Saudi: Prince Charles Seals What Cameron Could Not*

Saudi: Prince Charles Seals What Cameron Could Not*

Selling arms to far from cash-strapped Saudi Arabia, Saudi is fighting the war on Syria with arms being churned out by the U.S. and the U.K. Prince Charles has been showing the true the U.Ks royal muscle since he took over the duties of his mother.

This week Prince Charles flew to Saudi Arabia and danced for its autocratic rulers. The next day Saudi Arabia and arms company BAE Systems announced they had finalised their latest multi-billion pound weapons deal. Arms company BAE’s share price was set to fall this week so the UK government sent in the royals to seal the deal. Take action.

The government plans to spend £2.5 billion on 14 fighter jets to fight unspecified ‘future threats’. Meanwhile public sector cuts continue to drive homelessness, hunger and inequality in the UK, and renewable energy is woefully underfunded. On 14 April take action with people around the world to say it’s time to shift priorities.

Comic Relief is to sell its arms trade investments while it conducts a review. Now we need to ensure its new investment policy recognises that arms trade investments are unacceptable. CAAT has requested a meeting with Comic Relief’s review team. We will also hand in a petition: please add your voice!


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