More Banks Preventing Cash Withdrawals*

More Banks Preventing Cash Withdrawals*

Russian lender ‘My Bank’ has banned all cash withdrawals until next week as reported by Bloomberg.

The bank built on slavery, Barclays has also cut senior level positions in investment banking business. Also to go are 1,080 jobs in retail, risk, operations and commercial banking.

Barclays will close a quarter of its 1,600 UK branches as well, reducing public access to its banks. Those branches according to the Financial Times is to be replaced by 400 smaller branches located within in Asda supermarkets, but how that will function beyond being a cashless facility is not yet clear.

Sky News reports Barclays has banned employee travel for internal meetings and restricted wider international travel for only essential client and regulator discussions. This falls in line with the One Global Government agenda to control why we travel.

After axing half of its travelling small business relationship managers The Daily Mail reports on the long established U.K. Lloyd’s Bank reducing access of borrowers to lenders, affecting 120,000 firms in every part of the country. It is one way of forcing the means of its income into the cabal’s cashless society as borrowers will only have access via the phone or the Internet.

This is happening as, has been discovered that British banks and building societies have been stockpiling savers’ cash on which they pay no interest to the tune of £130billion.


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