The Japanese Dance of the Pleiades

The Japanese Dance of the Pleiades

From Alexandra Bruce

There is a reverence in ancient, and in modern Japanese culture for the constellation that we call the Pleiades.

As with the ancient Japanese traditions, the Pleiades is considered to be their ancestral home, as with many ancient, non-assimilated indigenous cultures, spanning the globe.

The Pleiades constellation, in Japanese is called “Subaru”. If you own or come across a Subaru automobile, check out the grille. It is a representation of the Pleiades constellation.

This dance piece is special. It is a staggeringly beautiful light and dance  performance  piece, choreographed and performed by Saya Watatani and Maki Yokoyama, directed, with light animations produced by Nobuyuki Hanabusa and Seiya Ishii and music by Nobuyuki Hanabusa.

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