A Psychological Evaluation for All Children or No School*

A Psychological Evaluation for All Children or No School*

It was in the 19th century that psychiatrists Dr. Benedict Morel, Wilhelm Griesinger, Emil Kraepelin and Henry Maudsley stressed the hereditary, biological and organic causes of mental illnesses and were reflected in the psychiatric texts of that century. Then labelled ‘psychiatric genetics’, eugenics developed at the Galton Laboratory as a spin-off from the Eugenics Societies in both England and the U.S. Records show notable members of the Eugenic Societies held influential positions reaching out into the everyday lives of ordinary people.

In the 21st century, this thinking has become more prevalent than ever, having never ceased haunting societies at the hands of the global elite. We are being manipulated, harassed, bullied, and entrained; and if we persist in thinking our own thoughts that stray away from their perception deception we risk punishment, even death. If that seems like an exaggeration, and one is removed from the reality of one’s society, spend a day looking at headlines (not of the mainstream press) the bizarre and the horrific will assault you.

Schooling By David DeesBy Jon Rappoport

It’s Senate Bill A8186-2013.

It’s been referred to the education committee twice, most recently a week ago. NY State Senator Margaret Markey introduced it in 2013.

Previously, Markey won a few minutes of fame for introducing a bill that would stop all restaurants from using salt in their meals.

A8186 requires all public schoolchildren in NY to have two health examinations in elementary grades and two in secondary grades. These exams must include a psychological evaluation, which certifies “that the child is mentally fit to permit attendance at [public] school.”

No certificate, no school.

Aside from the fact that this psych exam is invasive and potentially disturbing to a child as young as five, and aside from the fact that it violates privacy considerations, it’s bogus down to its core, because psychology isn’t a science and never was.

Psychology is, to put it politely, a bunch of morons deciding what mental health is all about.

Using high-sounding terminology, these professionals label patients with conditions, none of which are based on defining physical tests. No blood, urine, or saliva tests. No genetic tests. No brain scans.

“Mental health” itself is a linguistic artefact, and bears no relation to life, energy, curiosity, creativity. It’s a phantasmagorical standard, designed to draw in patients.

Attaching psychologists to schools is about as useful as attaching barnacles and mold to a ship.

Historically, as the concept of sin weakened its hold on the population, “new scientists” stepped into the breach with categories of “mental disorders.”

“You’re not bad, you’re ill.”

Here’s the sticking point. Psychologists aren’t entirely stupid. They rely on mental-disorder labels that, to a certain extent, mirror human behavior. For example, a child who is sad and lonely is slapped with a diagnosis of “clinical depression.”

The fact is, the child is lonely and sad, and the possible reasons are many. But none of them implies a Condition called ‘clinical depression’. There is no Condition.

Researchers, allied with pharmaceutical interests, have trotted out a catch-all term to explain so-called mental disorders: “chemical imbalance” in the brain. The drug companies then supply the drugs that are said to correct the imbalance. Profits soar.

This is non-scientific lying compounded. Researchers have never proved there is a normal baseline for brain chemistry. How then could they have established what an imbalance is?

Can a child have problems? Can he be in trouble? Can he be trouble to other children? Of course. Any reasonably intelligent adult can spot these things. But again, this has nothing to do with a Condition.

And a psych eval conducted by a psychologist on a five-year old, to determine whether the child will be allowed to go to school? Absurd.

You would be much closer to the truth saying a psychologist who is part of that system is crazy, than saying a little boy or girl has a Condition.

So what’s going on with politicians who are trying to impose psychology and psychiatry on children (and adults)? Most politicians are merely ill-informed, and they’re putting their faith in this pseudoscience in the same way that people put their faith in a self-appointed priest class that claims it is the worshiper’s only connection to God.

Politicians, of course, always look for answers that make government larger and more intrusive, because it is government to which a politician is ultimately loyal.

But there are other political animals who are more aware. They understand that the real issue is control. They want to be able to hijack freedom and place populations under the gun.

They want the right to say a dissident, a rebel, an outsider, a critic, someone “who is different” is a threat. And they want to back that up with treatment. Which means re-education, indoctrination, and debilitating drugs.

A kinder, gentler face on the old Soviet psychiatric system.

Life in the city!Why wait until adulthood to impose that system? Why not start early, with a five-year old, whose mind can be tinkered with by professionals?

Understand, if it isn’t clear already, that the government, through licensing, enables and certifies a monopoly on the mind, by stating that psychology and psychiatry are officially approved methods.

What right does government have to make that claim? It has no right.

It has no rational reason to be in that business.

But a politician abandons rationality as soon as he gets a whiff of the power that government affords.

It’s how a nobody immediately becomes a somebody.


While the idea for the need of psychiatric eugenics grew in Europe and the US  the Rockefeller Foundation poured money into Germany to support ‘psychiatric genetics’ in the 192os including the Galton Laboratory and found executives to continuously direct the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry in  Munich and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Eugenics and Human Heredity. The Swiss psychiatrist Ernst Rudin was involved in both institutions and was assisted by Rockefeller employees Otmar Freiher von Vershauer and Franz J. Kallman.  James Loeb (relative of the Warburgs who owned Kuhn Loeb bank ) mobilized his American Jewish friends to support and develop expansion of these initiatives. Together the world’s richest families the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, the Harrimans and the British Crown agencies sponsored much of the social engineering enterprises. Carnegie’s Steel (also freemasons), Harriman’s railroad money and Rockefeller’s oil money supported installations like the Station for Experimental Evolution and the Eugenics Record Office, ERO  which was also funded by the Eugenics Society. Research from the Galton Institute was employed for practical implementation by both the Society and the Office. The ERO set-up an inspection station on Ellis Island in 1912 for new immigrants. They received I.Q tests of which 80% mainly from South and East Europe were declared ‘feeble-minded’…

The ERO received a grant from the widow of E.H. Harriman (President George Bush’s grandfather Prescott Bush’s partner in Brown Brothers Harriman ) whose objective was to finance Hitler. Seizing all opportunity to continue experiments into ‘psychiatric eugenics’ regardless of war, IG Farben built a large factory at Auschwitz in Poland to use the cartel’s patents with concentration camp slave labor to make gasoline from coal. SS guards were paid for by Standard Oil while Jews and and other prisoners were selected for killing if deemed unfit for slave labor. Rockefeller official David O’Brien wrote “…it would be unfortunate if it was chosen to stop research which has no relation to war issues”. Rockefeller had defended its reputation defining its funding of Nazi German programs as limited to psychiatric research! Today’s largest financial institution Deutsche Bank was also involved in funding the construction of Auschwitz concentration camp along with others.

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