – Cuba President
  • Mamnoon Hussain – Pakistan
  • Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz al-Saud – Saudi Arabia
  • Prince Felipe de Borbon – Spain
  • Pope Francis
  • Princess Victoria – Sweden
  •  Prince Federick – Denmark
  • Queen Rania al Abdullah – Jordan
  • Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour Jordan’s  President
  • Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwe
  •  Grand Duke Henri – Luxembourg

The Trans Pacific Partnership or TPP, where power players will put a rap on our world’s human and natural resources ensuring all wealth is leeched from the ground towards them?


How to take Africa lock stock and barrel?

Partners in crime

After all, what is a Memorial for!

Three of a kind: Ban Ki-Moon, South African President Zuma, and B. Obama

British boys out for the day while many Brits can’t afford to put food on the table or the heating bill, the innocent being former Prime Minister John Major who made it from the bottom up.

Globalist, and warant out on Tony Blair

Eugenicist, and globalist Henry Kissinger, with Bishop Desmond Tutu


Obama takes ‘selfie’ at Mandela’s funeral with U.K.’s Cameron and Denmark’s PM


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Counter-revolutionary Template from N. Africa to the Ukraine*

Counter-revolutionary Template from N. Africa to the Ukraine*

By Alex Lantier

Protesters marched in Kiev yesterday demanding the ouster of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, in the largest of a series of pro-European Union protests against Yanukovich’s November 21 decision to abandon an association agreement with the EU.

The right-wing parties leading the protests in coordination with EU officials and politicians had called for a “million man march.” Ultimately, some 250,000 to 300,000 people gathered on Maïdan (Independence) Square. It was the largest protest in Kiev since the 2004 “color revolution” organized by US and European imperialism—the so-called Orange Revolution that ousted the pro-Russian Yanukovich and brought the pro-Western tandem of President Viktor Yushchenko and Prime Minister Julia Tymoshenko to power.

Protesters on Nezalezhnost Square chanted “Resignation! Resignation!” while listening to speeches on the square. Some subsequently fanned out to occupy government buildings in Kiev.

The reactionary assembly of speakers on Nezalezhnost Square included representatives of various billionaire oligarchs, far-right groups, and patriarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Evgenia Tymoshenko, the daughter of former prime minister and billionaire natural gas magnate Julia Tymoshenko, whom Yanukovich has jailed, read a message from her mother calling for Yanukovich’s “immediate” ouster.

Oleg Tyagnibok, a neo-Nazi from the far-right nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) party notorious for his anti-Semitic statements, denounced Yanukovich’s government for working out trade deals with Russia instead of the EU. He declared: “Today, they fall on their knees in front of the president of Russia and surrender us to the [Russian] customs union… We demand to make public what these secret negotiations were about. They bring us back to the time of Stalinism.”

A group of protesters carrying Svoboda party flags pulled down and destroyed a statue of Vladimir Lenin, the co-leader with Leon Trotsky of the October Revolution of 1917 that founded the Soviet Union.

The situation remains explosive, with protesters blockading government buildings and fearing a crackdown by the security forces. A bitter factional struggle is taking place between oligarchs such as Tymoshenko who are oriented to the EU, and others around Yanukovich who seek closer relations with Moscow.

After the failure of last week’s motion of no-confidence in parliament against Yanukovich, there are signs of demoralization in the opposition.

The French daily Le Monde wrote, “On social media, the million man march was renamed ‘last-chance march’… The leaders who speak each day on Nezalezhnost Square no longer call for ‘revolution,’ as they did at the beginning of the week, and ‘behind-the-scenes’ negotiations are ongoing with the government, indicated journalist Vitaly Portnikov,” a journalist with the US government-backed Radio Free Europe.

The protest leaders themselves are aware that, even among the more right-wing social layers they have mobilized, there is only limited support for integration into the free-market EU. “People have dignity,” protest organizer Svitlana Zalischuk told the New York Times. “This is why they are here: not because they are against Yanukovich, not because they are for the European Union, but because they have dignity, and they want to live with dignity.”

Another protester added that he was primarily opposed to the government’s decision to “beat students and innocent people.” He continued, “The question of Europe doesn’t motivate everybody. We hope the people will be heard and the government will resign.”

The ability of such right-wing protests to proceed and win support among broader layers of the population, who do not necessarily support the EU’s social austerity agenda, reflects the deep crisis of political perspective facing the Eastern European working class.

The anti-communism that has come to dominate political life in the ex-Soviet republics has left these countries easy prey to looting by international capital and political manipulation by Western imperialism and corrupt Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs. The deep social discontent that exists finds expression mainly through movements that are exploited by reactionary, even fascist forces and agencies of imperialism. These movements are then used to turn the political situation even further to the right and mount further social attacks on the population.

Ukraine is one of Europe’s poorest countries, with the world’s second-highest mortality rate (15.75 per 1,000, second after South Africa). Social anger is rising after a budget crisis led the Yanukovich government to cut off unemployment insurance to hundreds of thousands of workers in June.

The major banks and financial markets have cut off lending to Ukraine, which is expected to need $18 billion in emergency financing by March. The state currently has enough financing only for two months of operations. There is rising fear of a possible new devaluation of the national currency, the hryvnia, which collapsed during the hyper-inflation of the early 1990s, following the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 and the restoration of capitalism by the Stalinist bureaucracy.

The EU is working with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), demanding deep austerity measures—a 40 percent increase in gas and heating prices, state budget cuts, and freezes on minimum and average wages—in exchange for a $15 billion loan. These cuts aim to deepen the exploitation of the working class and make Ukraine more profitable for European businesses that would set up operations after Ukraine established closer relations with the EU.

The pro-EU and pro-Russian oligarchic factions are both maneuvering to keep the billions they looted from the theft of state property and the restoration of capitalism and to place the full burden of the financial crisis on the working class. This is the more fundamental reason why the Yanukovich government has not sought to mobilize other social layers against the right-wing, pro-EU protests.

The feuding between these different oligarchic factions offers free play for manipulation by European imperialism, which—while it savagely loots Greece and tramples on mass popular opposition to austerity at home—hypocritically poses as the defender of democracy in Ukraine.

Yesterday, Germany’s Der Spiegel reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel had decided to “build up” Ukrainian professional boxer Vitaly Klitchko as the “leading oppositionist and rival candidate to President Viktor Yanukovich.” Klitchko is scheduled to travel to Brussels in the middle of the month to meet with Merkel and representatives of the European People’s Party, the federation of right-wing and Christian Democratic parties in the EU countries.

Klitchko’s Udar (“Punch”) party already receives “logistical support” from Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union and the CDU’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Der Spiegel reported.

As for Svoboda, it has close ties to France’s neo-fascist National Front (FN), working with the FN’s Bruno Gollnisch and Hungary’s anti-Semitic Jobbik Party within the Alliance of European National Movements.

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

The mechanisms of interference are in some regards different to those of 2004. The protests are supported directly by Brussels and Berlin (with EU officials actively involved) rather than by Washington:

The following article first published in November 2004, focuses on the October-November 2004 “Orange Revolution” directed against  then prime minister Viktor Yanukovich, while also providing details on the insidious role of the IMF and the World Bank in imposing the neoliberal economic policy agenda on behalf of the “Washington Consensus”. 


Chossudovsky , M “IMF Sponsored “Democracy” in The Ukraine”

Lantier, A “Mass Protests in Ukraine Led by Right-Wing Parties in Coordination with EU Officials”

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Central Banks Lose $400bn in Gold*

Central Banks Lose $400bn in Gold*

Manipulation of the gold market backfires for Central Banks at least!

By Andrew Critchlow

Central banks, fearful of repeating Gordon Brown’s mistake of selling the nation’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market, have been caught out by the slide in prices this year, with the value of the precious metal held in their vaults falling by $400bn (£244bn), according to the latest broker research.

The US Federal Reserve, which is one of the biggest holders of physical gold reserves, has been the biggest loser in the market says Banc De Binary, a binary options trading firm.

Based on the firm’s calculations, the Fed has seen the value of its 8,134 tonnes of the yellow metal in places such as Fort Knox fall to $327bn, down from $433bn a year earlier.

The Bank of England has also suffered the firm said, with its holdings falling by $4bn in value since the beginning of the year to $12.5bn.

Banc De Binary said that the embarrassment caused by Gordon Brown’s decision to sell off 395 tonnes of gold at what turned out to be the bottom of the market between 1999 and 2002 had made central bank’s nervous to act during the current market slide.

“Gold prices have been on a downward trajectory since their peak in August 2011, after ten years of virtually uninterrupted growth. Unfortunately for the central banks that still have very large holdings in gold, knowing when to sell off a multi-billion-dollar gold reserve is an extremely difficult proposition, as Gordon Brown discovered to both his and the British taxpayer’s cost,” said Oren Laurent, chief executive of Banc De Binary.

The price of gold has fallen 25pc in 2013 to trade at $1,253 per ounce at the start of December, down from $1,658 an ounce on January 1. As a result, the value of central banks’ holdings of gold has slumped to $1.28 trillion, compared with $1.7 trillion at the beginning of the year.

“The prospect of the Federal Reserve tapering its Quantitative Easing programme could drive gold prices even lower, meaning even greater losses for central banks with significant holdings in gold. In this climate, some commentators believe it is difficult to justify central banks holding such large reserves of a low-yielding asset that has fallen in price for two straight years, and may continue to fall,” he said.


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