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Imprisoned for Thought Crime*

Imprisoned for Thought Crime*

A British citizen named David Compan has been imprisoned without charges in a London mental hospital after he publicly associated with the ITCCS campaign to hold the Crown of England responsible for crimes against children.

David is being held and sedated at Charing Cross Hospital

Social worker Elizabeth Scully has confirmed to Coventry ITCCS organizer Rhianne Mockridge that David is being held for “examination”, but Scully refused to say where or provide any other details.

David Compan is a friend and supporter of Rhianne and other ITCCS activists in Coventry, who have led occupations of local Roman Catholic churches and are now convening a common law court to enforce ITCCS warrants against convicted felons and child abusers.

New draconian “fixed threat assessment” (FTA) laws in England allow the government to imprison indefinitely without charges anyone who is considered to be “fixated” about public figures, “VIP’s”, or members of the Royal Family. This “thought crime” law is described at:  .

On February 25, 2013, Elizabeth Windsor, “Queen of England”, and 29 other officials were found guilty of crimes against humanity by the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. David Compans has circulated this verdict and the evidence linking Ms. Windsor to the documented disappearance of ten aboriginal boys and girls from the Kamloops residential school on October 10, 1964.

Ms. Windsor has never denied or disputed this public charge or evidence, nor did she reply to the Public Summons issued to her by the Court in November, 2012.

The ITCCS calls upon its affiliates and members in twenty one countries to stage protests and occupations at local British businesses, consulates and embassies to demand the unconditional release of David Compan and to annul the police state FTA laws.

ITCCS members in London will protest at known FTA centres.


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Sudan Seizes “Anonymous ” GM Soybean Shipment*

Sudan Seizes “Anonymous ” GM Soybean Shipment*

Sudanese authorities have seized a shipment of genetically modified (GM) soybeans at Port Sudan harbour, stating that it is currently “illegal” to import GM foodstuffs into the country. It has not been confirmed where the GM soybeans came from but according to a Sustainable Pulse source in the country they are from the US.

This move comes one week after the Sudanese Customer Protection Society (SCPS) called on the Sudanese government to hold discussions on the issues surrounding genetically modified foodstuffs. The SCPS supports a complete ban on GM foodstuffs in the country.

Environmental activists, religious organizations, public interest groups, professional associations, scientists, and government officials have all raised concerns about genetically modified foods in Sudan. They have also criticized agribusiness for pursuing profit without concern for potential hazards, and the government for failing to exercise adequate regulatory oversight.

Sudanese journalist Muawad Mustafa Rashid stated Tuesday:

“The question that poses itself is why should Sudan, with all its fertile lands, import genetically modified foodstuffs while it is possible to plant natural seeds and compete in the international market, considering that the prices of natural foodstuffs are very high compared to the genetically modified ones? There is no need for Sudan to use genetically modified food considering its vast arable lands.”

“Why don’t the concerned authorities issue a clear decision in banning the importation of genetically modified seeds or foodstuffs? There is a practical experience about the risk of the genetically modified cotton seeds which were given to the cattle in Gezira State as fodder; as it resulted to the deaths of hundreds of the cattle. Sudan should ban genetically modified crops.” Rashid concluded in Sudan Vision.

Sudan has long been a target for the biotech industry.  In 2007 Sudan was involved in a scandal over food aid for the Darfur region. The Sudanese authorities blocked the import of 100,000 tonnes of US sorghum “food aid” but were eventually forced to take it following international pressure.

In 2004, according to testimony made by USAID before the Committee on International Relations Subcommittee on Africa in the U.S. House of Representatives, USAID stopped all further food aid shipments to Port Sudan because the Sudanese Government had asked that US commodities be certified free of GMOs.

When this issue first arose in May 2003, USAID informed the Sudanese Government that the United States did not (read: would not) provide such certifications but instead sent a team to Khartoum to lobby and reassure the Sudanese government on the issue.


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The Fight against Corporate Education Reform is Just Beginning*

The Fight against Corporate Education Reform is Just Beginning*


By Jesse Hagopian

One year ago today, my colleagues and I at Seattle’s Garfield High School set off on a bold journey: we called a press to announce our unanimous vote to refuse to administer the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test.  That announcement led to what became known as the “MAP test boycott” and the boycott quickly spread to several other schools in Seattle, including to teachers at Orca K-8, Chief Sealth High School, Ballard High School, Center School, and Thornton Creek Elementary—while solidarity with the boycott spread around the nation and then around the world.

We had no idea when we took that first step where our actions would lead.

  • Would we be ignored?
  • We would be vilified as bad teachers?
  • Would the math and language arts teachers in the tested subjects be reprimanded, suspended, or fired?

In fact, throughout the last school year our struggle against the MAP test reached such a magnitude that the Seattle School District retracted its threat of suspending the boycotting teachers for ten days without pay and ultimately dropped its requirement to use MAP at the high school level.

I can now tell you with confidence, one year later, I know where our actions will lead: to the formation of a truly mass civil rights movement composed of parents, teachers, educational support staff, students, administrators, and community members who want to end high-stakes standardized testing and reclaim public education from corporate reformers.

Since Garfield High School’s faculty became conscientious objectors of the MAP test, the debate in the U.S. around education has been radically remade.  Where there was once an echo chamber of billionaire voices (endlessly reverberating through newspapers and corporate media outlet across the country) calling for more test-and-punish education policy—No Child Left Behind Act, then Race to the Top, and now the Common Core State Standards tests—there are now the beginnings of a social movement of students, parents, and teachers who refuse to allow the intellectual process of teaching and learning to be reduced to a single score; a score that is too often used to close schools, deny students graduation, fire teachers and bust their unions.

This movement to reclaim education from the bubble-test worshiping corporate reformers had been gaining momentum for some time; the thousands of parents, students, and teachers who marched in Texas against the then fifteen mandated high-stakes tests required for graduation; the victorious Chicago Teacher’s Union Strike that helped curb standardized testing in the district; the many principals in New York state who signed on to an open letter to parents detailing the misuses of standardized testing; the Occupy Wall Street movement offshoot, “Occupy Education,” that was organized in cities around the nation; Montgomery County Superintendent Joshua Starr’s announcement calling for a three year moratorium on standardized testing in his district; these flashpoints signalled an increasing willingness by public school constituents to redefine education to meet the needs of students rather than line the pockets of the multi-billion dollar testing industry.

This is the context in which Garfield High School launched the MAP boycott, signalling a new phase in the movement. Commentators dubbed the ensuing uprising around the nation, the “education spring.”  Students walked out of high-stakes standardized tests in Portland, Chicago, and Colorado, while students in Rhode Island staged a “zombie march” to illustrate the effects of these tests on their brains.  As well, thousands of parents in Long Island opted their students out of tests, and parents and their young children in Chicago staged a “Play-in”—where they blew bubbles instead of filling them in—at the Department of Education building to show what the students would be learning if their class time wasn’t being inundated with up to fourteen standardized tests in a single year.  Rallies in Texas helped defeat ten of the fifteen required tests for graduation.

“This movement against high-stakes standardized testing, while still young, is the largest it has ever been.”

Moreover, the ‘education spring’ has shown no signs of abating throughout the fall and winter of the 2013-2014 school year. A few of the highlights include the State of California placing a moratorium on Common Core exams for the year, some 86% of parents at Castle Bridge Elementary School in New York opting their children out of a standardized test, and the Portland Association of Teachers currently bargaining for a reduction in standardized testing as part of their initiative, “The Schools Portland Children Deserve.” Perhaps most inspiring this school year, The Saint Paul Federation of Teachers, led by union president Mary Catherine-Ricker, is demanding that the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments be discarded in the current contract negotiations, regardless of the state law requiring it.  When I spoke to her about it, Mary Catherine told me that she takes inspiration from people like Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony who looked beyond what was legal and struggled for what was right.

This movement against high-stakes standardized testing, while still young, is the largest it has ever been.  Moreover, there are major plans for renewed anti high-stakes testing initiatives being readied for the spring of 2014 by grassroots education organizations, teachers, parents, and students around the country.  As the movement develops it would do well to coalesce around some clear demands, which should include calls for:

  • An end to the high-stakes attached to  standardized tests;
  • Dramatic reductions of the number of  standardized tests administered in the public schools;
  • Implementation of authentic assessments,  such as portfolios coupled with performance based assessments that allow      students to demonstrate critical thinking skills and work over time and;
  • Reallocation of the billions of dollars  now spent on standardized testing towards class size reduction, tutoring and after school programs, authentic forms of assessment, and the interventions that can truly improve education rather than just endlessly ranking and sorting our youth;

Allowing educators, parents, and students to direct decision making around assessment and public education policy.

On Thursday January 28th, at the Garfield Community Center at 5:30 p.m. we will hold a celebration to commemorate the anniversary of the MAP test boycott, honor the participants of this movement whose willingness to risk their own personal wellbeing has helped reshape the education debate in the U.S., and chart a course for the next struggles to defend public education. Send us a letter to read at the event about how the MAP test boycott impacted you. Better yet, come on by. Then get back to work reclaiming public education in your area.


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Daring to Boycott Israel*

Daring to Boycott Israel*

When something is fundamentally wrong, one can choose to address it, or support it by doing nothing at all. The trouble with Israel is that it is not just Israel, but an entity that came into existence, and survives until this day because of those at the top of the elite pyramid aka global governance vis-a-vis the Rothschilds in order to control the Middle East, which is equally being facilitated by Saudi Arabia and others.

Loopholes are being used in an growing policed state to prevent the Modern Language Association (MLA), U.S. academic boycott of Israel. This follows the American Studies Association’s (ASA) landslide vote to endorse the academic boycott of Israel in December 2013, however, MLA has 30,000 members in 100 countries.

Sports have been used (e.g. the Olympics) to both distract the people, and as a direct political tool (social engineering) but it is a Chilean football team’s proactive stance currently which serves to remind us of the global reality that we have allowed ourselves to fall prey to  the same reality that engineered the global economic crisis, and the reorganization of the world as we know it which we have all paid the price for, particularly the Palestinians.

A Chilean football club has sparked debate over its new jerseys, in which the number “1” is replaced by an outline of pre-1948 Palestine, angering Israel which demanded the uniform’s removal, local media reported.

Club Deportivo Palestino, a first division football club created in 1920 by Palestinian immigrants, revealed on Saturday its 2014 uniform, on which the geographical outline of Palestine can be seen.

Yesterday, the Palestino football team revealed the historical territory of Palestine on its jersey. Remarkable!

Chilean newspaper La Nacion reported on Tuesday that the Israeli foreign ministry had contacted the Chilean embassy to express its discontent over the football club’s move.

According to a statement by the Israeli embassy in Chile, the Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director General for Latin America Itzhak Shoham called the map a “provocation.”

The statement relayed Shoham’s “hope to avoid anti-Israeli provocations such as presenting a map in which the state of Israel appears as part of Palestinian territories, with the evident intention of denying the existence of Israel.”

Shoham added that “while Israel is determined to generate a positive step towards a two-state solution, it seems inappropriate to use sport for political ends.”

The former president of the Jewish Community of Chile (CJCh) Gabriel Zaliasnik reacted to the news on Twitter and accused CD Palestino of “importing” the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, saying the uniform controversy was a sign of “hate and fanaticism.”


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