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The Beautiful with the Scary: Worst British Storms in 20 Years*

The Beautiful with the Scary: Worst British Storms in 20 Years*

Just a thought though… maybe its media focus, but even in weather conditions the U.K. and the U.S. seem to mimic each other!!! David Cameron pledged that lessons will be learned… and pigs might fly! Nature stands a better chance at reminding us what community means

Worcestershire and Gloucestershire countryside

West Mersea, near Colchester, Essex

Aberystwyth, Wales

The River Severn bursts its banks again

Aberystwyth, Wales

Porthcawl in Mid Glamorgon, Wales

North Curry, Taunton, Somerset

Shepperton Lock, Surrey

Lyme Regis, Dorset

Western Esplanade in Hove, Sussex



Christchurch, Dorset

Barmouth, Wales




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A Case of Weather Control!?

A Case of Weather Control!?

May 2013

Watch this tornado is terminate before hitting an Air Force Base

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Citizens Reclaim their Town from Corrupt Cops

Citizens Reclaim their Town from Corrupt Cops

Over 600 “vigilantes” in Vera Cruz, Mexico storm the town and take it back from the corruption and crime that had taken over!

After years of living in fear of violent criminal gangs in south-west Mexico have been taking matters into their own hands. The state and federal police had not protected them, so the solution was there’s to find.

Armed vigilantes known locallly as ‘autodefensas‘ (self-defence groups) seized control of their town Paracuaro in Michoacan state in bloody battle that left one dead. Up until then their town was controlled by the Cabelleros Templarios (Knights Templar) gang which terrorised local residents. The Michoacan’s forests and mountains are used by drug traffickers to grow marijuana and produce synthetic drugs.

They stormed the town and arrested the federal police. Small groups of ‘autodefensas‘ took up arms and joined forces to storm Paracuaro, headquarters of the Knights Templar gang, where they arrested police officers and seized control of the town in a blaze of gunfire.

They drove into the town in black armoured vehicles shouting ‘Don’t be frightened, we are vigilantes’, before expelling drugs traffickers, whom they accuse of kidnapping people and bribing them to make money.

Police officers, whom the vigilantes accuse of being in league with the cash-rich drug gangs, were rounded up by machine-gun toting locals, along with others suspected of associating with gang members, and a checkpoint was set up at the entrance to Paracuaro.

In neighbouring Guerrero state, vigilante group the Public Safety System marched in honour of first anniversary

Read the full article by Harriet Arkell

Caballeros Templarios is a Mexican criminal organization and an offshoot of the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel based in the Mexican state of Michoacán. Various objects seized by the police in the Mexican state of Michoacan, revealed that the mysterious ‘Knights Templar” drug cartel is more bizarre than most people imagine.

The flag of Caballeros Templarios

The Mexican order of the chapter was founded in March 2011 they claim inspiration from the medieval Crusaders who fought the Muslim army for control of Jerusalem and the Holy Grail.

Interestingly, the military order of the Knights Templar, Mexico began planning its future activities in the convent of the Franciscan fathers in Alcazar de San Juan in 2010.

For the preparation of the 2012 visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Mexico, the Caballeros Templarios ‘warned’ other gangs not to cause trouble.

One of their distributed pamphlets claims to combat poverty, tyranny and injustice, but will begin “an ideological battle that challenges us to defending values that holds a society based on ethics and built through centuries”.

More than 35,000 people have died since 2006 in the violence of drug traffickers throughout Mexico according to government figures.



“Crusaders of Meth: Mexico’s Deadly Knights Templar”

“La OMECT en La Semana Santa de Alcazar”

“Publican los Caballeros Templarios código de conducta”

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Transition to a More Creative Life

Transition to a More Creative Life

“In Transition 2.0” is a documentary about the Transition movement. Transition stimulates the creative juices of people on the streets to get together beyond their differences, to make the best use of their resources, their energies, their spirits. It’s not about trying to change behaviour, it’s about setting in place structures which can be available when needed. When there’s the perceived need for them, they’re there.

Transition is moving towards an economy where everyone has a place, a value and a purpose. That includes the environment having a purpose, but also people. Transition is about engaging your community, building your community and helping your community.

There are over 1800 Transition Initiatives around the world. It starts with a group of people coming together, and that group can come from a range of different places. They might be a group that’s already been meeting as something else, it might be a group of people who already know each other but don’t work formally together. It might be a group of people who meet at an event or in the pub and say, ‘Why don’t we start Transition?’ But that initial coming together of people, that forming the group, is the seed for the whole process.

The groups are part of a five-year experiment and they go through a number of stages. The first stage, is ‘starting out’… creative, playful, storming stage where you’re showing films, putting up posters, organizing events, doing awareness-raising stuff, starting to lay the foundations for what will become the Transition Initiative.

The second stage is called ‘deepening’, where you realize all of a sudden, that you’re becoming an organisation and you’re having to make things a bit more structured and a bit more formal.’ It feels very different from that initial starting-out phase. It feels like you are becoming an organisation.

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