As Expected EU to Approve GM Corn

As Expected EU to Approve GM Corn


Something is wrong when you are being deprived of an alternative to be slowly poisoned so that your immune system and your fertility shuts down. Something is wrong when they force farmers to plant unnatural seeds that reduces the fertility of the soil, and contaminates that which is natural. Something is wrong when despite hundreds of genuine scientific researches; the powers that be insist that there is nothing wrong. Is it seriously about greed, power and a fraudulent wealth? Even still, what makes the arrogant global governors ignore what it is doing to us, and what it is doing to the planet to the extent that they price us out of being able to eat as nature intended, organically?

Have they mistaken themselves for that which created all life?

As the New Zealand Environment Court has upheld the right for a local council (Bay of Plenty Regional Council) to take precautionary measures against the growing of genetically modified crops, the E.U. in its Chair of global governance is preparing to globalize the problem by accepting the growing of GM maize M1507 after mandating that everything from seed to the dinner table falling under their control.

Rejected in 19 countries, this speaks millions about the nature of the E.U.

An invention of Dupont and Dow Chemicals, the contested decision from 19 EU member countries was overridden at a meeting of the EU General Affairs Council on February 11 by a voting technicality. The final decision is to be made by the globalist EU Commission.

In the meantime, France has re-launched a ban on GM maize/corn which was previously thrown out by its top court.


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    • That is the only logical, and ethical solution… it is a waste of time and leaves too much room for corporate manipulation to expended much needed energy on labeling.

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