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How Feminism Destroys Society*

How Feminism Destroys Society*

By Andrew Anglin

This is not a rant against women, it is an objective analysis of the way Jewish feminism has broken down our once-functional social order.

The latest chapter in the never-ending saga of feminist tear-mongering is taking place in Spain, with feminists attempting to force the government to ban a teaching workshop designed to help women become better wives.

From NY Daily News:

A Spanish town council has been slammed for organizing a training course to help women become better wives by “seeing the error of their ways and changing their personalities.”

Feminist groups and opposition politicians say the 12 weekly sessions organized by Onda Town Council are “sexist” and “will lead to women being blamed for everything that goes wrong.

Oh, those poor victims of forever and ever and ever.  Women.

What does that even mean?  How will teaching women to function well in relationships lead to them being blamed?  It seems that women are more likely to be blamed for acting like feminists, demanding things from men without ever showing proper gratitude.  In this case, when they are being blamed, they are actually responsible for the problems.

Taking this constant position of victimhood, whether you are a woman or a black, simply makes it clear you are actually as weak as you imagine people perceive you to be.  In protesting this program, feminists are saying that women are fundamentally incapable of wrong-doing, and thus do not need to learn anything.

Our society is so confused, no one has any idea how they are supposed to function in a relationship, and thus teaching women some basics of how to get along with their husbands seems like an obvious move.  The only reason feminists would oppose such a program is because they openly desire thwart any attempts to fix society.


Critics also claim the center-right Popular Party run council, in the eastern province of Castellon, is being degrading to women.

They are now calling on Mayor Salvador Aguilella to ban the course – which costs 11 Euros to attend and is set to begin Feb. 5.

The “educational lessons,” as they are dubbed, have been promoted in a council-created brochure, reports TeleCinco.

Called “The errors of women in loving relationships,” the lessons’ main aim is for women to “achieve a good, loving relationship.”

Women, it adds, must be “aware we are playing a role, understand the role we play and to be able to change our character if our way of being leads us to fail.”

Those putting on the program said they are also planning to offer a program for men, to teach them how to better serve their wives.  I wonder how many males are going to come out and complain that that is degrading to men?

Obviously, the natural desire of a man is to make a woman happy.  All things being equal, the natural desire of a female is to make a man happy.

Our self-centered culture, driven by such Jewish ideologies as feminism, has put us in a position where rather than giving, we are focused on what it is we are able to take.  A woman is taught that she owes a man absolutely nothing, and has no responsibility to uphold any standards of behavior whatsoever.  Thus, a man views her, for the most part objectively, as having no value beyond sex.  The man then deals with her on this level, and this reinforces the female’s belief that men are an enemy group, which must be dealt with as an enemy.

Clearly, in order for things to work again, both women and men will have to change.  However, it is the women who have the power to force the men to change – it cannot happen the other way around.  All women would have to do is withhold sex from men until they agree to a binding legal contract, by which they are submitting to the man and exchanging sex and the performance of other duties, such as the production of children and the management of the home, for material and emotional protection and nurturing.

None of this is at all complicated.  Like the male and female of any other species, men and women are biologically driven to relate to one another in a specific way, and when that natural order is rejected, by taking on the poisonous ideology of the Jew, relationships break down and ultimately any form of male-female relationship is only sustainable for a few desperate, drunken hours.

Muslims, for as much as I dislike them, do understand the importance of the family in holding together a strong society, which is a key reason why they are able to make such gains over us.

Muslims, for as much as I dislike them, do understand the importance of the family in holding together a strong society, which is a key reason why they are able to make such gains over us.

If we cannot make families work, we are not going to make anything else in our society work.  The first step in making families work is requiring women to take responsibility for their own behavior, and recognize that as they are physically equipped with vaginae, they do in fact have the power to determine the direction of society.  They must recognize that in following propaganda which told them to provide men with sex for free, they have been tricked into sacrificing this ultimate power for nonsensical and imaginary “gains,” and thus are now trying to regain lost influence by demanding further social engineering through various oppressive authoritarian measures, and they must repent.

Please note that I am not “blaming women” here.  Everyone in society is getting abused by this system.  It just so happens that the psychological and emotional exploitation of women was the key to the collapse of the social order, and it is thus on them to make it work.

As Jean Baudrillard said, innocence is the greatest aphrodisiac.  Though I do not desire to be crude, men are much more sexually interested in virgins, on a fundamental level, than they are in women who have been with thirty different guys. It is a statistical fact that marriages are exponentially more likely to succeed when the girl was a virgin before marriage. This exclusivity of sex creates a bond which is very difficult to break.

Women who present complete sexual availability are seen to be of little or no value, beyond whatever physical desires they may be able to fulfill immediately. It is recognized instinctively by a man that if she had value beyond sex, she would not be giving away sex for free.  It is plain desperation.  And so it is, as women become increasingly alienated by the practice of sleeping with unlimited numbers of men, it is only by offering sex without attachment that they feel they are able to get any form of attention from men.

For those men who don’t know (and the women in the comments section can confirm this), women do not get any form of objective pleasure from casual sex with a stranger in the way that a man does.  The idea that men and women have the same type of sex drive is an idiotic Jewish lie, which the sciences of both psychology and biology can objectively confirm.  Just so, they do not obtain personal satisfaction or self confidence from managing a company in the way a man does – they get that from bearing and raising children.

Women who engage in promiscuity do it because they have no other way of feeling they matter.  They want to take on the roles of men, because they feel they are incapable or not allowed to produce and care for children.  These backward drives, fueled by the initially flawed logic of feminism, have driven Western society straight to hell.

Even if traditionalist National Socialists were appointed as heads of all national governments tomorrow, society would remain in shambles until women stopped giving away sex for free.  Of course, if we did have control of governments, we could distribute emotionally-charged propaganda which shamed women for behaving in this manner, and thus fix everything.  Unfortunately, we do not have that power at present, so it is up to women to take responsibility for their own behavior.


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