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Occupy World: Peru Aiming to Dismantle Rothschild’s Media Monopoly*

Occupy World: Peru Aiming to Dismantle Rothschild’s Media Monopoly*

By Bill White

Following on the heels of Argentina’s efforts to break up Grupo Clarin, the country’s major Jewish-owned media conglomerate, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala has begun work on the breakup of Grupo El Comercio, a newspaper publisher associated with The Wall Street Journal and the international Rothschild banking cartel.

“It is an embarrassment that we have a group that practically owns all of the media,” Humala said in a televised interview.

“It’s dangerous.”

Last year Grupo El Comercio purchased Empresa Periodistica Nacional SA or Espensa, gaining control of Peru’s five largest newspapers and 70% of the Peruvian newspaper market, up from 50% beforehand.

In the United States, six companies—GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time-Warner and CBS—own 90% of all media and newspapers that have survived two decades of circulation declines are owned by a handful of mega-publishers from The New York Times to Berkshire Hathaway and This consolidation, and the collaborative effort of the almost exclusively Jewish or Zionist owners of these companies, maintains a relative uniformity of news and media opinion in America.

Grupo El Comercio is affiliated with Newscorp, publishers of The Wall Street Journal, a Rothschild-financed newspaper controlled by Australian-American media mogul Rupert Murdoch. The acquisition has left Peru with one media company, Grupo La Republica Publicaciones, SA, owning 18% of the remaining media, as these two companies between them own 87% of all Peruvian news. La Republica has sued to break up Grupo El Comercio, prompting Humala’s remarks.

The question of media ownership is vital to the independence of a nation. In the U.S., Zionist power has been largely built on media influence, which allowed Communism and world Zionism to fundamentally change American culture over the past century. Nations like Russia have struggled with the issue of nationalizing the media, and several South American countries, faced with subversion from internationalist interests who wish to exploit their people, have made similar moves.

Argentina, which has been targeted by globalists for the successful restructuring of its former International Monetary Fund debts and its independent currency policy, has had to wrestle with the globalist press. And now Peru, which is about to try its former president Alberto Fujimori for bribing media moguls into printing false news, is facing the same danger, which one Peruvian commentator called a “potentially very large threat to democracy.”


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Hollywood Pedophilia on the Line: Corey Feldman Speaks Out*

Hollywood Pedophilia on the Line: Corey Feldman Speaks Out*

By Arjun Walia

For those who haven’t already heard, Corey Feldman (arguably the biggest child actor of the 80′s) went public about being sexually abused by Hollywood moguls, multiple times. He describes how he and fellow former child star Corey Haim were constantly fed drugs and taken advantage of.  Feldman started speaking out after the death of his friend. He says that the trauma Haim experienced as a child played a large role in his death.

This isn’t the first time an actor or actress has come out, Allison Arngrim, the former “Little House on the Prairie” star also wrote about her own experiences in the book “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch,” where she also expresses how she was abused multiple times.

Sex abuse charges have been laid multiple times against Hollywood employees. Martin Weiss is one of them, a 47-year-old Hollywood manager who represented multiple child actors. Another one is Jason James Murphy, 35, a casting agent who frequently worked with young clients.

On a personal note, based on everything I have looked at over the years I have no doubt in my mind that Hollywood is filled with pedophiles and occultists. The same group of corporations that own Hollywood, also own major oil, energy, pharmaceutical companies and more. This group controls the entire military industrial complex, including Hollywood. You can read more about that here, an article that outlines one major shareholder of the few corporations that control the entertainment industry, among others as mentioned above.

I’d also like to mention that Randy Quaid went on the record saying that there are a group of “star whacker’s”  in Hollywood. He said that actors are killed, and many others are being tampered with. He expressed how he believes Hollywood is controlled by the big bankers. This isn’t a conspiracy, I provide some links to that information in an article I wrote last year ( again, the link is in the paragraph above.)

I echo Roseanne Barr’s words that MK Ultra rules in Hollywood – that children within the entertainment industry are constantly subjected to trauma based mind control on multiple levels, controlled, abused and used their entire life.

For anybody who has researched ancient philosophy, occultism and history, you will be aware of rituals that these secret societies perform. Sexual rituals described by Corey are one of many ritualistic tendencies of secret societies that still exist today.

“I can tell you that the number one problem in Hollywood was and still is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem, for children in this industry. It’s all done under the radar, pedophilia is the big secret. I was surrounded by them when I was 14 years old, surrounded, they were everywhere like vultures.” – Corey Feldman

“There was a circle of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids. They all had their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry.” – Corey Feldman


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The Mob Secretly Dumping Nuclear Waste across Italy and Africa*

The Mob Secretly Dumping Nuclear Waste across Italy and Africa

When Somalians first became ‘pirates’ in order to protect their shores from a) over-fishing b) toxic dumping the reaction was quite frankly racist, but the problem remains

Garbage is loaded onto a truck by soldiers of the Italian Army in Agnagno, on the outskirts of Naples, Italy. Image: AP Photo/Salvatore Laporta.

By Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

Organized crime is famously good at exploiting time-sensitive industries like construction, fishing, and—of course—garbage removal. But revelations about millions of tons of toxic waste buried haphazardly and illegally by the mob are causing an uproar in southern Italy, where cancer rates are nearly 50% higher than the average in certain areas.

It all began in the 1980s, when the Camorra mafia—one of Italy’s oldest and largest groups—took control of garbage removal in the southern Italian state of Campania. Further south, in Calabria, another mob organization—the ‘Ndrangheta—was getting into the same business. You see, trash is the perfect racket for the mob: It’s easy to infiltrate, it’s a desperate necessity for every citizen, and it’s not terribly hard to do. As Michelle Tsai explained in a post called “Why the Mafia Loves Garbage,” this holds true for criminal organizations all over the world, from Taiwan to New Jersey to Italy.

In Italy, where as many as one in five businesses is controlled by mafia, the long-term effects of the garbage racket weren’t immediately clear, although it caused periodic crises that filled the Naples streets with trash. But over time, further north, the rural Casal di Principe region has become known for the massive amount of garbage strewn across its once-beautiful landscape.

Campania is now known as “the Land of Fires,” for the garbage fires that regularly ignite. In his 2006 book about Naples’ organized crime, Gomorrah: A Personal Journey into the Violent International Empire of Naples’ Organized Crime System, Roberto Saviano describes the region as a place where “any space with an owner can become a dump site.”

In this world, the land is so unstable from dumping that concrete scaffolds must be built to hold up houses and buildings, and empty space is thought of us “a giant carpet” to sweep things—specifically, industrial chemicals and radioactive waste—under:

Desperate landowners sell off their fields, and the clans acquire new landfill sites at low—very low—costs. Meanwhile, people are constantly dying of tumors. A slow and silent massacre, difficult to monitor since those who want to live as long as possible flee to the hospitals in the north.

The lungs fester, the trachea starts to redden, a trip to the hospital for a CAT scan where the black spots betray the presence of a tumor. Ask the ill of Campania where they’re from and they’ll often reveal the entire path of toxic waste.

The rates of cancer in some parishes are 47 percent higher than the national average—and that’s how the region acquired its second nickname, after “the Land of Fires”: The Triangle of Death. According to The New York Times’ new report on the dumping, some 10 million tons of toxic and nuclear waste have been buried here, from as far away as Germany.

The details of the illegal toxic dumping schemes are still emerging. In one story, the Times tells of mob employees clad in police uniforms to supervise illegal night dumps. And in 2008, the US Navy published an internal study proving that much of the water in the region was too contaminated to drink. Here’s how one police commander recalled a wiretapped conversation between two mob members:

“We’re polluting our own house and our own land,” the mobster said. “What are we going to drink?”

“You idiot,” the boss replied. “We’ll drink mineral water.”

Indeed, in Gomorrah, Saviano explains how humans—even criminal ones—could willfully do so much damage to their own land. “The life of a boss is short,” he writes. “To flood an area with toxic waste and circle one’s city with poisonous mountain ranges is a problem only for someone with a sense of social responsibility and a long-term concept of power.”

Italian politicians are now attempting to crack down on the dumping, digging up waste and sending in the Army to gain control of the situation earlier this month. They describe the mob as “the environmental mafia,” or eco-mafia, a term that’s been used to describe the crisis for nearly a decade. In fact, many of the waste disposal companies involved in the dumping have “green” names, like Ecoverde. Italy is now even using specialty drones to spy on illegal dumping sites.

It gets worse. These companies often dumped all over the region—including the coastlines of Somalia. Reports of a guns-for-dumping scheme circulated. A tsunami in 2005 turned up hundreds of barrels along the shore, and the next year, the UN confirmed that the waste included “uranium radioactive waste, lead, cadmium, mercury, industrial, hospital, chemical, leather treatment and other toxic waste.”

Sexpand, a dumpsite off of the Somali Coast via Greenpeace

But a 2010 Greenpeace published a report called The Toxic Ship alleged something far more widespread and systematic—a global toxic waste trade that pushed radioactive waste from developed countries to developing countries:

Waste containers were shipped away following a path of least resistance and weakest governance, ending up in remote areas of countries such as Equatorial Guinea, Lebanon, Somalia and the Congo. Toxic waste was dumped on Nigerian and Haitian beaches.

Along with similar reports from the UN and other watch groups, a picture of this invisible network is starting to emerge: A hidden, ad-hoc economic system that is ubiquitous yet rarely observed or reported.

You might feel very far away from this particular crisis, but it turns out that we all might be accessories. Last month, Interpol published a warning about millions of tons of toxic e-wastearriving in Africa and Asia from developed countries, too. “Much is falsely classified as ‘used goods’ although in reality it is non-functional,” said an Interpol spokesperson to The Guardian. “It is often diverted to the black market and disguised as used goods to avoid the costs associated with legitimate recycling.”

So not only has refuse from Europe’s nuclear power plant found a home off the coast of Africa or Italy—the minerals and metals from your last computer, your fridge, or your phone might have, too.


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U.S. Deep-freeze a Eugenics Stunt?

U.S. Deep-freeze a Eugenics Stunt?

It takes time to respond to the notion that the U.S. deep-freeze is HAARP driven, but the facts have quite literally hit the ground…

By John Vibes

This week Atlanta was hit with a snowstorm that would have been considered mild up north, but because they were caught off guard, a few inches of snow had the entire city shut down for days.

In the midst of that snowstorm, a number of residents took very close observations of the snow and noticed that it had a number of abnormalities.  People noticed that the snow didn’t melt, but instead burned and gave off a chemical odor.

The first reports were all in this area, but as video evidence of this chemical snow began to go viral, people all across the east coast went outside and tested their own snow, many of them having the same exact results.

Now there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of videos floating around online where people are testing their snow for this chemical consistency.  Unfortunately, the projected area where this is occurring has continued to widen, with reports now extending all the way up to New York City and possibly even farther north.

Today a man from the Bronx tested the snow outside of his house to find that it burned black instead of melted, and gave off a chemical odor.  Please excuse the man’s choice of profane language, I am sure he was astounded by what he had witnessed.


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Whales: Our Death Causing Petro-chemical Lives

Whales: Our Death Causing Petro-chemical Lives

More people are starting to look at what we’ve done to this planet, especially since the birth of the technological revolution. Our oceans have been suffering for a very long time, with countless oil spills and toxic waste dumped into them every single day from industrial practices and more. Despite having numerous ways to operate in a fashion that is more harmonious with the planet, we continue to choose to destroy our planet on a daily basis, and we can’t afford to do that anymore. Despite how much our planet is suffering, people everyday are starting wake up and realize that we really do need to look at, question, and change the way we operate here on planet Earth. This shift in perception alone can help springboard us towards change, and creating a new experience for us and other beings who we share the planet with.

Whales have been showing up dead on multiple beaches, bringing us a message with stomachs full of plastic. This has happened multiple times. In the summer of july 2013, a sperm whale was stranded on Tershelling, a Northern island in the Netherlands. The whale swallowed 56 different plastic items that totalled over 37 pounds. In april 2010, a gray whale died after stranding itself on a West Seattle beach, it was found to have over 20 plastic bags, small towels, surgical gloves, plastic pieces, duct tape, and more in its system. In March of 2013 a dead sperm whale washed up on Spain’s South coast which swallowed 17kg of plastic waste.

The list goes on and on. Keep in mind, these are whales who choose to beach themselves or have washed up on shore, think about all the whales and other marine beings that don’t.

These are not uncommon events, in 1989 a stranded sperm whale in the Lavezzi Islands died of a stomach obstruction after accidentally ingesting plastic bags and 100 feet of plastic sheeting. A paper published in 1990 reports that a sperm whale in Iceland died due to a complete obstruction of the gut with plastic marine debris. In August 2008, a sperm whale washed up dead on the beach near Point Reyes, California, with 450 Pounds of fishing net, plastic bags and rope found in its stomach (see picture above) In 2008, the California Marine Mammal Stranding Database recorded another sperm whale with enormous amounts of plastic and fish netting in its stomach.

I’ll stop there as there are countless examples.

By now, you’ve probably heard of “The Great Garbage Patch,” it’s an area the size of Queensland, Australia where there is approximately one million tonnes of plastic spread throughout the ocean. Drag a net in any area of this part of the ocean and you will pick up toxic, discarded plastic. We’ve shown this video before, but here it is again just in case you missed it.

With the Fukushima disaster and the famous gulf oil spill in 2004, as well as many more we don’t even hear about, I’m surprised anything at all is alive in our oceans. These events, and many more should stop everyone from their daily routines, just stop, and say no more. The world should not continue forward, people should not go to work, it’s time for all of us to stop, come together and change this world. Now is our window of opportunity. These events should really serve as triggers for us to wake up and change our ways.

A mass collective desire to change these things is what has, and will put the human race on a journey to do so. It’s time to educate ourselves about what is really happening on the planet, and bring awareness to the most important issues we must tackle today. This is why alternative media outlets are so important, they bring awareness and shed light on what corporate media hardly covers.

Our planet is calling on us to change our ways, and the change starts with you. At the same time, our planet is calling for a massive transformation. All of the corporations and toxic industrial practices must stop what they are doing. New, clean , green technology is available and we could easily replace all of these plastics with hemp, and much much more. We have so many solutions, yet we do not implement them.

I want to provide solutions to this problem, and it’s hard to come up with them other than making changes in your own lives. There are wonderful individuals like this one

19-year-old Boyan Slat has revealed his plans to the world regarding his Ocean Cleanup Array that could remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic waste from the world’s oceans. The revolutionary device consists of an anchored network of floating booms and processing platforms that could be dispatched to garbage patches around the world. Instead of moving through the ocean, the array would span the radius of a garbage patch, acting as a giant funnel. The angle of the booms would force plastic in the direction of the platforms, where it would be separated from plankton, filtered and stored for recycling.

It all began when Boyan Slat launched a project that analyzed the size and amount of plastic particles in the ocean’s garbage patches. He produced a paper of his findings which went on to win several prizes, including Best Technical Design 2012 at the Delft University of Technology. Boyan also had the opportunity to unveil his final concept during a TEDx talk in 2012.

Boyan states “One of the problems with preventive work is that there isn’t any imagery of these ‘garbage patches’, because the debris is dispersed over millions of square kilometres. By placing our arrays however, it will accumulate along the booms, making it suddenly possible to actually visualize the oceanic garbage patches. We need to stress the importance of recycling, and reducing our consumption of plastic packaging.” Wise words from a truly innovative mind.

After his impressive invention, Boyan decided to found The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, a non-profit organization responsible for the development of his proposed technologies. If brought into fruition, his solution could save hundreds of thousands of aquatic animals annually, reduce pollutants (including PCB and DDT) from building up in the food chain and even improve human health given the fact harmful plastic has been found in humans after being in the ocean.

Once built, it is estimated that the entire clean-up process would take about five years to complete. Along with clean-up, the new technology can help to raise awareness about the world’s ocean plastic garbage patches and how we must begin to exercise new ways of producing packaging and other products. You can find out more about his project and contribute to the crowd funding campaign by visiting his site


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