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Bad omen? The stock market has officially entered crazy town territory

The Extinction Protocol

Omen: The 2013 stock market’s bull run appears to be following the almost identical trajectory of the stock market in 1929 before the great crash, which led to the Great Depression.
December 30, 2013FINANCEIt is time to crank up the Looney Tunes theme song because Wall Street has officially entered crazytown territory. Stocks just keep going higher and higher, and at this point what is happening in the stock market does not bear any resemblance to what is going on in the overall economy whatsoever. So how long can this irrational state of affairs possibly continue? Stocks seem to go up no matter what happens. If there is good news, stocks go up. If there is bad news, stocks go up. If there is no news, stocks go up. On Thursday, the day after Christmas, the Dow was up another 122 points to another new all-time record high. In fact, the Dow has had an…

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A Seekers Journey*

A Seekers Journey*

Seekers Hub is a project that grew out of the Australian Knowledge without Borders. This is how it has affected the lives of New Zealand Muslim converts Rizwana and Suhayb.

Sister Rizwana is a busy mother, in a busy household. By enabling her to study from home, SeekersHub Global’s Knowledge without Barriers initiative has not only helped her, but has offered a source of guidance for her 5 year old son who listens in when she is studying! Watch her SeekersStory below:

Brother Suhayb’s journey started 13 years ago, when he converted to Islam. In 2012 he worked up the courage to attend the SeekersRetreat in Taupo, New Zealand. It is here that he truly felt a connection with the community and with our scholars, such as Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus and Imam Afroz Ali.

With an aspiration to being a better husband, father, son and friend, he felt that with SeekersHub Global he has finally found a place to begin on this path.

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