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Pedophiles in Power

Pedophiles in Power

Nancy Schaefer, former Georgia State Senator and President of Eagle Forum of Georgia and Eagle Forum’s National Chairman of Parents’ Rights, often spoke out against the corruption of Child Protective Services (CPS) in an effort to draw attention to widespread pedophilia and sex crimes against children in the United States.

She gave the following speech to the World Congress of Families in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on August 15, 2009 on the subject of ‘The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services’, explaining to over 4,000 attendees from some 60 countries how the CPS itself is a threat to children and families not only in the U. S., but in many other countries that have patterned their Child Protective Services, Foster Care, Family Court and Adoption Services after the U.S. and supplied, with taxpayer dollars, the financial incentives to turn all Child Protective Services into a lucrative business.

Less than a year later, Nancy and her husband of 50 years were shot dead in their home. It was officially ruled a ‘murder-suicide’…

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